AFFORDABLE In-Home 10GbE Networking!

Are you tired of slow file transfers on your home network? Are your 1GbE connections just not cutting it anymore? Well, have I got a network switch for you!

But first… What am I Drinking???

10 Barrel Brewing’s (Bend, OR) seasonal release Pray For Snow. It is a 7.0% Winter Ale, and one of my favorite annual beers. Very malty, and tastes somewhere between a Red and Strong ale. If you see one, grab one, it’s a great cold weather brew.

Check out the MikroTik CRS305-1G-4S+IN:
2x Connectx-2 PCIe SFP+ Cards:
10G SFP+ DAC Cables (Various Lengths):
OM3 10Gb 50/125 Multimode Fiber Optic LC/LC Cable (Various Lengths):
10Gtrk SFP+ 10Gb MMF Optic:

Find the parts I recommend on my Amazon store:

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Sakura Kinomoto says:

*hugs my Quanta LB6M 10GbE 24-Port SFP+ 4x 1GbE L2/L3 Switch*

Dmitryzakharov says:

so much bullshit talk….

daan9999 says:

You could also just build your own router/switch.. just pick up a cheap used server board with 7x 8pcie or something and then fill it up with sfp+ cards and some quad port ethernet cards. You can load up mikrotik chr on it license are only 95 dollars 🙂

Davis Evans says:

You forgot to mention MTU settings. Important for 10g.

Asif Alli says:

I subscribed to you because you are clear and offer no-BS in your video, unlike LTT

Viktor says:

WinBox used?

lnxpro says:

so this is a 10gb switch with SFP+ ports. Not 10GbE (E for Ethernet).

Lee Keneston Jr. says:

Is this a managed switch that supports link aggregation and VLAN tagging?

Umakant Shridhar Chaudhari says:


whywouldyoupostthat says:

Why hate on a 3 year old video? Obviously 10gb is cheeper now.. you just sound butt hurt.

Derek H says:

Loves me some Mikrotik, but seeing as how my NAS only has dual gigabit interfaces, I’m unfortunately out for this one.

Necrotic says:

Excellent highlight and thanks for posting a full set of links for everything.
PS. Someone posted this on Unraid forums, seems to be getting some useful attention there.

Yousuf Kamal says:

Damn… he really doesn’t like Linus

Yousuf Kamal says:

Damn… he really doesn’t like Linus

adiefender says:

might be time to switch to this vs teaming 1Gbs NICs on UnRaid.

Thomas Verschoof says:

Ranting on stupid things Linus does, always +1

Kenton Groombridge says:

You had me fooled into thinking you were a true computer geek. You talked the talk, had a beer on your desk, but then I saw you using Windows. You almost got me. 🙂

Sylvan Butler says:

great info. exciting times! But you did say 4 ways to connect, right?

1) DAC cable
2) LC/LC fiber
3) RJ45 Cat-6 or better
4) ???

What did I miss?

蔡崴丞 says:

Just got this switch a few days ago, ready to use it, but some 10G cards are still in shipping 🙁
Correct one thing,it’s managed, even L3.
Fethermore,it runs RouterOS,which it’s no different from other routerborad routers,well … with pretty weak cpu that isn’t capable of routing 10G but still 1G 🙂
However, for switching, it’s capable of 30G, enough for 4 port home 10G networking.

Ed ash says:

AND remember to SHARE your HD…win10 loves messing a few tings locking the HD so the network cant see/write to it..

Philip Gevaert says:

Awesome video… and with a great sense of humor towards Linus. I love the ‘one liners’….

C4103 says:

This is amazing and I’ll probably get one of these to link up to my server and NAS just as you’ve done here. I’d really like to get 10 gigabit into my studio to speed up transferring recording projects to the NAS for backup. However, the switches on either end of the link between the basement and the main floor are connected with 1 gigabit AVB switches for real time audio so I can use any room in my house as a control room for the studio. I’d have to make a separate fiber run for that… I think it might be worth it though.

Stalker1642 says:

Says affordable and then makes sure to never mention the price of the fibre optic cable and plugs ……………

mworld says:

meh. 2 @ X540T2 cards in a server (bridged) = 4 x 10Gbe copper ports. Cat 6 is fine.

Nitin Kumar says:

Awesome review! Never thought getting over 1 Gb/s will be that easy.

Gary Schmal says:

It supports layer 3 features, you should test it’s 10GB routing performance! Just setup two different VLANs and enable routing between them. iperf for the actual benchmark. This thing is impressive for the price.

Kuncen RIG says:


Casey Granger says:

Will this work with a 400 MB internet speed connection (download speed) from my cable company? What is the advantage? Faster transfer speeds within my home network? Thanks!

TheRangeControl says:

“Still have your Cat5”?!?! NO ONE should even be running Cat5 for a 10G network.

Perhaps you should drink less beer.

Daniel Pinto says:

Great video, but just a quick one, you can run 10gbase-t over a cat5e cable 🙂

George Ou says:

Can you do some iperf tests? Also, CAT6 can do more than 25 meters at 10 Gbps and it isn’t as delicate to breaking.

Glen O'Riley says:

Now to wait for my QNAP to support a 10gb connector..

brandishwar says:

This is also a much better option compared to buying a used 10GbE rack switch. I have one of those, a Quanta LB6M, which is a managed switch. At the time I bought it, it was the most cost-effective 10GbE solution available. This, however, is much better. And the fact it’s fanless is definitely great – the LB6M has three (3) 40mm fans rated at obscene noise (50+db/A), but they get airflow you’d expect from a 60mm or 80mm fan. So… yeah.

But for me, though, I don’t see going with it. Only because it has 4 ports. MikroTik is coming out with an 8-port model, though, and that I might jump for when it’s available. I already have a 10GbE switch with 4 devices connected to it, so I’d want room to expand. My next networking move will instead be to buy a Gigabit with with an SFP+ uplink to replace the standard Gigabit switch I have in the rack currently.

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