The Fastest WiFi I’ve Tested…

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Ubiquiti AmpliFi WiFi –

This mesh WiFi system aims to blanket WiFi signal across large spaces up to 20,000 square feet. This tech works by adding mesh points throughout the space ensuring solid, unobstructed connectivity. I’ve tested many WiFI systems here in the Unbox Therapy studio and nothing has come close to this in terms of speed with my current connection.

From the manufacturer –

AmpliFi is more than a common home router: it’s the ultimate Wi-Fi system. With turbocharged 802.11AC Wi-Fi, AmpliFi utilizes multiple self-configuring radios and advanced antenna technology to bring ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage to any home.

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7etr0 Gamer says:

Idk anything about wifi so what is a good speed for wifi

Pilot404 says:

Mediacom and our ASUS router give us 1000 Mbps download and 80 Mbps upload

Distrack says:

2:06 I didn’t expect a camera wearing shoes

creamy memer says:

3:53 “I don’t even need to say it” after he says it 3 times

MikeV says:

400Mb/s upload and download wifi in The Netherlands with a normal router :P, 600Mb/s up/down cable

SmoOoKzZ iI says:

Or use Ethernet instead 🙂

Petronaum says:

Cmon babes your wifi couldnt be worse than this <3, i mean like no booster LOL what a waste of money

Teamblubz says:

Here in canada we use wifi routers to send and give out connections

charbel coc says:

My connection speed is 0.48 Mbps

Diamond Dash says:

Netgear get to 80 to 100!!!!!!! It is better

Jamuna Prasai says:

stupis video

FrozenSoulHD says:

My internet is faster, the fastest i’ve ever got is 200 download 50 upload

Marcus nilszen says:

lol i have 300 mb/s without the ethernet cable

The Traveler 074 says:

I just tested and my download speed is unknown

Vinayak Maraj says:

My WiFi is 450 Download and 275 upload

Jericho : says:

I need this, mine is only 2mb by 1mb

Michael Endrias says:

My internet run 845 mbps. How are you even a techie

Best Bosz says:

In Romania, Internet is cheap, fast, and secure (or not), i am using a standard router, and i have 79 mb/s… Some have even 500-600 mb/s. My ethernet is made of optical fiber (i dont even know what it is)

Stanley says:

I was thinking: Best WiFi?.. I need it!

But I have 3000mbps here and i only payed €20,- ( 23.06$ ) for the router.
No extra costs for the internet/WiFi itself.

Now I’m sad 🙁

Mine Needy Shows Plays says:


jazzboy7 says:

The wifi I have gets me around 100mps… With a good amount of devices

Cryptic PvP says:

oh cmon i get 250 mb/s download speed, 11 ping, and 50 mb/s upload speed

MrRonski says:

If you had optical fibre wifi the downloand speed could be 1gb/s

zombiewack says:

So u need a monthly subscription with a carrier right?

Kesler Plays says:

Cough cough 175mbs

Pinball Boiis says:

My router provided with my internet gives me 160Mbs on the wifi

Chris Bloem says:

Guys im thinking of upgrading from linksys ea2700. Would this be a good upgrade? worth it?. And does it connect to universal repeaters? dont have cash for mesh antennas atm.

Isaac Blyton says:

Am I in the 1%? Ethernet cables for the win!

oreosss says:

wait, is this internet one time pay? or no

TTStyle says:

I feel sorry for my pc. Pc with good specs has to use shitty 9mbps down and 0.8mbps up. If there’s more than one person using it at a time, your speed will drop below 5mbps. Thank you Australia, you’ve made a great wifi experience for me.

James M says:

Definitely way better than that Google Wi-Fi it puts out for Grandma.

Eric Cardona says:

So you need pre existing wifi which you pay monthly.. then pay 400 for this to make it go faster?

Flips N Tricks says:

If I had one of these,my dad would be like”TOUCH IT AND YOU FUCKIN DIE” he doesn’t like it when people touch the router even tho when’s he’s fixing it he’s like “oh I left my phone” *smacks over the router* “oh lemme set that back up” *throws router against wall*

Me: ;-;

KEEP OUT says:

dude … you’re funny… come to Romania 😉

DLRS xShotzz says:

I’m in the uk and and I get average 120mbs with virgin media

GD ToXicus says:

Yeah and this costs how much again

Cesar Martinez says:

Here in Perú we use llamas to send messages. Faster than NASA’s WiFi

Axel Enkvist says:

My mobile data is 45 mb/s

MiSt PRoXiMiTY says:

I have gigabyte soooooooooo

Gravel Hater says:

Broo i have 1 mb per second !!!!!!!!!!

TeLeKiNeTiK YT says:

So I have a 10mgb internet plan. If I get one of these how much would it increase ?

Aidan Roberts says:

….. that’s it?

Excige says:

350 dollars

Abdiqani Sharif says:

How much do you pay each month for the internet?

Lăbarul Flexibil says:

My download is 100mb and upload 87 and i use a regular router..

zapper071 says:


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