Crimson Keep Switch Review

Crimson Keep for Nintendo Switch reviewed by The Flannel Fox, thanks to Merge Games for the review copy!

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SwitchedOn says:

Great review. Looks an interesting game but can’t live with those bugs! Sticking it in the watchlist

Will C. says:

great review! thanks!

RiggsHB says:

I’ve been eagerly anticipating this game. So much so that my wife has grown tired of me talking about it. Haha. Ive watched so many negative reviews ripping it to shreds, but I’m happy to hear that it’s at least fun. I love dungeon crawlers and roguelikes so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this as well. I will however wait on picking it up until the developers release a patch. They seem very dedicated to improving the game so I’m sure they’ll get to work once the reviews pour in.

Ken Bishop says:

Nice review. You certainly acknowledge all the flaws, but this is still the most positive review of the game I’ve seen so far…it’s getting absolutely murdered in all other reviews I’ve seen. Why would they even consider releasing it in this state??

Ray Reczek says:

Love review that’s not for me saved me money

CreationZikaz says:

”Just one bug to[o] many” you wrote “to” instead of “too” at 0:12.

LJ Polintan says:

I’m really interested in this game. I hope they do make patches for this game as I really want to play this. Thanks for the review 🙂

Alex Mott says:

Thorough and unbiased as usual. You continue to be the best source for reviews for these lesser-known indies on Switch!

SwitchUp says:

*grabs popcorn* Having played this and throwing it so far across the room I’m so excited to watch what you think mate!! (Mark)

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