10 Gigabit Networking – I wanna go fast. Really, really fast.

I decided it was time for a networking upgrade here at the office, and I would NOT settle for second best. So, full 10 gigabit it is!

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Logan Vessell says:

0:46 Nice log colour profile, Brandon. *cough cough* Taran screwed up. xD (If Taran edited this video…)

Peter Chatman says:

I suppose for something 3 years old, its an ok review.

Matej Pozar says:

But this optics is not totally optical it ends on copper but cat 7 exists. Long time ago.

Toni Lähdekorpi says:

Why does Linus sound like a teenage girl in this episode?

Coolio Ash says:

10 gigabit
i literally get 60mbps and youre saying people have 10 gigabit

Mkmed Khaled says:

hey linus
i have a tremendous idea that includes a wifi hotspot that runs threw the entire city and at least i need 60 – 80gigabit but i don’t know what kind of tech to use
the idea is stilll a startup and i am still looking for investors but i want ot have the full plan before i start looking for them

The Techcat studios says:

Set everything to the max value and use cat 7 or later (if your living in 9080 or something)

james Dudley says:

can you make a storage computer that can transfer data faster then a stranded sata 6 ssd

TechWizPC says:

Is the speed of a switch like 10/100 Mbps rated per port(10/100 Mbps per port) or is that the speed of the whole thing divided by the number of ports?

Adam Jones says:

Studio has to be filled with helium…

LaneHD says:

Gotta go fast!

shane iron says:

10gbps price??

Colin Zapalac says:

And I’m still ordering T1’s.

newSogn says:

You should make a video about fiber optic 10gig

Matej Pozar says:

I thought Fibers optics on pci express card is a pretty good solution.

Deathwish5000 says:

Affordable? that card costs more than my PC

Black Manta says:

Do I have to rewire my whole house with Cat 6a???

6,9 subs with no videos. says:

*gets 10gbps net, but doesnt have ssds that support that speed and are that fast*

Noahthecool27 STATE OF USA supermancool says:

You are so cool so cool liuns tech tips and smartphone on the brain

べがらう says:

Won’t these speeds bottleneck the HDD and some SSD (without RAID) writing speeds? xD

Evan Zhang says:

And I’m seeing this video without any graphic card, I3, 1GB RAM, 50 GB HDD and the worst: 1Mb Download/0.5Mb Upload 300 ping :'(((

Toool says:

9:33 damn he’s getting smarter haha

Daniel Pinel says:

It’s all fun and games until someone like plugs their 100Mbps laptop in the switch and everyone throttles down. Or am i wrong? I’m not a network guru, just some 16 year old with a bit too many machines… (7 laptops and 3 towers, darnit)

Ahmed says:

changing the numbers in nic settings should be done with caution, some times packet loss also will be there

Verdorrter Punkt says:

Would cost about 800$ per month in Zürich(Switzerland). Just dont need it.

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