Top 5 Wireless Tri Band Routers 2017| Best Gaming Tri Band Router Review | 2.4Ghz Gaming Router

Here is our review of the best wireless tri band routers/gaming routers:

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1. ASUS RT-AC5300 Review:

This ASUS tri band router is a dual 5GHz and a single 2.4 GHz router. Max throughput of 5334 Mbps can be achieved with the latest 802.11ac 4×4 technology. (5000 sq ft coverage!) MU-MIMO tech allows all clients to connect at the fastest possible speed, everytime. This router is connected with built in acces to WTFast Gamers Private Network (GPN) will ensure very low stable ping for gaming. You can feel safe with our AiProtection powereed by Trend Micro for multi stage protection when switching between 2.4 and 5GHz bands. ASUS Ranked “Highest Customer Satisfaction with Wireless Routers in the U.S.”– J.D. Power

2. Linksys AC5400 Review:

To eliminate buffering and lag in your gaming and other online activities, Linksys offers this Tri Band WiFi router with a dedicated high speed band. Ten times faster than standard ethernet thanks to 8Gb ports for wired connections to Smart TVs, Printers, Consoles and more. max Stream Routers can be paired with Extenders for Seamless Roaming, Switching your device automatically to the strongest WiFi signal whenever you are roaming. Advanced Security features WPA/WPA2 encryption and SPI firewall help keep your network safely connected

3. NETGEAR Nighthawk Review:

Uninterrupted streaming is yours with the Netgear Nighthawks 3.2 Gbps WiFi speed. More devices can get Wi Fi thanks to the new Tri Band technology. 6 antennas and powerful amps will have your whole house covered with signal, guaranteed. Now we can also connect to the best wifi available while you are walking around your home. Focuses Wi-Fi signals to get stronger connections for all mobile devices. the 1GHz dual core processor boosts performance without you having to lift a finger, making it an ideal gaming router. Free ReadySHARE Vault app gives you auto backup for windows USB storage devices, and NetGear Genie – easy to install and personal dashboard to control and monitor your home network.

4. Asus RT-AC3200 Review:

Smart Connect automatically selects and implements the best band for all your wireless devices, based on the individual capabilities and demands of the devices. The new built in USB ports allow for faster data transfer over a wired network, up to 10 times faster than ethernet! ASUSWRT graphical user interface allows for super easy network setup and full control over everything that is going on in your personal and home networks. Trend Micro protection with triple strength security means you do not have to worry about privacy.

5. TP-Link AC5400 Review:

4-Stream and NitroQAM technology means that this TP-Link AC5400 can put out 5400Mbps Wi-Fi speeds over 2 5GHz bands and 1 2.4 GHz band. Multiple User support means faster Wi Fi for every user, every time. Built in 1.4GHz dual-core CPU and 3 co-processors means uninterrupted High Speed connections whenever you need it. Share filed, music and video all around your network with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports.

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