Wi-Fi Mesh System Roundup: Eero, Orbi, AmpliFi, & Google WiFi

Dave Hamilton, from The Mac Observer and Mac Geek Gab, joins Leo Laporte and Florence Ion to talk about WiFi mesh systems and how the Eero, Orbi, AmpliFi, and Google WiFi compare.
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Charles Hord says:

Do you loose the benefits of these mesh systems if you have to use a gateway router, like with ATT Uverse?

Steve Stadler says:

I get it, eero paid you.

George Master says:

Orbi all the way.

MonkiJuan says:


Hagi Lerman says:

I love your channel

Virgil Claritt says:

Question – Which is better to you Multiple Hardwired Apple Airport Extremes vs Multiple Hardwired Eeros or Linksys Velops?

Bruce Alexandre Anthony says:

So eero mesh system or apple time capsule with airport express as extenders?

timcity says:

AmpliFi is the best BECAUSE it doesn’t sit on top of furniture! Why would anyone want some gross plastic cylinder sitting on top of their expensive Scandinavian sideboard or any furniture for that matter? I bought AmpliFi as soon as it was released and never once had an issue. Setup was a breeze and provides vastly superior personalization. I can’t wait for the IOT to be released because it expands on something more than any of the other mesh systems provide. It’s modular. It’s discrete and very unassuming. Love it.

knightriderusa says:

Spiders will do anything and everything you need, for a very long time…if you like spiders. If you like white boring dots, then have at it…

Bill Anderson says:

Put in the $199 base Amplifi w/2 outposts. Easy set up, whole house and yard coverage (out to where I park!) 3 months without an issue. I have 2 wifi in house and 2 Republic Wireless phones. No handoff or selection issues.

Justin Rivera says:

Wow! I remember when this show used to be on TechTv/G4TV!!! I literally thought the show Screen Savers just kinda ended and died when I didn’t see it on there anymore. That’s pretty crazy, to me at least, with how long I really thought the show just died. You definitely deserve more subs.

Coolesttech says:

Quite a few incorrect statements in this video. Repeaters can broadcast the same ssid, ubiquiti did not pioneer mesh networks, and nobody discussed placement, interference, channel selection. These products are bandaids for people who can’t use wired access points. These are not a magical fix all “perfect wifi”. They certainly can “work”, but they won’t work in all situations which is how they are marketed.

Bruce Beverly says:

Cool topic… but they missed open-mesh brand products: huge installed base, affordable, proven, cloud-managed, no subscription fee, very slick and small housing designs, Ethernet backhaul with POE if you want it, etc.

Sean Woods says:

I can’t speak to a couple of those systems but I don’t feel that you have equal time to each manufacturer. I know each company have pros and cons but instead of following that format you spent most of your time saying how great your sponsor is. Then your sprinkle some Netgear love. Then you spent a good amount of the little time Google and Ubiquiti got bashing them.

Also the bit about how hard Ubiquiti was and a requirement of a Java client is incorrect. They can run in stand alone mode, Or even off a phone. Secondly you were talking about the enterprise line and nut the consumer line.

I personally didn’t find this review unbiased and didn’t get much out of it.

Von Verbanic says:

Just installed the Google wifi, simply amazing. Set for all three took maybe 15 min. Blazing fast speed with 12 devices connected, highly recommended.

Kailem K says:

The decor in that guys house is absolutely terrible. Somebody get that man an interior decorator

Kevin Shauger says:

I feel the Linksys Velop will out do these all

Howard Bessen says:

Leo interrupts too much.

ADKIc3mAnXYT says:

Google Wifi has been a life saver for me.

NyboyzNBA says:

What are some cheaper alternatives to google wifi

Jonah Santos says:

do any of those mesh routers have port forwarding and DDNS

MrVegas says:

I am not surprised with Google equipment. Its like their glasses, they just don’t work.

Twiztid Pixel says:

This couldn’t have possibly been more paid for.

Dwight McKenzie says:

Omg!! It’s Leo, i used to watch him and Patrick and Sarah, on Zdtv/techtv, The ScreenSavers that show was my “tech-Jam” i couldn’t get enough and then the show just disappeared :-(. But it’s so nice to see this while browsing something else.(I guess i never thought of looking it up).

gheorghexx1 says:

just rubbish, Apple airport system is the ‘only system that really works.

Eric Goodrich says:

Leo, you mention that the Ubiquity “Enterprise grade” stuff requires a Java Client to be running on a computer somewhere… They now have a Cloud Key that is reasonably priced. Works great! https://www.ubnt.com/unifi/unifi-cloud-key/

Fabricio Evangelista says:

Did you receive this email yesterday? My clients are now all offline.

Dear Google Wifi & OnHub customers,Today we experienced an issue with our Google Accounts engine that may have affected your Google Wifi and OnHub devices. This caused some devices to automatically reset to the initial state you bought them in and they will unfortunately need to be set up again. This has not affected the software or performance of the device but it does need to be re-setup.

Visit this dedicated support page for more information and step-by-step instructions to get back online. If you set up your Wi-Fi with the same network name and password as before, your household connected devices should automatically reconnect.If you do not want to set up the devices right now, you can always connect to the setup Wi-Fi network — the network name and password are printed on the base of your primary device (the one wired to the modem). This should get you connected to the internet immediately.

We know how important Wi-Fi is to you and share our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

Ben Brown On behalf of the Google Wifi and OnHub team

Darwin Sidharta says:

what a joke! he was talking about how fast and awesome the orbi is and leo cuts him off and start talking how expensive they are lol, how much did eero pay you?

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