TP-Link AC750 Wireless Travel Router Review TL-WR902AC

TP-Link AC750 Wireless Travel Router Review TL-WR902AC
This is a great solution for students to make their own Wi-Fi hotspot in their student room or digs.

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Szymon Próchniewski says:

Hello Can I conect usb modem to this router?

Spectoral says:

So, no SIM card slot then?

Jerry Loewen says:

There are several questions here that are not completely answered. I must add that I have not received mine yet but doing research and reading the manual I have found that with this travel router you can:
1) Connect it to a wired connection and use it as a regular router with connecting your devices wirelessly.
2) Connect it to a wifi network wirelessly and connect your devices to it wirelessly (like in a motel room supplied wifi where there is no hardwire ethernet).
3) Also connect it to an existing wifi network wirelessly and plug in a device into the LAN port of this router for a wired access.
4) It does work to connect a hard drive to it and have access to the files from connected devices (NAS setup)

Karol Stopinski says:

Can this be used to just extend a private network (like 192.168..) so instead of plugging my pc to a port i can connect this into the port and set it up so that my pc will connect to that network via wifi and this router? or will those two network be separated completely?

Grahame Feltis says:

It is a rOUTer, pronounced as in OUT (put OUT the cat), not a rOOTer, as in ROOT of a plant.

pablo lamont says:

Hi, thanks for the information. I have a question, which 4G usb modems would you recommend for the ac750? Thank you very much .

ooo ooo says:

Cool but I’d like to see more of the configuration process.

Ruhul Amin says:

I actually find it creepy how something I look at on Amazon turns up on your channel soon after

XxDo0msDayxX 123 says:

Is this a modem???

shadeyg56 says:

Can I connect this to straight to WiFi to extend it or must it be hard wired in to extend it?. I need this product to be able to get Ethernet in my house that’s in a different room than my router and modem without having to run cables through the walls. Thanks in advance

Darren Gator says:

Now that is a small router, seems like a great little device to have while traveling, I wonder how much smaller they will make these!

Gaby Martinez says:

Do I need cell signal to set this up?

Barut Tech says:

can i plug in android ethernet theterng with usb

pavel1632 says:

What is the difference with tp-link mr3020?
Mr3020 is VERY OLD router of tp-link

adamh177 says:

Does this work as a NAS drive.


So say if I don’t have wifi, can I use this to create a wifi signal?

Leszek Lesner says:

I prefer the older model of this which supports free and opensource software like openwrt.
Lets the user take control of the device instead of being controlled by it.

TheAVJedi says:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for another great vid, Do you know if you can connect an iPhone to this via USB and enable hotspot on the phone to feed the TP Link with internet?

Richard De Clercq says:

Is it possible to connect a USB hard drive and access data over the network, also would it be possible to use a small USB hub and have hard drive and 4g dongle connected at same time

Nathan Tran says:

Hi. I just bought a new Smart TV and a new PS4, both are unable to connect to the Campus Wifi since it need a Username and a password. Would this Router helps to solve my problem?

Mike Boyea says:

Very basic which you can find in the directions! Be great if you could show how to set up and access for hotels etc. I can’t get logged in the website http:\ can you help?

leonalynnloves says:

I need a device to connect me to wifi while my phone is in airplane mode when I’m traveling abroad. Don’t need to be connected to wifi while in a hotel/at home, mostly when I’m out and about and may need to get an Uber. Would you recommend this device for that purpose?

NX says:

So can I use this while I am on the subway?

Alex Lora says:

Instead of the dongle, can i connect the smartphone?

Fast Fizzi says:

Not first

JL says:

How much power does it consume? I’m thinking of using a powerbank to power this while travelling. Great video!

Mehmet Houssein says:

Im staying in a hotel for a few months, with this router would I be able to connect to the WiFi Wirelessly (without ethernet, as the hotel room doesn’t have ethernet cables in the roomd) and then connect an ethernet from the router to another device?

Daniel Damirez says:

Thanks for the info.

LifezLife says:

Is there a monthly plan to this where you pay to get a limited amount of data or does it work straight out of the box unlimited?

IIIllllIIIIlllll says:

Is this worth the price difference from the TL-WR802N? Planning to use on a 7-night cruise to share a single device license among multiple devices.

Alvaro Nino says:

Can you pair this up with a data dongle and creat a wifi hotspot ????? Asking cause I have this one it says you can but I have not been successful



Conan says:

Would you recommend buying one of these to put at my office desk and connecting it to my already existing router as an extender. Then plugging an ethernet directly from my laptop into this.
Or would you say buying a Dual Band Wireless Adapter would be more suitable? My main aim is to get faster speeds at the other side of the house without having the option of an Ethernet cable running through the whole house
(my laptop doesnt have dual band wireless card although when advertised it was meant to have one)
Currently im getting very unstable speeds on my 2.4ghz channel yet my iPhone has a very stable and fast speed on the 5ghz

over00lord Unknown says:

TP-Link AC750 plus the TP-LINK TL-WN722N plus a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ = An amazing pwn pot… (Honey Pot)

Dio Ticunuwu says:

So im planning to buy this one and feed it the internet from data dongle. So that i can use it as wifi for my smartphone and also use ethernet cable to feed internet to my laptop from this router. Is this possible?

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