TP-Link C3150 and C3200: Multimedia vs. Gaming Routers

You may have seen different routers as being marketed towards “multimedia” or “gaming” purposes, but what does that actually mean? Jack takes a look at one from each camp to explain what features they have in common, and what distinguishes them from each other.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Barret Murdock


l2emove says:

Okay, I know this is am old video, but I really hope you can reply and answer my question. I can’t find it anywhere : so here it goes!

If I have 20down/3up kinda fast where I live, but it’s slow for me 🙁 but its expensive here $55 a month for just that. In my house there are 10-12 devices connected fam of 4, but we have 2 iPhones each or 2 androids each a laptop, Apple TV and ps4. If I were to buy an ac2600 Mimo would it help out if I were to put 5down and 2up on ps4 and with and give everyone else the 15down 1up that’s left and not lag anymore in my games?

Centurion.F72 says:

so…Can I use the” non gaming”router for gaming?

Nico Lay says:

buy a few of unifi ap ac lite and thank me later

Wayne Richter says:

I enjoyed this show but in the end the fact remains, buy whatever router you think fits your needs the best (and stuff everybody else who lives with you). There is very little to choose between these two so opt for the cheaper option.

Thomas Olsen says:

TP-link AC3200/Archer C3200 does not support MU-MIMO as you say in your video.

Michael van Staveren says:

NO MU-MIMO on the TP-Link Archer C3200 you tool.

CoffeeJunkie says:

500 GIGAHERTZ !!!!!!!!

Isszarya says:

Dont laugh but if you want to send a strong wifi signal first of all cardboard and some tinfoil, make into a u shape and put it behind your suplied router see wifi increase

0pTicaL823 says:

ASUS RT-AC88U all day, 8 gigabit ports and all the bells and whistles. Don’t see the point of splitting up the 5GHz channels into two bands, sounds like marketing to me.

Thomas Hibbard says:

Since I have a high-end internet plan, my ISP gives me a dual-band modem/router that works just fine for me, even though it’s only me, I do have many devices hooked up to it wired though external switches, etc. along with smartphones and laptops wirelessly and it all seems to work just fine for me.

Erikas Rudinskas says:

I actually prefer TP-LINK over netgear for one simple reason – TP-LINK provides support for Linux, while netgear does not.

And this is the reason why I bought TP-LINK router instead of netgear router – to support the company which supports Linux. 🙂

bronevik03 says:

Оба аппарата отличные.

Manuel Dissette says:

Here in Italy connections >20 mbps are a fiber connection…. And you there have 1000 mbps? Wtf

Gameysam Plays says:

fiber FTW

Brendan Hillman says:

I’ve got a Linksys EA7500 AC1900 Dual Band MU-MIMO (Marketing Ploy Trick BS! Lol) It’s not the prettiest design but it fly’s always good ping, speeds, and signal throughput in a older single story medium-ish sized home. I got it free otherwise I’d most likely gone D-LINK awesome aesthetics with the Futuristic UFO looking design as well as being cheap, depending on the model pretty good performance etc.

dejan says:

Anyone have those routhers i want to know how good it penetrate walls and what signal can i get also Ping time

cacarey01 says:

beam forming is not directional

Joey Pagala says:

i bought archer c9 2 days ago it dont have a bandwidth control QOS is shit dont buy new TPLINK router specially the New Blue Logo

tigerbalm says:

Routers are the BIGGEST tech SCAM ever created! I can get gps signals miles away…but can’t get 20mbps wireless 30 feet away!

Jarb2104 says:

My route got cranky

namornam says:

Thumbs up for Import Bible shirt!

Potato Missing says:

i stopped watching NCIX because of his beard. Thanks for shaving it, i can watch again finally

dali aljene says:

eveyone who reads this , kill yourselves

Knusperkeks 4 says:

Intro song ?

gameflux says:

Cool !

Dr Axton says:

The gaming router looks like a sacrificial altar.

Soylent Daveage says:

OK, Props on the DX intro music reference…

Jordan McLeod says:

aside from the antenna difference, are there any others? I’m using the 5ghz band on the c3150 (im the only one on it) using a hardwired gtx 1080 system and cant get a perfect 1080p stream in the moonlight app. Is there a gaming feature that would really make a difference in 1080p?

Gabriel Aguilar says:

Can your router do this? Can your router do that? Can your router pull this, out its little hat…?

zokhaino says:

I had the C3150 for almost a month in use every day and I really liked it. Very fast and stable.

PixelSlayer TV says:

The new Netger routers have a total off 7gbit/s wifi and a 10gbit/s port

M J says:

Want to buy fast and compatible router for gaming ? Look no further at and choose the best router.

Rob Gibb says:

rip ncix

David Cogswell says:

Nothing to do with gaming. Ping time and latency is what’s important for gamers and gaming routers. Nice click bait though…smh.

Luis Tejada says:

I was okay with this review until he said both have MU-MIMO which is not true. 1:06

Salman Humayun says:

AC3200 does not have MU-MIMO

Fathin Luqman Tantowi says:

tplink srsly? what about cisco and ubiquiti

Aich Pamular says:

I was expecting that you would test this router in gaming and show us that it will still have low ping time while downloading multiple torrents and playing multiple 4k videos. That is the only time you can say that this is a gaming router.

Witness :| says:

Gaming router can be described in one word. “Bullshit” people need to know that they won’t get a higher internet speed or stable connection, it depends on your ISP and its plans.
The only benefit you get from these routers is a good fast local network for streaming movies or games and you can find all the needed features in any router, not above 100$.

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