Unboxing & Performance of a new standard router: the RT-AX88U | ASUS

Want to see the most advanced WiFi in the world?  
ASUS has one of the first 802.11ax routers available and you can see it right now.
Witness the true 802.11ax speed!

Learn more about ASUS RT-AX88U at: https://www.asus.com/Networking/RT-AX88U/


Ted Stranix says:

What’s the real-world range of the AX on this router? I heard the Netgear AX8 has pretty bad range.

chrcoluk says:

You really need a new design team, all your ROG products and now your routers look like they designed by a school child, all the sharp triangular shaped ridges etc. like a military bomber or something, we not all FPS gamers.

If you feel this gains you customers, maybe it does, but its also losing you customers, I will never buy a router looking like that, #i suggest having a legacy alternative design on your products available for purchase..

Misha Veiss says:

Асус нах вы добавили авто клаву

haloharry97 says:

I was going to buy this if it has 10gbps Lan ports, looks like I will have to wait another year.

Persojet says:

Why not just have few 10G ports on it so you could use that capacity?

Johnny Five says:

Looks a lot like the Netgear R9000 Nighthawk. I see a lawsuit in the making. Definitely interested in the upgrade, though. Does it run on ASUSWRT type firmware, and what about the router on the ASUS site, the “ROG Rapture GT-AX11000” that has been “coming soon” for ever? I was kinda holding out for that one. Honestly, if you all are not going to put it on sale any time soon, perhaps you should just stop teasing consumers and take it off the site.

ishb3w says:

1. He said 2.5GHz instead of 2.4GHz.
2. He said that AC ran at 1.1GBps instead of 1.1Gbps.
3. I don’t own one yet, nor does my local ISP offer gigabit speeds.

Tom B says:

Hmmmm thks for the info. I was considering the ASUS RT-AC88U. ?Could you terse comparison ac, ad, & ax wifi routers and why multiple standard came about or are needed? Thks again

Anonymous Gamer says:

@ASUS . how will current devices benefit from this AX router??? they need ax compatible hardware, what’s the point of buying this now, when there is no compatible devices??? these speeds being advertised are only theoretical

opendebate says:

Most high-end consumer routers are going beyond 1 Gbps ethernet and WiFi. Meanwhile world average internet bandwidth is still way below 50 Mbps. So basically we pay for the features we aren’t going to use, at least not for another 5 years.

Jeremy says:

Router industry should get bumped. What on earth are they doing? So stupid.

John L says:

I really enjoyed looking at the bottom- very informative!


Another awesome thing that I can’t afford

Thomas Andersen says:

Are there comming any new Asus cm?? Router/modem with ax and wpa3 support in 2019? With docsis 3.1

Thomas Andersen says:

Is there Coming wpa3 support fore the Asus rt-ac86u / rt-ax88u ??

Jeremy says:

why 3 ports?

Klaus Christiansen says:

It’s a thing not a he.

Miroslav Oblas says:

It’s great to be the 1st to adopt a new tech (802.11ax), but your demonstration shows, that you messed up big time by not including 10gbe lan port(s) for hardwired connection (like nighthawk x10). BTW you should review your videos more carefully – at the end your guy said that that ac transfer speeds were 1,1gigabytes per second instead of gigabits or 130 megabytes

Hack Punjabi says:

dont buy #Asus Product i am buy asus zenfone max pro after 2 month my phone is ded but Care Center not replace my phone now my 13000 rupee is lost for buy Asus phone dont buy pleas

cheaterproject says:

A new era has begun!

vatinonstop says:

I love this

Christian B says:

Just jump 802.11ay

Paolo Rolfo says:

Asus whatTF are you doing? this a advertising spot not a performance test!

Andrea Mitchell says:

but how does it work? is it the hardware or could a high end AC router be firmware upgraded to use AX? how much processing power does iit need? could my RT AC5300 get a AX firmware upgrade some day or will it become obsolete? will the processor be too slow to handle it?

Rodrigo De Triano says:

i just got mine, but im struggling to set it up on my 2012 Macbook Pro

MystoryPaco says:

can this be wall mounted?

Tim Andersen says:

they are too close together can cause interference and unrealiable tests on wifi

TheRulleskoejten says:

just ordered myne yesterday, cant wait to get this bad boy up and running

Misha Veiss says:


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