The Netgear Orbi might just be the best Wi-Fi system to date

CNET editor Dong Ngo shows off how much he likes the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi system in a way that we can all relate to.


jpthsd says:

$400 for wifi system and easy entry for some uninvited guest on your network?

Seymore Butts says:

Dong has reached legendary status with this video! I tip my hat to you! Well played.

Martin Ahlander says:

But the price, OMG!!

Pinoy Panaguiton says:

dong ngo love u boi

Roger Medina says:

Not need for this, its just a router with an extender.

solopolo says:

Dong Ngo talking about orgies, simply irresistible!

Manoj Iyer says:

“Maybe you should move into a smaller homeeee”… pause…. ORGY 😀 !!!

Jason Thompson says:

Costco has a three unit system for 399.00 i got it and it works great!

Kokomo Loop says:

netgear orbi or netgear nighthawk ×10. which one is better? for gaming and coverage wise

David Shen says:


saber zaid says:

can you advice if this better or onhub in terms of speed connection and gaming etc

vogaming says:

Cnet i just want to ask you what would be the best thing for me to get if i want to play games without lag and download games fast orbi or the nighthawk x10??

Qasim Mustafa Ali says:

Did they pay you to convince people of buying $400 * 2 for routers + extender? Many of your reviews were honest but not this one

DigikidForever says:

Needs to work on his English a bit more.

Mervyn Jordan says:

Can you really say that word in a review? That was very cool. Lol.


Dong is da man!

ckhang says:

He got me when he said an orgy wifi system.

R9 says:

I bet his son’s name is Shlong

Sid Blair says:

Dong, the Orbi was no longer the best for me since after 7 months it began dropping Wi-Fi and after a month of rebooting the system after arriving home to see the dreaded “Amber Ring,” I returned it to Microcenter where I purchased it and moved to the Linksys Velop. So far the Velop has been excellent and it was easier to set up than Orbi. I have been reading the Netgear support threads for Orbi and I was not alone with this problem. However, it looks like Netgear released a new firmware update to eliminate the problem, but that last month was so bad that I would never consider getting another Netgear Orbi system. Additionally, free phone support is for 90 days only and then you have to pay for it, In contrast, Linksys provides 3-year tech support and limited warranty. Also the last few times that I used Netgear support, the technicians were very rude, and one even hung up on me. Has anyone else encountered the WiFi drop with their Orbi system in the last month or so?

nikkyo34 says:

erro v orbi

wackid says:

I guess this is the same device which Google will introduce?

Stubrok says:

lol that guy is hilarious

riggsmed says:

You make the best reviews I’ve ever seen. I’m going to watch your reviews now on the stuff I’m not interested in just to see the review.

Brian Tate says:

DONG IS THE MFn MAN!!!!!!!! Great review!

Angel Estrada says:

dont need it, its a router with an extender.

Wayne P says:

just what I’ve always wanted to see on YouTube – a routeur a trois

Hitlery Rotten Crackhead says:


vogaming says:

And could i use the orbi and the nighthawk x 10 toghether if i get both?

umira mustafa says:

sir,on your opinion.,which one better, orbi or luma? in terms of performance especially.


orgy with the Dong

jetski Dex says:

Dong Ngo is a national treasure

Akshaj Mundada says:

I like this guy.

J Tanashi says:

WTF did he say???????????

robbskittles II says:

I set up Netgear CM 1000 cable modem, Netgear ORBI wifi router, and 3 ORBI Satellites. My wifi interwebs are the best I have ever seen hands down… looking forward to setting up Comcast 1gb speed, but I am content for now. Does anyone know how many satellites can you add to ORBI router?

skyserf says:

“You can add up to 2 additional units but I don’t recommend it because it’s too expensive. Maybe you should get a cheaper house…… I have 3!!!!”

Kuniaki Tran says:

Like the system but it’s just an eye sore compared to the rest

kernalrom says:

Great job!

Cable Smart Solutions, Inc says:

This mesh networking type stuff needs to be in more homes & as time goes by the price point should drop to more affordable prices.

John Salazar says:

I noticed that the second unit also has cat5 ports on the back. Can it be connected to the network via cable enhancing its performance?

Secondly I understand that the advantage to these is that your device automatically connects to the one with the strongest signal, but would not a couple of Ubiquiti Networks PRO Access Point (UAP-AC-PRO-US) be a better choice for heavy wifi households?

Pepper Williams says:

Cool Dong! “Cam On”

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