10Gb Home Network (P3) – Build A Switch

Build a 10Gb network switch for home or a Small Medium Business (SMB). Part 3 in 10Gb Home Network Series that shows you how to leverage 10Gb now, avoid pit-falls, and keep things affordable.
Part 1 – Introduction | https://youtu.be/MgNpI6VAAhI
Part 2 – Peer-to-Peer | https://youtu.be/KHiucyRYX_w
Part 3 – Build A Switch | https://youtu.be/p39mFz7ORco
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MB:Supermicro X10SRH-CLN4F | http://amzn.to/2bBpEXN
CPU: Xeon E5 Quad Core | http://amzn.to/2bK8XuJ
CPU Fan (Narrow ILM) Noctua i4 | http://amzn.to/2bvg4sd
Memory: Samsung 8GB ECC | http://amzn.to/2bPOsfA
PSU: Corsair CS Series (550W) | http://amzn.to/2bsxFlI

NICs used in this video (way overkill for home use):
4x Chelsio S320E-LP-CR | http://goo.gl/GLppRf
Useful Gear:
10Gb Network Interface Card: http://amzn.to/2ckvAZn
Direct Attach Copper Cable: http://amzn.to/2buZpRb
Cat6 Cable for 10Gb (180ft max): http://amzn.to/2bKOTFY
Cat6a Cable for 10Gb (330ft max): http://amzn.to/2bKNzD6
10Gb Switching: http://amzn.to/2c12Pwp
Shopping List (From Part 2 – Peer-to-Peer):
Mellanox Network Adapters:
ConnectX-2 Family:
Single Port – ConnectX-2 EN (MNPA19-XTR) | http://ebay.to/1Xo6hnw
Dual Port – ConnectX-2 EN (MNPH29C-XTR, MNPH29D-XTR) | http://ebay.to/1YtQlP0 | http://ebay.to/1YtQCRM
ConnectX-3 Family:
ConnectX-3 Product Guide: http://www.mellanox.com/related-docs/prod_adapter_cards/PB_ConnectX3_EN_Card.pdf
Single Port – ConnectX-3 EN (MCX311A-XCAT) | http://ebay.to/1YtQS3a
Dual Port – ConnectX-3 EN (MCX312A-XCBT) | http://ebay.to/1YtQFgC
Intel x520 Family:
Single Port – x520-DA1 (E10G41BTDA) | http://ebay.to/1YtQAt7
Dual Port – x520-DA2 (E10G42BTDA) | http://ebay.to/1YtQLol
Intel x540 Family (10G-BaseT):
Single Port – x540-T1 | http://ebay.to/1YtQQsk
Dual Port – x540-T2 | http://ebay.to/1YtQWQD
Chelsio Family Legacy Adapters: http://www.chelsio.com/legacy-adapters/
Single Port – N310E | http://ebay.to/1YtR2Yn
Single Port – S310E-CR | http://ebay.to/1YtR16V
Dual Port – S320E-CR | http://ebay.to/1YtQYYS
Dual Port – T420-CR | http://ebay.to/1YtR7LS
Dual Port – T520-CR | http://ebay.to/1YtRfuL
SFP+ Cables:
Amazon SFP+ Cables | http://amzn.to/1TGZK1t
Cisco SFP-H10GB-CU1M (1M Cable) | http://ebay.to/1XlpKVx
Cisco SFP-H10GB-CU3M (3M Cable) | http://ebay.to/1XlqwBK
Cisco SFP-H10GB-CU5M (5M Cable) | http://ebay.to/1XlqkTe
Background music attribution:
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code123ns says:

Can you do “show version” to print the version of IOS that is running? 😉

Goran Jordanov says:

How will the 10G “switch” run if one uses less powerful CPU, like i3 or i5 instead of a Xeon? Do 10GbE enterprise switches have Xeon CPUs inside?

Omar Halabiah says:

Can we use spanning tree protocol and other switch protocol with VyOS dist ?

mrlithium69 says:

That bios is intense with the specialized payload settings and all the other cool server stuff. Wish mine was like that.

Omar Halabiah says:

nice nice nice very nice

Mesin Tempur says:


Jens Erling Bråten says:

can i use a VM with the switch operating system on my xenserver
or do i need a dedicated motherboard and cpu to the switch? i got enough network cards and cpu power on my xenserver.

George F says:

These tutorials have quite balanced PRO/CON reasons.

– you need to have network engineer knowledge
– you need $hit load of money (do you actually need both kidneys?)
– you need time to setup everything presented here
– you need time to maintain the network
– you will spend a lot more money on electricity

– you can transfer at stupidly fast speeds p0rn and illegally downloaded games from torrents.

Yep, that seems balanced enough.

Michael Williams says:

Shouldn’t the MTU of the bridge itself be set to 9000?

FirearmTutorials .com says:

looks like they ripped off JunOS…

Thorsummoner0 says:

I’m curious how you got to a physical machines bios, via what looked like a kvm client. or was that whole build reproduced in vm for recording purposes

mani kandan says:

how to create a new WiFi device

TCC says:

Hey can you do a vid on KVM over IP? I remember you saying you own a Baytech DS3, but what exactly do I need along with it to get it working and rolling? I’d love to be able to setup servers from my home office rather than going to the attic (server lair) along with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse every time….:/. Like does this include everything to work? http://www.ebay.com/itm/BayTech-Data-DS3-Switch-2x-DS74-I-O-Module-1xDS71-MD4-Modem-Modules-/302056168043?hash=item4653f35a6b:g:IsYAAOSwGtRXxF9q

kattepus says:

lol, a 10G switch with 8 ports would be cheaper than a server with 4x 2x 10Gbitps cards..

