Easy 10x Network Speed Upgrade

ACT NOW, AND FOR 3 LOW PAYMENTS OF 9.99 YOU COULD ALSO 10X YOUR NETWORK SPEED. Just kidding, it’s not THAT cheap… But this thing is pretty darn sick.

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Daniel Filippus says:

I bought this switch.

Nic Altwasser says:

Ya the switch may be $250 but have you seen the price of the 10 Gb pcie card

Oscar Anderson says:

Mikrotik has as switch for less than $150 with two SFP+ uplinks, 24 Gigabit ports, plus management features. And you can pick up SFP+ NICs for less than 50 bucks each all day long on eBay, while RJ45 10Gb NICs are very expensive still. It’s a much better option. And it’s far, far lower power than the Quanta LB6M that idles at around 130W, and offers a lot more than the ASUS switch that costs about $100 more.

Rufus Pretorius says:

Am I the only one that noticed a notebook hanging from the back of linus??

skylar jensen says:

that 10 gigabit SPF+ switch could be used in your server rack as an uplink switch to expand your server setup.

Icie Flake says:

nice.. now only to pull cat5E or cat6 cables for all people since everyone I made ethernet installations for wanted cat5… or worse……… even when i recommended them going the extra mile with atleast cat5E so they are ready for the future.
I pulled cat5E in my house and the house value went up 10 times worth that cable.. but i haven’t managed to pull over more than 240mb/s at once from my networks server so you need a raid0 20x ssd NAS server x’D

Yo Boi Ike says:

Who is this cute Canadian and how tight are his network switches

Seth Smith says:

But can it play cyrsis?

DonutEater says:

I have 400kb/s network speed

ice cream says:

so not 10x it is x2048 5mb

Ulaganath krishnasamy says:

Does this switch offer Link aggregation which can club 4x of nas and get close to 4gig and so.

Petrus Perius says:

You do it the otherway around, and set your wifi up as a access point and use the hw of the new switch so the network job.

TheTechDude007 says:

$250 huh.. so this or a Nintendo Switch 😉

Inachu Ikimasho says:

My god norton ghosting would go so fast!

AgneDei says:

So what was the quanta switch performance compare to that asus?

Rafael Suarez says:

Economist how nerve reasonable acceptance should driving harm



ZettaByte says:

geek version of deadpool

Butt King says:

Man I thought I was hot shit transferring files between my pc and laptop at 112 MB/s.
Sad face.

Doctor Loser says:

i still use an ethernet cable from 2001

Akashic Records says:

I love your table pc bad too the bone!!!.LINUS were can I find your build on this monster table???

Alexander Radev says:

OK. So if I have 2 machines with 10Gbit cards in them and all I want is to transfer files from one to the other, why would bother with this switch? I will just hook the 2 machines up with a single cable and configure the machines LAN settings. If you have more than 2 machines and a switch that can handle all of them this would be viable. Not with only 2 ports. Enter the server grade switch. That’s more like it. But they are not available anymore, and getting the cables and cards with it costs a small fortune.
Yeah 10GBit in your house is not cheep or even viable. Not even in 2017.

Nicholas Craig says:

I don’t know why Linus is so anti-network engineer. It seems like he only ever scratches the surface of Enterprise computing yet touts the value of it on his company back end. No doubt he would get pwned by a CCIE should he ever bring someone competent in to inspect his network. I’m accustomed to network engineers giving systems guys a hard time. But it’s more than a little asinine to see someone who makes their bread and butter on infrastructure discount such a critical component of the OSI model.

Stefan Coetzee says:

Get a Mikrotik

Draggins _ says:

Honestly, If I had the money I’d LOVE to do a network makeover in my house. But alas, It’s hard to afford anything when the canadian dollar is like, $0.14 in american dollars.

Kira Yamato says:

Every time Linus drops something expensive I die a little inside.

jeffer1984 says:

So how quick went the data transfer on the quanta switch?

Hreidar Kristinsson says:

xD here in Iceland we do have a 1GB internet connection

Jay P says:

All the people raging don’t understand that network includes the internet haha. How about the difference between LAN (Local area network) and Internet? Linus is showing you how to increase LAN throughput ladies and gentlemen.

cipher315 says:

For about a minute I thought this was all 10 ports at 10 gig for under 300$. Way to to be a total tease ASUS and Linus. Still though I only really want 10 gig for my NAS and ESXi so this could work for me

niccatipay says:

Sees a piece of hardware stick precariously to the edge.
Linus plugs dangling wires across a 3 feet drop.

~ Linus for cost reduction’s sake get a small table or something to put that on

Kit Wong says:

Using 10giga switch with a 100mb boardband

Yusuf Domun says:

Hey Linus how can i get rid of my ISP which gives me 10 mpbs for 75 GB then after 75 GB my ISP gives me 1 mpbs and the next month the ISP gives me again 10 mpbs for 75 GB

Shao Zhang says:

I don’t understand this video. People who would buy this already know they want it. If you don’t know what 10G is then you probably don’t need it.

360ModsandHacks says:

Love the network videos! I love how you tested Neopets lmao. Your actually pretty funny Linus.

Big B says:

That desk pc is INSANE! GIMME GIMME GIMME!! lol.

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