Top 5 Wi-Fi Routers (2017)

With so many products in your home or business requiring internet connectivity its becoming more important to have a wireless router that can handle those increased demands. So, in this video we will countdown the Top 5 Wi-Fi Routers that are available today. To have made this list these routers must at least offer dual band radios using 2.4 and 5Ghz, supporting the latest wireless protocols and features. These Wi-Fi routers will be able to handle all your wireless needs including streaming of TV shows and movies, online multiplayer gaming, and your other internet connected requirements in your home or business.


D-Link AC1200 Wi-Fi Router
Linksys EA7500 Max-Stream AC1900 MU-MIMO Gigabit Router
TP-Link Talon AD7200 Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router
D-Link AC5300 Ultra Wi-Fi Router
Asus RT-AC88U Dual-Band Router

Best Cable Modems 2017:

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MJT Free Time says:

We have a 200 something dollar router and it’s the nighthalk x4s. We have about 10 – 20 devices and even 25 – 30 at one point and I only get about 10 – 20 Mbps download and about 5 upload. We chose the bundle for around $80 – $120with xfinity (not having all channels & slower wifi) and I’m our area there is a 1000 Mbps option. We could get the 1000 Mbps option for $109 a month PLUS separately get the TV channels for another $50 – $100 a month. And by the way I do gaming in multiplayer games like minecraft and every time I play it gets very slow and laggy and frozen. Do you think that we should get the 1000 Mbps option and the TV separately for another $50 – $100? Sorry I know this is very long but thank you so much for your help!

Ronnie Laniohan says:

I have asus Rt Ac66u is it necessary to upgrade

JPG Clan says:

nice good vid

Heinzkitz Velvet says:

I have an ancient Arris CM820A modem and the cheapest Linksys E1200 router imaginable. I pay for 20Mbs from Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) internet and I’m running 14 LG Music Flow Wi-Fi speakers in my home for a total of 760 watts of musical playback power. My question is, why do I keep having so much trouble with throughput? Either the router or the modern or both are throttling my speeds down to 1-2 Mbs and I have to unplug the router for 10 seconds and restart it. It works for awhile and throttles again.

I realize 14 separate Wi-Fi speakers will require huge amounts of power, but one of the speakers is hardwired to the router as recommended by LG and the speakers create their own mesh network with one another. So not knowing anything super techie, how could the throughout be effected so much when the router isn’t really doing the heavy Wi-Fi lifting? As long as my throughout is stable, the speaker system is rock solid, so I guess it’s a question of how to stabilize throughput. Obviously, I want a strong new modem as listed on your best modems video, and I have a total hard on for the D-Link AC3200. But even to hunt deals and buy them used, I’m still looking at $250-350 and damn that is steep for me. I’ve got a little over $1500 in these speakers and I want to be able to enjoy them. Is there anything else at all I can do to stabilize throughput with my existing gear?

Honey Bunz says:

I love TechGumbo!

Alzify says:

What’s the fastest cheap router

Craig Peters says:

Very informative videos, this one and the companion video on modems.

Here in Idaho, I have CenturyLink as my ISP with their modem/router combo I purchased within the past year or two. How would I go about replacing the C1100Z combo unit with a matching pair from these videos? Since CenturyLink wasn’t mentioned in this video, how can I determine if any of these would work properly with my current DSL service?

Mark Gareth FernandeZ says:

this is very informative. i love this channel

LadyLexiBeauty says:

So which is fastest??? It is my understanding that this list is on OVERALL Performance…i just want the fastest lol

Hafiz Faraz Mukhtar says:

No.2 router looks like ‘Faisal Mosque’

francisco j hernandez says:

hey i wich wifi router do you recomending me for streaming anime and play online video games plus games on my cellphone?

j88lole says:

I currently have the cox ultimate package with up to 300 Mbps download • Up to 30 Mbps upload • 1024 GB data plan so with that being said if price is not a issue what do you recommend?

Peter Harper says:

Someone likes D-Link a lot……

Twenty one doods says:

So I’m trying to get a rounder for Christmas and the budget is probably about 200 or under what should I get that’s fast for PS4 downloads and playing games also how many could connect before it gets slow?

Tom Fitzsimmons says:

I want to know What is the best for wireless security, not mention here

Parag Kadam says:

Awesome Video.
U really gave a splendid speech.
I like ur videos.
upload more.

LadyLexiBeauty says:

Netgear AC 1750 802.11ac no good after all?

Bill Gonzalez says:

what do you think about the mesh systems or to be more direct. what’s you opinion on netgear orbi and Google wifi or erros systems?

pickle_Rick says:

whats the use of removable antennas

Genius Freak says:

I don’t think ASUS can make a good router its no there specialist D-link & TP-link are the best for routers!

Andrey V says:

Theres really no point on spending more than $150 on a router unless you’re paying for high speeds.. I bought a $200 asus router and my internet is 50 mb/s upload so the router was complete overkill

francisco j hernandez says:

ok I see thanks

ivan ojeda says:

And asus ac5300

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