1000 Mbps Internet on The Nintendo Switch… How fast is it?

This is what 1000 Mbps Internet on the Nintendo Switch looks like… Gigabit fiber optic internet on the Nintendo Switch using the Plugable USB 3.0 ethernet adapter for Nintendo Switch.

Plugable USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter: https://amzn.to/2RjLQfI
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Caspre says:

Off topic question. When you had your old netgear router before going fiber optic, did you need a modem?

SeenDecoy says:

How much do u pay for the internet monthly??

M. Rizal Ridhal Malik says:

Built in Network Adapter on Switch is Limiting the Bandwith dude.

Grey Wolf says:

I really like your videos but I don’t think a 1gb internet does much for online gaming, Ping will be always low on the region you’re close to

kahoot live 2113213 says:

do the MTU to 2000 XD

Nicholas Crosby says:

I got a UGREEN third party adapter. It says it supports 10/100Mbps connections. I’ve plugged that into my home router and the supposedly usb 3.0 port on the dock. I’m not struggling with the Switch overheating like some third party Ethernet adapters has since 5.0 firmware. I have a pretty decent home internet connection (300 down/20 up). I’m barely getting 20-30 down and 1-5 up on my Switch though. I got the Ethernet cable mainly for college though because there are three Ethernet ports on the wall and using the switch takes from the already crappy dorm WiFi (like 1 down and maybe 1 up) despite good (100+ up and down from the wall) internet. I haven’t tried turning off the WiFi on my home router yet but I’m not getting the speeds I get on other devices. I get 10-20 on Switch WiFi, 20-30 on Switch wired, 100-150 on laptop WiFi, 150-200 on laptop wired, but only get 250-300 on my phone WiFi. So the Ethernet cable clearly helps but I don’t know what the bottleneck is. It’s either the Switch hardware or the servers it connects to to test it.

AR Gaming says:

Do u have something to contact?
Like facebook, whatsapp, instagram or something?

toqa ahmed says:

Faster than my 1 mb internet pls donate ;-;

_ AC _ Andrew _ says:

Merry early Christmas everyone

Awesome Sauce says:

Unfortunately it’s the hardware in the Switch. Not the best but it’s Nintendo so expecting top of the line is kind of out of the question lol

DarthSailorMoon says:

How are you doing that with at&t dsl?

Youtube Acc says:

2 ping wtf

M31 says:

It may have to do something with the hardware rather than your internet?

Policedriver Studios says:

I can easily get 75mbps on switch with adapter…(75 is max i get anyways)

Steve Swanson says:

Nintendo’s servers are just as trash as Sony’s PSN! Lol. Microsoft’s Azure servers that power Xbox Live are in a league of their own. Now if they could just get some more damn worthwhile exclusives…..

دِحْـۄۄم البٰـقـمُـي says:

you should have a cat 7 Ethernet cable to get a 1giga bet speed

GAKtion64 says:

Nintendo switch is just fine. Its the processor inside that is only capable of reaching max speeds that you saw. The switch is meant more for gaming rather than downloading files.

the CPU may be slow for file transfers but performs well for gaming. And thats all that matters. just gaming.

Muhammad Najmi Mohd Amir says:

Hey how about trying usb c adapter to Ethernet port. Without using the dock tho


damn dude so lucky i have been living almost my whole life with 1mbps

abdulrahman albinali says:

did you try on wifi ?

Alexander Jönsson says:

i have 1000mbps fiber and i can just say fiber is the best shit ever 🙂

ChristianxD TheGamer says:

Claro el rico siempre humillando al pobre >:v

Urticant G says:

Hmm it seems the usb port is the limiting factor

GreedyGalaxy says:

you live in au,tx nice

Windows 8.1 says:


Luis Eusebiolo says:

Just finished describing by the way what’s the name of your internet provider?

GrandNoodleLite says:

I think there’s something wrong with the ethernet adapter you’re using. I’ve seen 70-80 down through an adapter on switch, and my internet plan IS 80 down. Have you tried using the adapter to do a speed test on your PC?

DatOneTechKid says:

The problem is the speed test on your switch is not capable of reaching as high speeds as speedtest.net because it hasn’t been improved and developed as much as speedtest.net as the switches is for generally verifying the internet is working not testing maximum speed

ASHGARD7 says:

Does this work on the ps4?

IT'S HYDRA says:

Can you download 1kb file with 1000mbps

Matthijs van den Born | LLN says:

My internet speed is 1 Mbps…

John Glasscock says:

So supposedly the USB port on the back of the Switch is not a real USB 3.0 port? I’m doing more research…

nxgnBarbaric says:

Thanks for the video!! But yeah, it does seem that Nintendo’s servers are not capable of faster internet connection (I get 350dwn on both my xb1x and pc). I tried multiple different ways on my Switch, port forwarding, DNS change, still same speeds of 85dwn.

MasMulaMike says:

How much are you paying for the best Internet

Hector EC84 says:

Nintendo shit

Aladdad1 says:

i got 200mb down 80 up and using a usb 2.0 adapter on the switch and i get just about the same speeds as you at around 53down and 30up i suppose the talk about nintendo not having activated the usb 3.0 port is true after all… and sad.

Regan says:

ur mtu should be 1400 not 1500

fatih akkurt says:

Vay amına koyim

Kadziet Yagami says:

“This…. is 1000 megabits internet. *camera turns and shows 944.51 megabits internet*”

zen jab says:

Are you using a cat 5 or 6 Ethernet cable?

Luca Rossi says:

What’s the speed with wifi?

luulle 04 says:

I runned a speed test and got 20 ping but in fortnite I have around 60 ping how am I supposed to get down to 20 ping

Jody Costello says:

Do u have twitter

Aouchi _ GaMeR says:

2:50 I be really happy if I get 2Mb in the day

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