10x Your Network Speed.. On a Budget!

So, some of you didn’t like my “Improve your Network speed for $100” video… Maybe this is a bit more up your alley!

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Rob Colby says:

I followed the tutorial as closely as I could, and I still can’t get the Intel NIC cards to work. I keep getting “You don’t have permission to access” the other card/pc. I have invested in the hardware and I really need some help. Can you point me in the right direction.

Himanshu Maurya says:

your face is like is bullshit. have fun with your funny face and your giggling voice

GorillaTech says:

You can download ram

RetroGamer7200 says:

Sweet Jesus, Linus. Close your tabs.

David Kahn says:

Classic windows with its shitty networking defaults.

Dylan says:

Mellanox ConnectX-2 $17
Direct attach SFP cable $10

Not sure why everything he shows in this video is so expensive. I can find DAC cables on eBay for $10 left and right. Why on earth would you pay $40 for one?

Seriously though, why does Linus keep making these videos? I miss the old videos, where there was actually excitement and lots of work and experimentation put into it. Now it’s just a guy rambling about some random topic covered with admittedly outstanding B-roll for 5-10 minutes so he can make money. Linus, you’ve lost your edge.

eerereps says:

Didn’t know about RAMdisk. cool concept!

Amal Shaji says:

Seems fantabulous… Even if you got a 10 Gbps network the real world Max transfer speeds are determined by storage media and even SATA3 SSDs Max out at 6 Gbps.

Dönci Terényi says:

If you arent using a switch then you could just as well use a USB 3.1gen2 connection, those cables also go up to 10m and do 10Gb/s transfers

Jason Becker says:

Token ring is the one true ring

StudioARE says:

>Talking about changing a 1 gb thing to a 10gb thing

And here I am with 35Mbps.

Quibit Nano says:

“A million Canadian ruples”

Rob Colby says:

Is there a written version of this video with the instructions? You whizzed through this so fast, I couldn’t keep up.

Hex_ Fuzionz says:

I wish you were my dad

Eugine Joseph says:

a like and a comment and more love to Linus for calling him his rightfull name your previous video and questioning the person who invited him.

That dude owe me some bandwidth when I first started using internet/YouTube . luckily I didn’t try his tutorial instead wasted time thinking about it

your awesome Linus

Johannes Thies says:

I got my first ever gigabit switch today. So I’m cool – right?

Francis Underwood says:

hi Linus this video has inspired me to build my Nas server with 10g NICs. it works great thanks!!!

Alpheus Gibbs says:

Is there a way to get more speed out of your internet without going higher. With your cable provider?

Malacki Liu says:

Too bad that in Guyana all the IP addresses change every 30 minutes

Astonished By The Lack Of Cake says:

could you combine this with SMB multichannel for 20gbps transfers over two two-port cards?

MoonDogg says:

How many of y’all remember Token Ring?

input gaming says:

Yes a buget ether net booster but with a $110 cable

FATE Productions says:


Emil Madsen says:

No need for a third cable for the sister and brother that communicate, just bridge the interfaces on the file server? – 10Gbit link all the way.

erick vega says:

sorry 4 my english, if i have a50 megs contract , and my crrent cablemodem isp uses 8×4 channels , is a good idea to by a arris 32×8 channels ? is goona be benefitial for my speed? or is a waste of money

genily333 says:

you don’t need a netmask, do you?

Bushpig says:

Okay can you slow that down to a detailed step by step process please as l am after increasing my server to bad lan speeds. Oh ps l cannot change the readynas nic card currently 1GB

Ben Poliquin says:

Start by saying we’re an ass. Fuck off

Asaf KHAN says:

Fuck TheoJoe !

Shadow Blade says:

Thio dont get sad im still one of your subscribers… and one of Linus’ OBVIOUSLY he is my guru in building PCs

since1876 says:

Okay, so, I have not used networks to connect to other computers very often. Like, in 20 years, maybe 5 times. I know some of you are going to flip your shit but I have to ask this: Why is this useful for most people? I’m not talking about people like Linus who need to transfer shit back and forth to servers constantly and have 6 people working on the same project from multiple computers, I’m talking about average people who are just shipping stolen movies (be honest, that’s what you’re doing…) to their own server. Why does it need to be so fast? What would be the benefit to this set up, apart from actual server work as I’ve already described? Would it be possible to use a harddrive on another computer to run games, or would it not be fast enough? I mean, apart from just sending this 30gb folder to that computer for storage, which I’m going to do only occasionally so it doesn’t matter how long it takes, what would be a benefit?

This is not me asking that in a way like some people say “omfg why do you need 8 Titans in one computer?!?” Those people don’t actually want an answer. I’m actually asking this.

420Kronikush says:

HAHAH Canadian Rubles

CULT_GG says:

So there is cloned 540s now. They use Intel chips, lesser other components sure, but at 100 a piece they are more affordable. Now all we need is a switch, that isnt some 2 port desktop crap, looking at you ASUS.

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