Alex’s ULTIMATE Home Network Install | AC Access Points, POE Switches & NAS!

Welcome to the most overpowered home network installation and tour video!

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Woody IT says:

Poor mans Meraki… nice
Never heard someone talk so much about POE, you’d love real enterprise kit

TheKzimmerman says:

Dude lay off the cocaine. You are jittery as fuck. says:

A networking rack would be a great investment here, keep it going and keep on learning you got this.

Alberto Lopez says:

Bad-ass video, dude. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing and for being so enthusiastic.

_Jack_Plays_ says:

Do you still need to pay for your old network once youved installed it?

Hank Domning says:

I thought you where 15 years old ?

Ahmet ÖZER says:

50 Mb/s price ?

W says:

“Rooter” “Rooter” “Rooter” sounds funny. Isn’t pronouncing it correctly.

draand28 Live says:

50mbps hahahahaha, so funny! Here in Romania, we have 1gbps download/upload world-wide speeds at just 10$

しい悲 says:


benward2oo7 says:

If you love networking you do not buy ubiquiti! You would have Cisco, or at least juniper.

Mike Wang says:

spent a lot of money for just the 50/50 connection. lol

ToxicFusion says:

You could do this sort of stuff for schools and get paid a fair amount

Cartoon - Baby and kids edition says:

I got 900 up and down , because I am North Korean

Kingsolver says:

What is the song at 0:45?

uploader188 says:

It pulls 50 and he is happy as shit….I have 200Mbit line for over 10 years and had that kind of setup when note 3 was popular.

Keegsmeister says:

All of that work and money for 50 down. brah am dead!

DIALgaming says:

anyone notice he said rooter

Hayden123457 says:

“wall mounts” really, I’ve always hated him but come on this is basic rack knollage, and he doesn’t have a UPS for his network and the other ones, fucking hell I’m at uni and doing Networking and we use Cisco as you should.

Stephen Carboni says:

So this guys runs a tech youtube channel, but buys a bunch of do-it-yourself, easy-setup gear?

PKN Patrick says:

I laugh a little every time you say “Rooter”

Khikes Cuenco says:

I love your videos Alex but, I threw up at 4:07…so much camera movement.

Roxy Quicksilver says:

nothing you speak makes any sense!!!! you don’t fucking need High Density AP in your house!!!!!

Elliot L says:

I have 250 mbit/s down and 100 mbit/s up

alex says:

Great Job. Plan on running Pfsense with Ubiquity AP’s, somehow I landed on your video. Great video. Worth the time.

Mihai Alexandru says:

Hope you don’t live on benefits like 70 percent of British people

jessiekil says:

u realy payed 2k for items to make ur internet speed go ? 50mb pers sec ? here in netherlands we pull 300mb/sec 30 upload for 70 euro per month XD ?

Patrick Huynh says:

Ugh I hate his sense of movement, like he’s going mad!! It looks like he knows everything when he doesn’t.. he only has a 50/50 connection too, this isn’t necessary.

Tim says:

i have a faster internet with only i have the isp equipment i have 100/100

Ben Edmunds says:

God dam use a screw driver.

alexander manik says:


Emil Kristensen says:

Why are you getting Ubiquiti AC HD With that internet connection? Even AC Pro would be overkill….

Dylan Cruz says:

My WiFi Network using 2 routers. The router the ISP gave us (it has wireless N) and a Apple Airport (Wireless AC)

I Get around 90Mbps on my Wifi
and around 250Mbps on my Ethernet network (see

We pay for 300Mbps our ISP is Spectrum Cable in Orlando, FL.

Andrew Carney says:

A 2000$ setup for ~50Mb down, is not worth it. You could get a 200$ router and have roughly the same performance.

AUSSIEbattler96 says:

spends 2000 bucks gets 50 download i spend 40 bucks a month 100/100 in the day 200/200 at night gg


shitty internet.

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