Don’t switch to Sprint, the truth from a former employee

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As a former employee of Sprint, you should watch this.

I was laid-off by Sprint, along with 2500 other customer service reps. Our jobs were outsourced and sent to the Philippines. Many of us have suffered financial setbacks. Sprint continues to offer poor customer service and poor network performance day in and day out. Sprint has even told customers to do everything themselves, like phone number change, blocking numbers, reset voicemail, pay their bill, activate a phone, etc. You can no longer call Sprint to have these things done. Good luck!

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BlasterBlade001 says:

Welp, i’m sorry for doubting you. Sprint DID suck. I talked to you a while ago about how the customer service with them depended on an area or whatnot. I don’t remember the convo fully but I just wanted to just point that out. My LG V20 crapped out tonight leaving me no choice but to go to T-Mobile in the next few days. Service was shit with Sprint anyway, only at school did I get good service, but only on the 2nd floor. So to all thinking about getting rid of Sprint, THIS GUY IS RIGHT. DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE I DID

Sarah Dunn says:

Worst company out there

Heekyu Kim says:

I know a dude who works at sprint w not even a high school diploma… yea that explains a lot about Spint bs lol

ken lee lyly says:

sprint is suck they lie to get you in the door. mostly all cell phone companies suck just who is the worst. they need to fix the cancellation make it easier for customers. they try scam your money by make this policy that only cancel at begin or end of the cycle period that they don’t have to refund your money to you. people should have to right to cancellation any time after contract end shouldn’t have wait at all.

Alexander D says:

I️ really wish I️ saw this video before switching. I️ really wanna go back to Verizon

tecnico says:

Jaja “sprint did this to me”..thats so funny.

Tyler Sounthonevichith says:

It’s so so slow for the past two years. Always around .20 mbps on lte. Couldn’t deal with it anymore so I left sprint and now I’m able to use my phone outside of WiFi

usmlonewolf says:

Not saying you or wrong or right, just wanting to give you some correct info on just one part of your video. The Philippines does indeed speak English. The official languages of the Philippines is English and Filipino.

Shawn Brookins says:

They have always had terrible service. They lost 2 million subscribers in 2013. They have not really revived their network. This is why they continue to try and merge with T-Mobile. I like T-Mobile but their service is lacking in my ares. A Sprint T-Mobile Merger might actually happen and would be good for coverage gaps. However, caution, this won’t be available to users for years to come. Verizon and ATT still have the better coverage at this time October 7 2017. Verizon, though expensive is just dam reliable.

Trinamalanoche N says:

After I finish paying for my iPhone 8 plus I’m going to T-Mobile my bill is 116 just got billed a 144 because of an upgrade fee I upgraded inside the store they always have hidden charges they suck been a paying customer for 7 plus years

Meshach Saban says:

I came from T-mobile too my bills getting higher too

Wang sherpa says:

I agree with this gay.very poor network. we don’t use same time internet LTE and phone call.

Brenda Jennings says:

sprint sucks they are garbage there worst then boost mobile g..a..y company to that rips people off also never get a boost mobile or a sprint mobile there both stupid grinch company’s don’t trust them

Jermey Maddox says:

Sprint Sucks!! I Have T- Mobile.

aribbonatatime says:

T Mobile is about to buy Sprint.

YourTechGuy says:

u got fired,right?

daven vincent says:

Sprint trash as fuck


T-Mobile is eating my ass rn they’re slow in my area I wish it wasn’t Sprint is the only one that’s actually good in my area

Meshach Saban says:

It’s true to me right now as I’m watching this video

Meshach Saban says:

Now trying to stop using phone service

Sweet Patite says:

Data throttling is illegal. Doesn’t mater how they do it or what they call it. The law is on the books and I think Sprint should face bigger and stiffer fines for cutting data in their peak time.

Old Phones/ VoiceMail Recordings says:

I’m the 666th like on this video

Colton Jones says:

I’m just a kid Wright now but some day I’m going to work for sprint and pull them together

BatPandaStrikes says:

I pulled this video up 4 times and a Sprint ad showed up every time.

Bone Crushing Metal says:

I wish I watched your video before I went with Sprint. They made a deal with me that after 2 year I’d OWN the phone I got and then they change my agreement terms to a LEASE. That’s BS because I’m now out $480 which if I had known I would of bought a cell phone, I’m never doing business with Sprint again and people take it from me buy the cell phone unlocked before you go to any service.

Mark Hudson says:

I completely agree with this video. I can see you were very angry at Sprint for terminating you but you tried your best to not to sound disgruntled and you are right. I have used almost 50 cell services and spent 2 years with Sprint to get a good deal on the iPhone 6S. Although I had used Sprint with various MVNO’s and still do dealing with them was without a doubt the worst experience of them all… except for FreedomPop. Everything you noted is true and much more such as moderators that delete and restrict the voice of tech power users like myself. If you know how to program, hack, tweak, or even have a basic understanding of network infrastructure, computer software/hardware, or even your rights as a consumer they will do everything to stop you from spreading your knowledge. Also, even though your video was before the event, I guess you now know the reason he sent gifts to T-Mobile was because he realizes his company is shit and wanted to sell it. Of which he was REJECTED lol.

Rainbowlevelcrossing says:

Switch to Verizon


My girlfriend and I told Sprint to fuck off when we found out that she was getting unlimited data and I wasn’t.
Now we’re with T-mobile and we are both getting unlimited everything lol

A Brick says:

Sprint is shit fuck sprint

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