What is Mesh WiFi, and Should You Use it? Ft. Netgear Orbi Tri-Band WiFi System

Mesh WiFi is a buzzword these days, but what does it actually mean, and how does it work? We explain, with some help from the Netgear Orbi Tri-Band Home WiFi System!

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Episode Credits:
Host: Julia Zhang
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Barret Murdock


Lionel Jones says:

Skip to 2:55

JayzBeerz says:

Orbi is not a mesh network. Get your facts straight.

matilija says:

You should probably explain that the mesh clients need to be in a range of the base station that it is receiving a full bandwidth signal so that it can actually expand the network at full speed, if it’s receiving a poor signal from the base station it will suffer similarly to other range extender devices.

Chris Rowlison says:

just a couple things that need to be said, if u have internet that’s on the strong side of 50 meg down or more, then you need to start thinkin about always usin the 5Ghz AC wifi to get ur full speeds all the time on all your devices, that includes, laptops, cell phones, wireless Desktops n other wireless streaming devices, I am tired of people complainin they don’t get their full 100-150 meg down when their on 2.4Ghz N wifi when sometimes they are already using an AC router….

its one thing to have non-tech people not realizing this, but this is a tech channel… tech people need to know better

marble heart says:

Spam number 1.

Terry D. says:

I get to watch an attractive, young woman. What do I care what she’s selling? LOL

Wesley Ferrell says:

She is HOT!!!

kaio oliveira carvalho says:

What if my house is THIRTY square feet?

robbskittles II says:

Will they ever make it to support a 4th satellite?

Theodore Waddell says:

When we mean access point, can we please say *access point* instead of router? Jeez

Andre Adhitya says:


Pabula says:

Ubiquity Access Points >>>>>> Orbi

Osamah Alrasheedi says:

she is hot

Smoking Crop says:

Orbi isn’t even mesh.. just 4 dedicated channels between the orbi’s

jokamutta says:

Where are the videos? :/

Thalisson Muniz says:

ubiquiti unifi it’s preaty easy to use an it’s a lot cheaper

obzen33 says:

mesh shorts

Danny Hewton says:

Julia needs her own channel!

JooJ SilvZ says:

“And because its 2017, The Orbi comes with RGB” I really thought she was going to say it…

Eric Cartman says:

skip ad: 6:23

Fred Randt says:

This is a very common mistake, these are NOT MESH, they are Bridges, the definition of a MESH WLAN is a WLAN that has more then a single path back to the network, the purpose being is that there is no single point of failure. So in order to have a MESH you MUST have two base APs and two APs arranged so your device can see both of the APs. This way you can have any AP go down and still have WLAN connection.

Don'tMaskTruth says:

Ahh, Julia, more happiness you have brought me! With your beautiful voice, more information you have stuffed in my ears. Approves, Yoda does.

UrvineSpiegel says:

You know what else is plug and play? an ethernet cable.

Dexter Chan says:

first world problems network.

Chris D says:

I can’t go another day without the tech neeuuueewwssss!

Pronobesh Banerjee says:

And Another One!

Jesse Janitscheck says:

soon as Philip Defranco got his new office space setup a few weeks ago, they had an obvious ad for this in their vlog.

toysareforboys says:

Ubiquiti FTW <3

Pikatzer says:

should i get this or juicero?

Wbush Bush says:

Thank you so much for explanation

B3bis says:

Td;dr : Mesh is a wifi extender over 5Ghz (so it leaves 2.4Ghz alone), you should use it if you have A LOT OF money to through away to extend your wifi instead of using an extender, only to get a fraction of better speed.

mike says:

Where is my daily news ??? Who’s turn was it !? just go Mr Gray on his ass ,and no more lame excuses . Shame (bell ring) Shame (bell ring) Shame (bell ring) Shame (bell ring) Shame (bell ring) !

Drive Gaming says:

too expensive tho

RandomStuffOffTheInternet says:

who needs a discrete router/AP when you can have a trans-atlatic container in your room to do the same thing but faster !

Naggy says:

Well my Asus RT-AC88U has 500m2 coverage and so is already too op for me and delivers incredible speed and these suckers cost way too much compared to the ac88u.

Katō Danzō says:

When a maaan loves a womaaan… XD

Ray Johnson says:

Julia LOL about commenting here (friends with benefits) you know what that means? LOL

WiseSilverWolf says:

Netgear Orbi > Google Wifi. Its also worth mentioning that Google will collect and sell your browsing data (unless you opt out) while the Netgear Orbi wont and the Netgear Orbi has better hardware specs.

Mike Teague says:

You compared the Orbi mesh to repeaters or adding another router, but where was the comparison to Ubiquiti, TP-Link, Cisco etc WAP’s? I have two TP-Link WAP’s installed on CAT6 off my legacy Netgear router and range and through put are excellent. That’s about $150 of hardware (not covering the CAT cable) to cover 3k square feet which is quite a bit less expensive than these Mesh setups. Thoughts, comments, comparisons?

XDeadzX says:

Man I wish there was some place I could buy the product showcased in this video.

gameflux says:

Cool !

0pTicaL823 says:

So what’s the difference between a mesh and bridge network?

Alex Leclair says:

At a current MSRP of $550 CAD NO THANKS

Dave Dörenberg-Veltman says:

nice device but not the price.

ZW Teo says:


István Szikra says:

Hi friend!

maak says:

Don’t buy Netgear, they have settings in the firmware that collects your internet data and sends it to them. Google if you don’t believe me

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