MDat Nguyen says:

I like it!

Steve Lee says:

nice video! but would it work with your bog standard consumer grade motherboard +cpu combo? without all the fancy IOAT and DCA…etc options in BIOS? Sounds like a nice project to undertake if possible.

Eric Perry says:

Question: How does IP assignment work with bridging all devices? Can you still utilize your router’s DHCP function to assign IP addresses to devices connected through the bridged connections? Does this automatically obtain IP’s or do you need to assign them seperately? Can you manually assign IP’s as well?

Like you I attempted to connected a 10gig server and Work station via PFsense and I got sub par results in transfer speeds… surprisingly even worse than 1gig. I’d really like to make an affordable 10gig switch that I can expand in the future.

Joyousmicor says:

VyOS is sucks as f*ck.

Rik van der Mark says:

Really great series. Well made! Really liked the way you explained everything and why you made certain choices.
Vyos really reminds me of working on Juniper network gear.

Ray Simonson says:


asderidelp says:

dont know if this makes much sense for 10GBE but with the QSFP+ Cards you could build a 40GBE Switch with very similar Hardware

Kalebe Alves says:

17:10 you can use for in bash and bash script, doesn’t need to type command ten times twice

Giuseppe Falco says:

you have forgot CASE……… please, you suggest my how rack-case i can use…. thanks

Wes Brown says:

Very nice!
I just bought Quanta LB6M for 230.00 from unix suplus. CRAZY CHEAP! 24 ports of 10Gb goodness.
If you don’t need that many ports there are a ton of Dell Force10 switches out there for under 100.00 like S50-10-GE-48T-AC which has 4 10Gbit and 48 1Gbit ports.
I needed 8 ports of 10Gbit or i would have considered something like this.
Also, if you are on Windows 2012 or better and want maximum throughput on SMB shares you will need a card that supports SMB Direct/Multichannel via RDMA the mellanox connectx-2 cards don’t have this but I haven’t found it to be a huge bottleneck.
Lastly, the cost of cables is kind of crazy too. For long runs I’m using fiber and sfp transevers which for long runs is WAY cheaper than trying to get a DAC cable. for short stuff DAC is the way to go.

mafiaBH says:

Insta-subbed tks for this

Jens Erling Bråten says:

can i use a VM with the switch operating system on my xenserver
or do i need a dedicated motherboard and cpu to the switch? i got enough network cards and cpu power on my xenserver.

Fattbank says:

The cost is $142.25/Gb port excluding case/chassis. The cost is $94.59/Gb port for Netgear ProSAFE XS708E 8-Port 10G Ethernet Switch. Video series is informative however DIY switch is not cost effective.

Sujit Sali says:

Can you please create a small demo of google data centre network at home using switches desktop computer rispbberi pi router, network cards?

Bryan Carroll says:

Great series! Thank you

John George Bauer-Buis says:

How does IPFire stack up against VyOS, I wonder? It is also a GNU/Linux router OS. VyOS is currently command line only, which does not appeal to me.

Thohan79 says:

awesome stuff, thanks for the video.

davester32 says:

Awesome video series! Thank you

Portentous Lad says:

urg, I’m getting horrible ios flashbacks. I would never have guess this was debian based the commands are so hooooorrible.

Got I hated the ios cli.

Antreas32 says:

I really enjoy the video thanks!

Sujit Sali says:

can you please create a demo of google jupiter netwok switching fabric at home?

Thorsummoner0 says:

whew, all that Java is giving me cold sweats.

Dönci Terényi says:

The question is, can you mix infiniband and ethernet?

JABarrett85 says:

Just a quick correction for your video – you mention that VyOS is widely used at cloud service providers, such as “Amazon Web Services” – this is not correct, VyOS is not in use at Amazon Web Services – I know this as I am a senior Data Center Technician at AWS.

Goran Jordanov says:

Awsome 10G guide series. I am currently upgrading my home-labs on 10G with new FreeNAS as my VM storage. I was debating what to about the 10G switch since they are sooo expense – VyOS looks like its gonna do great. Ubiquity runs a fork of Vayata on their Edge Switches and Routers and they run superb. Good job and thanks for all the info provided in the description!

PSI says:

My QLE 2460 doesnt show up …

Timothy Armstrong-Ooi says:

You’ll get at most 36Gbps throughput as this is the PCIe v3 throughput limit for single cpu systems

yggdrasil viking says:

Great video. I wish you would have included some video / pictures of the actual build though!

mazarrugh says:

Can you make a performance comparison between vyos and pfsense?

Fred Rodgers says:

Nice work – Does VyOS support 10Gb over USB 3.0? With card like Mailiya PCI-E to USB 3.0 5-Port PCI could you get 5 ports per PCI-E slot?

Jennifer Royal says:

Am having a new home built, and decided that I wanted to upgrade to 10GigE and start putting everything on NAS.
My god is this helpful!

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