Does Dark Souls Remastered Play GOOD On Nintendo Switch? – BETA Review

Perhaps the greatest action RPG ever is now on Nintendo Switch. Does it play well though both docked and in handheld? Well let’s check out the network test beta and review the gameplay!

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Dark Souls: Remastered is finally getting its Nintendo Switch network test this weekend, which means you can try the game for free over the next few evenings. This video is a review style format covering of all gameplay in this Dark Souls Remastered Nintendo Switch BETA network test. Gameplay is shown in handheld and docked, with the frame rate and graphics compared to the Playstation 4 version.


Chaahat Dhawan says:

Anyone think the sound is muddy? it sounds pretty bad. hoping that will be fixed for the release

LeeR says:

I admire this series a lot, played them all (including Demon souls and Bllodbourne), BUT, I have not got the patience for them, never finished a single game and I give up between the 1st and 2nd bosses. Dying a bunch is not fun, theyre too hard to enjoy.

Nathan Dugas says:

Glad to see you are enjoying it so much. I wish I could get into these games, but the dark and depressing environments have completely turned me off. I gave Demon Souls a try on PS3, but after about 20 minutes of playing, I just knew it wasn’t for me.

Moisés Quesada says:

Best version hands down

The dark knight returns says:

I love watching console peasants argue over which one of their consoles is better…

Hunter N says:

Why the hell would you be surprised it runs better in handheld? It’s 720p vs the 1080p, pretty much all these Switch ports have run better in handheld mode

AkiraTheGodEater says:

If they bring all 3 games I’d be so happy

Nero Biblios says:

I thought the sputtering was because this version was a net test ver. I mean you can’t play the game at all if you don’t have internet.

Wavy Vaporizers says:

Dumb how alot of games work better undocked than docked. Last time I checked docked made everything better upscale to 1080p or 720 p and smoother frame rates but yet certain games run better undocked which shouldn’t be the case. I’m sure nintendo will release a dock that actually makes the game even better than what the dock already does I’m the future for like 150 to 200 dollars

뿡뿡! ^__^ says:

I won’t play it if it’s not on switch because aside from other Nintendo consoles, it is the only console I have.

Mathew Soltan says:

So glad I ordered Diablo III on Switch instead. 60fps thankfully.

Revz8bit says:

Im doubtful Dreamcastguy could finish Dark Souls in 8 hours

DreamcastGuy says:

The Nintendo Switch continues to impress me with it’s cool ports! Thanks for watching and liking this video. 😀

Martos Raynieri Del jesus says:

Please continue making videos about Nintendo Switch. Please please

Marlowe Vera Cruz says:

another overpriced as fuck last gen port!!! switch is a last gen 3rd party port machine

Justin Saephan says:

Remastered = port

Steven says:

Watching your gameplay, you’re not too terrible. perhaps in 400 or 500 hours you’ll be gud

mrmarvel8 says:

Cool that it’s on the Switch, but I’ll just stick with the far superior PS4 version.


Anyone who says the won’t play a game unless it’s on a Switch, isn’t a true gamer. They’re poser pieces of crap that should be banned from gaming for life. Especially being that every multiplatform release is inferior on the shitty Switch. FUCK THEM AND FUCK NINTENDONT

Zipplip says:

Can’t wait for new players to learn of the one evil doer of any new player…the Dark bead.

SupertoastGT says:

Buy Dark Souls for Nintendo Switch now and “Die on the toilet!™”

Dave Cahill says:

Finally a non-baby game on the switch how amazing.

Nessian Z says:

All these tears for nintendo haters makes my day

Steven says:

Amazing port. With the pro controller it feels exactly like that PS3 version I love so much.

Drave Parker says:

Great video

Michael L says:


Jean-Pierre Radu O'Callaghan says:

Never mind, Max. You can review it later on if you like, when October passes. Or maybe even next year ? I have Dark Souls on 360 when it came free with Gold, but I never got into it. I might go back to it one of these days.

Neil Games #RacoonBro says:


Brandon x22 says:

Click bait as usual

Ronnie Pedra says:

Please disable resampling frames on your video editor, you’re screwing the image quality

TheWarrior says:

How did you know that the fps drops to 25fps?

Manu AV says:

I don’t know why you all are complaining, this is the closest a portable device have been of homeconsoles ever. Tell me you were expecting that a few year ago you could play doom, wlf2, dark souls, nba 2K etc on the go. Of course graphics are a bit worse but not THAT worse. And friendly reminder that doom eternal is coming to nintendo switch too. Of course it’s gonna have less fps and a few graphical downs but seriosly if you are comparing Xbox on3 x, ps4 pro or pc ultra to the switch…i’m done.

Jano Juega says:

For me these games are 50 hours long, I totally suck, but I beat them.

franky bellz says:

His favorite trilogy.
. and he calls the bonfire a fuckn.. CAMPFIRE! LMAO

Canadian Zangief says:

Looks like there’s some framedrop on the switch as well. Wonder how bad blight town is.

Dark Night says:

It is shit on switch Believe me I have one

Hunter N says:


You’re welcome

broken1394 says:

Have had the collectors PS3 version for yeaaaars!

Originally released by Atlus.

Played then and it’s not for me!!

How many Seitches will die from frustrated gamers??

A few i think.

DeadEndFrog says:

docked and undocked are diffrent tho

Rev AK says:

Hopefully it doesn’t die within a week like the console versions did.

AZglitch says:

Did you just say campfire?

ReddSquall says:

Plays WELL for fuck’s sake.

SALLAD says:


Mike Jones says:

Graphics look like if there had been a PS3 Pro.

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