$60 PoE Switch Review

This is a review of the Monoprice 8 port Fast Ethernet PoE switch (4 PoE port version) – this sells on Monoprice for $60 bucks, so I wanted to give it a shot for my test bench.

This switch is the Netis PE6108H (Monoprice product number 10738).

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socialismcanwork says:

While I wouldn’t want it on my desk, the Nortel 5520 is a solid L3 switch and has 48 POE ports and can be found for the same price on eBay…

It’s loud and a power-hog though so I wouldn’t want it in the same room. The one you got is a nice alternative.

Jason Luong says:

Don’t you mean CyberData’s SIP-enabled Talk Back speaker?

Do you know of decent PoE speakers? For the life of me, I cannot find them.

Swift Gaming Official says:

how can you connect that to the router on the same network to make calls? are the ports auto uplink?

Kyle K says:

Pretty cheap to get POE w/o an injector here is the 10/100/1000 model on amazon for the same price http://amzn.to/28JZd0x

hvwees says:

That kind of rack mounts is called dumbo ears…. 😉

UnstupidTube says:

Why not get the Ubiquiti 8 port toughswitch (TS-8-Pro)? 8 gigabyte and all POE 24v or 48v POE. Seems more up your alley!

David Manning says:

I’m assuming you could NOT use this to configure UBNT 24V gear? I’ve got a pretty small environment with a mix of ubiquiti 24V and newer 802.3af gear and it seems the only way to deal with all of at once it is the much more expensive Ubiquiti switches.

dhowser2008 says:

It’s a great small switch but if a business is looking for something better but not too high-end the HP 1920 POE+ is ideal. I bought one in excellent condition for $200 CAD, I got the 48 port POE+ (370W) Gbit switch. Works great with my Unifi AC AP Pro.

Adrian says:

It would be interesting to see from inside, maybe there is a way to hack 4 port version into a 8 port version. I don’t think that there is a big change in HW.

Bruno Salezze Vieira says:

Thas a ER 5 POE, its not it? Cause, the actually can deliver 48v, but you have to exchange your power supply for a 48v one, and then its going to appear the 48v option without losing the 24v passive

Jorgen Verpoorten says:

Hi chris, love watching your videos here from Belgium, they helped me alot when i was looking for the networking setup for my new home. Just wanted to let you know i bought a netgear prosafe gs110tp for my home setup. Its a managed 8 port gigabit switch with poe on all 8 ports for €125. And its fanless. They also have a version with 8 ports but only 4 poe for around €75 and thats called the gs108. I tought maybe you would like them because they’re fanless and managed and only cost a bit more than these noname monoprice switches. Keep up the good work!

Cor Smit says:

Awesome switch

Jeroen de Vries says:

What about the Dlink DES1005P. Nice 8 port gigabit switch with 4 Poe ports. costs 99 dollar. I have used them in the past.

Ricardo Cooper says:

Netgear GS110TP is much better value for your buck, gigabit, vlan, poe on all 8 ports

Boosted Awd says:

How well do you think that switch would work on POE required security camera’s? Do you think that would be enough bandwidth for live feed?

Chad Markley says:

That intercom is so cool! Looking forward to that review. Quick question, what do you use to assemble/product your videos? The quality is great. Thx again for busing your ass on these videos. I know how much work these are

Yorick Hunt says:

Get yourself a 12-port gigabit PoE injector and power supply from China for not much more (total around USD$100) or if you’re happy with a 100Mbps injector for less (around USD$50 altogether). The potential problems and obvious compromises with integrating devices (switch and injector in this case) have been proven over many years.

Lagittaja says:

Looks like they’ve since replaced this with the PE6109H or Monoprice #18519, 49,95$ for 9port 10/100 with 4port 802.3af/at. Even better deal if you don’t mind external power supply and no rack ears.
Edit: Or at least I couldn’t find the netis PE6108H listed on Monoprice in their PoE switches or network switches category.

Colin Zapalac says:

Check out the Wifi-Texas POE switches. Has 10/100 or Gig available. POE voltage is driven by the power supply.

Frank Cote says:

Looks like it has very good value at that price. If the switch is daisy chained off of another switch capable of vlan tagging couldn’t you tag everything coming from this POE switch upstream to your layer 3 switch in one single vlan? The only issue I guess would be packets going back downstream wouldn’t get their vlan tags stripped upon reaching the poe switch and traveling out to hosts. Have you had any luck getting it to work?

Also, monoprice has a few coupon codes at the top of their webpage at the moment to sweeten the deal on some of the poe switches.

Sasha Krebs says:

I suppose you could not find a betterchiper poe than MikroTik hEX PoE lite (RB750UPr2). Do you agree with me?;)

surfingsuicune says:

Is your house wired for Ethernet? Wondering if you’ve used any Powerline networking stuff out of desperation and if you had good results with it.

communication says:

can i connect switch to switch via fiber port? or only via Ethernet port?
please reply

ITVOIP says:

Chris – How is this PoE switch holding up. A lot of this cheap hardware doesn’t survive for very long. Simple things like power surges kills many of the cheap equipment after a few times.

Jay Williams says:

I use a Dell PowerConnect 3548p for my bench. It is 10/100, managed, and was $50. Definitely comes in handy when setting up surveillance boxes.

jimvanm says:

I have the same old Linksys SRW PoE switch as you. Regarding the ‘loudness’. A few years ago I opened the case and disconnected the fan. Rendered it totally silent, and has been running without a hitch for several years (and it runs cool!).

Just FYI.

Bradley Winter says:

SMC you can snag some deals especially like on eBay. Search for a SMCGS8P I found one new in open box for like $79.99 buy it now. I actually recently found a SMCGS18P for $80 plus 15 shipping. Web interface is simple, but works. Loud a bit but actually decent idle power amperage, haven’t put phones on it yet.

JS St-Amour says:

lol cool how you push away the box at 8:50, it’s like: get out of my way!

djcampbell94 says:

Hey Chris, would this switch power the UAP-IW? Thanks!

Willie Howe says:

For $60, that’s pretty nice. The only thing I wish it had was a web interface where you could see the power stats. Great review!

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