What is Mesh Wifi (& Why You Should Absolutely Get One)

OK, by now you’ve probably at least heard the term Mesh Wifi, but maybe you aren’t quite sure what it is, the benefits of a it, etc. So I figured I’d break it down for you in this video so you can decide if a mesh network right for you. Spoiler alert: I think it’s right for a lot of people and full disclosure Samsung sent me their newest one for this video, but there’s a good reason why I think it is probably the most beneficial one out right now as well as the one with the most benefits.



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HarlowsKorner 101 says:

Would you know if it will work with the apples time capsule (base station)


Is it possible to share wifi with your neighbors over the range of an entire subdivision with these mesh products? Is it possible to broadcast a wifi range across an entire apartment complex to crowd share and lower bills? I never understood why every household pays for their own wifi range, that’s a terrible waste of money.

Kain Sparks says:

This shit wild I’m about to move out and I’m definitely using this instead of traditional WiFi I’m about to show my girlfriend and soon to be roommate this video!

Mustafa Mirza says:

Will it increase the speed?

Joel Duff says:

let me borrow some of that speed haha

Young Tang says:

All of these WiFi gadgets will be obsolete when the 5g comes out.

SharperView says:

never heard of it before today..

Peter Cupitt says:

Great job of explaining without being overly technical. You came across as knowledgible and trustworthy. I would certainly look into both Samsung and Google mesh networks after seeing this video 🙂

Fenson Lin says:

Xiaomi Pocophone???

weasel101 says:

The mesh companies just now got there shit together. Took a long ass time.

deadlyalive says:

I wish my house is 5000 sq ft

Paul James says:

450mb. Well i`m currently getting 8mb. God bless the UK and our shitty internet speeds.

supaahflyy says:

When I got Google wifi, it was the best router I’ve ever used. I’ve had 1 drop out in about 12 months. I used to get the best Netgear, d link routers possible and they are fkn garbage and their range wouldn’t even reach the ends of the house even though they were supposed to be powerful. Mesh wifi is much much better

Lovish Middha says:

What speed test app is this??

Esme Calizo says:

I never knew about this. Thank you.

david w pinkston says:

marketing major?

Vincent says:

what is x and. why you should do y

Web Application Firewall says:

Tried SmartThings but prefer AmpliFi HD system better as a mesh wifi system.

KIWI phillip says:

Is there a monthly bill, or just the one fee?

B. L. R. says:

Thorough, intelligent, thoughtful and fair review. I am so impressed by the great work you turn out time and time again.

franzb69 says:

but what pisses me off is that it’s too expensive, i’d rather install a bunch of cheap access points

nddd nss says:

Zero benfits for someone living in a apartment. I get full bars with my router on 5.0ghz and 2.5ghz. Both are broadcasting on empty channels so I’m getting the best performance possible plus it’s my ISP that’s the bottle neck vs the router itself.

Bennie Mangle Jr. says:

Will the smarthings mesh wifi system work with my Netgear nighthawk router?

Gemarica says:

So actually what Apple was doing with their airport xtreme and airport express for over a decade?

Dominik says:

Xiaomi Pocophone? wow 4:10

Liberty Revolution says:

First I have to get a big house

Bruce G says:

Was wondering if this product allows setup/assigning of Static IP addresses? I’ve got a printer that works best on the network with one. Thanks! Great Review!!

Harris Avaan says:

i love tech.

David Ackley says:

It’s nice to have 1/100th of your download speed on a good day

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