Choosing the Best Network Switch for NDIⓇ

We get the question all the time, “What network switch is needed with your NDIⓇ|HX cameras? Today we will cover Newtek & our own recommendations on NDIⓇ networking requirements.

You’ve just purchased your PTZOptics NDI|HX Cameras. YAY! The fun, however, doesn’t end there. It’s important to have the proper network switch, to ensure smooth performance and optimization with your new system.

Choosing a NewTek NDI LAN
In this presentation, we’ll guide you through what to consider when looking at an NDI friendly switch. There a lot of considerations that you need to take into account when you are setting up a IP based video production system because everything leverages your network switch. In this video, we break down all the common considerations network engineers are thinking about when they are building a local area network for video production. When we talk about IP-Based video production we are commonly referring to video sources made available for software based switcher like Wirecast, xSplit, OBS or vMix.

The Two BIG Points for Consideration-

The switch must be at least Gigabit
The switches must accommodate mDNS
“Ideally, the switches also will accommodate multicast with IGMPv3

NDI ZCam Zoom Camera

IDeal for Remote Camera Locations

Choosing a NewTek NDI Network Switch

Network Switch Considerations for NDI
When you are selecting a network switch to be used for the NewTek NDI we highly suggest considering a switch that meets all of the following requirements. You may want to setup a dedicated network switch just for your IP video sources especially if this is the first IP based video production system you have ever setup. 

Gigabit Ethernet * Required*
But no more than a gigabit
Full Throughput  Switch Backplane *Required*
Capacity = # of ports x speed x 2
DHCP Recommended
*Required* for NewTek control panels connected via ethernet
For Devices That Optionally Support PoE
PTZOptics NDI|HX Cams require PoE (15.4w)
NewTek Connect Spark requires PoE (15w)
Note* PoE+ supports PoE but PoE doesn’t support PoE+
Make note of the power needed for devices/switch
If you are using a Managed Switch
Managed switches are great but the settings need to be tweaked to accomodate low latency IP based video for production. You can use almost any Gigabit managed switch that meets the requirements above but you will also have to disable a few settings and enable Flow Control as Asymmetrical. 

Disable Quality of Service
Disable Jumbo Frames
Enable Flow Control as Asymmetrical of Simply as On
Enable IGMP Snooping  if Using Multicast (mDNS)
Configure IGMP Querier and Query Interval Per Switch in Multi-Switch Networks (While Using Multicast)
Dealing with Firewalls
mDNS must be accessible
Manual discover requires access to port 5960 for messaging and all coming after 5961 for streams
Check the port range from Microsoft PC’s using Cmd: ntsh
Network Adapters
Use DHCP to assign IP addresses or assign static manually
Use manual configuration in NDI Access Manager to cross subnets
Designate network location on all NICs as Work (private)
Connect and available Gigabit + network interfaces
A little bit on latency

Full circle latency must be 14ms or less
NDI v3.5 supports UDP with Forward Error Correction for unicast (prior versions use TCP)
Finally a few tips from NewTek
Confining your NDI® workflow to a dedicated or uncontended network is highly recommended for management, reliability, and troubleshooting purposes—especially if migrating to an IP workflow for the first time. 

Our NDI Troubleshooting Guide

Our Ubiquiti Network Setup Guide –

We hope you enjoyed this Reflection and Representation of The NewTek NDI Network Guidelines Document

NDIⓇ & NDIⓇ|HX is property of NewTek™ Inc. & all rights belong to them. The information in this presentation was derived from their document (original copy here)

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