Ubiquiti Amplifi HD Review – Is It The Best Wifi Router?

Ubiquiti is a company known for enterprise-level wireless systems. Today we’re looking at their $299 mesh wireless router called the Amplifi HD. This is a very elegant system that is easy to setup and use. The app is polished and also easy to use. The Amplifi App is probably one of the best wifi router apps I’ve seen even though it lacks some advanced options.

This kit comes with a main router and two mesh access points. Each access point simply plugs into the wall and has a magnetic antenna that can be easily positioned for the best reception.

I compared this system to my existing TP-Link Archer C5400 wireless router and it did pretty well. The Amplifi HD has great coverage but lacked the raw speed of the TP-Link router. If coverage is more important than speed to you then this might be a good option. It doesn’t have the advanced features of a high-end router but it works well for someone who is looking for something simple and effective.

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Amit Himani says:

Ubiquiti Unifi UAP‑AC‑PRO with Ubiquiti EdgeRouter or Or Obi is the best way to go.

Evan Asher says:

Love these vids! Keep up the great work!

andrew sochowski says:

Nice…. I would lend you my orbi mesh ac3000 setup but… I kinda need it… It would be interesting to see what speeds are since it supports mumimo

John Kurc says:

Arrrrrghh. I am SO ENVIOUS of your GigaBit speeds.

Anton Tan says:

Great vid! Very helpful

David Allen says:

Good review. I’m looking for a good wireless setup for my home. Thanks for sharing this one.

Ashneal Lal says:

Thanks for the review. I didn’t expect the comparison with the TP Link router, but it was very insightful.

Matt Cavallo says:

Bro count yourself lucky with these speeds. In australia i am currently getting 3mbps. Thats not a typo…. 3!

The Scott Sattler says:

Great video Majestechs! You really put it thru it’s paces. Cool tech

Edward Dolezal says:

How does it handle gaming?

adrian97c says:

I dodged a bullet, thx for showing how trashy this thing is. I have a nighthawk r7000(AC1900) & recently added WiFi security cameras on outside of my home… they keep losing connection. I need a router that can push further out. Your router seems legit.

Luis Acevedo says:

I definitely won’t give up that tp-link

TheHelicapt says:

Question about upgrading. I have a lot of devices connected to my current WiFi. If I upgrade to a mesh or any other system can I use the same SSD name and wont have to reprogram all my devices to the new WiFi ? What’s the easiest way to go about it. ?

Jared Braun says:

I’ve had this product for about 6 months now and absolutely love it. I had amped wireless top end router before but didn’t nearly have the distance CE this one has. I also have a lot of my band width still even at the furthest end of my house. I also have a detached garage and get good signal in the garage as well.

Yuri Miloslavsky says:

Great high quality review

Shwt1me 818 says:


Patrick Burnett says:

I’ve been looking for a good solution for my parents-in-laws house when it comes to wifi coverage. They live in Brazil and the house is made of brick and concrete (all interior and exterior walls). Using one centrally located Linksys router isn’t a good solution because it doesn’t allow for good coverage. It is an older model by this point (installed a couple years ago) so would you recommend the Ubiquiti product or the TP-Link (completely understanding that you have no hands on experience with my parents-in-laws house lol). Just looking to give them better wifi coverage.

mcjay669 says:

You need to make more videos!

Mark Stanchin says:

Top notch review

Lee J says:

just purchase Google WiFi system on 3500 +sq ft: get 100 to 110 Mbps on every level, increase streaming speeds

Kyle Veatch says:

You are always going to loose bandwidth on mesh because it needs to allocate bandwidth for the backbone of all the access points talking to each other. Unless you can hardwire your nodes to Ethernet like you can on the Google WiFi routers then you won’t loose any bandwidth.

Dilly Turbo says:

360p what is this!!

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