THE BEST Wireless Router for Home Security?

Looking for the best wireless router? Whether you’re a gamer a YouTuber security should be at the top of your list. The F-Secure Sense is a smart home Wi-Fi router with a built-in firewall.

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Andru Edwards says:

Absolutely – people are sleeping on home security as it pertains to their networks and all the new smart home gear we are seeing! Something like this protects the low-hanging fruit hackers can use to get in.

Anthony Rail says:

There are so many choices for DIY security now but Armorax is an awesome, affordable solution. I’ve been with them for about a year now and I love my system. It’s really easy to use.

Velinion says:

I twitched every time you said “it has a built-in firewall” – just about every router in the market has a built-in firewall. It’s a standard feature! The Sense is different in that it is a “smart” firewall that tries to make its own decisions rather than needing to be manually configured. It’s an cool idea, but most of the techniques it uses (Mac address filtering, firewall, etc) are bog standard on routers.
It’s the same for the firmware – just about every router has upgradable firmware. You just need to look into the admin interface, click “check for update” or similar, “update” and then wait 2 minutes without internet while the router updates and reboots.
Automating all this IS convenient, but the idea of the router and not me deciding when my network goes down for a minute to upgrade makes my inner system admin twitchy.
Still, for the users that have no idea a router HAS an admin interface, and have therefore never installed a single security patch, this router is EXACTLY what they need. Unfortunately, they usually get their routers from their ISPs, and will probably never know this exists.

Christopher H says:

4:20? I knew it!

Emily Delgado says:


robertsmooth says:

Great video Armando. What is the range of the router ? Thanks.

Max Zip says:

Get an apollo twin

Stavros Pachoundakis says:

Or buy kaspersky

Genius X says:

Incredible and awesome as always

hey daisy says:

This is a game changer! Thanks!

WolvenSpectre says:

If you have to pay a third party to be able to configure or manage your router its not your router and it is not secure.

Blackhawk 247 says:

I think this tutorial should also include the fact that the USB port is not functional as of yet. Meaning no network printer connection is possible using this USB port. I was not very happy to learn this AFTER purchasing the router.

Omkar Thali says:

thnks bro !

voice of truth says:

Home security!

Soul Tech says:

SuperLike for you

Stephen D says:

Internet of things is a big security issue. Not very high on the priority list for manufacturers. Which is surprising seeing that these connected devices are often the weak point in a home network.

Gabril Avramov says:

Amm… my old Linksys/Cisco routet has a firewall and I can monitor what devices are connected from my phone wherever I am and block them if I want… for free. I don’t see anything new here. Thanks for the infomercial.

Grayson Peddie says:

I don’t want to pay for a subscription. Besides, why bother with that device while you could get an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 5-POE Router and a UniFi AP-AC Wireless Access Point? Then just put all your IoT devices in a separate VLAN and deny Internet access for all IoT devices! Besides, I do not want devices that require me to have a cloud account; besides, all the IoT devices should just be able to talk to one another inside VLAN, whether it be Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, or UPB, Insteon, or Bluetooth. This is where Home Assistant comes in that will interact with the kind of home automation devices.

If I want to access Home Assistant remotely, I can either use VPN or Let’s Encrypt (HTTPS)+port forwarding.

Home Assistant:

Soulless leftover! says:

Oh yeah, because getting spied by the AV company is better. If you want security for your home devices, than simply don’t connect them to the internet.

waf4545 says:

Subscription = deal breaker

Shevon Salmon says:

This video is so smooth from the information down to the visuals. Love it!

Ohhelen says:

Super cool video! Well done!

TechDeserve says:

Nice one

SuperDigitalMe says:

This is bullshit, all routers have firewalls. Just use a little time to configure it, everybody can do it!

Adam Pennington says:

I love Fingbox. Armando review the Fingbox. One price no subscription fee.

J T says:

Can you set this up as part of a mesh Network or at least have multiple f-secure sense access points to be set up as an extender or repeater because if you have a big house how can just one of these serve all your devices for example why can’t you just have this sit between your modem and existing router because most of us probably have something way stronger with more than six antennas and greater range this seems like a downgrade compared to an AC5400 or faster system

Roberto Guzman says:

Yo, I don’t even remember how I found this channel but I’m glad I did, shots are crispy

Max Zip says:

Get an apollo twin

Enitan Ajayi says:

Hi use my existing routers firewall in conjunction with zone alarm. Can someone please tell me is this enough? Or should I be looking at a router like this?

jouk gal says:


Miguel Medina says:

which is better to buy from Amazon

Matt Ziggy says:

But nowadays if you’re purchasing a mid-level to the high-level router they are usually coming with some kind of access control function on them. I pretty much have a static set up with access control configured on my router. I can see how this can be a benefit for people though, and it’s not much more expensive than the Nighthawks. Nice looking too.

Beta Haedar says:

This reminds me of Black Mirror.

mattatwar says:

Love the video, Great for someone if they want a plug and play device,

but if your a little tech savvy and have a extra computer around sophos offers their firewall XG and UTM free for home users

Anibit Scream says:

I think companies with products like these that help the consumer is super awesome. While not everyone understands the consequences that clicking and random links have this helps them instead of placing fear in them and resulting in them not knowing how valuable the internet is. I say this because I have family who I always try to spark conversations on showing them the possibilities that the internet provides like learning a new skill. Browsing for items to purchase and save money, and really just making their lives better. Added I always try to educate them on staying safe. I really like this product so far and will look into. great video.

Jeff J says:

+Armando Ferreira could this be connected to a wireless mesh platform like Plume or Eero?

Russell Jennings says:

Best router I have ever owned and still use is the Apple airport express. Works so great. Just got an update a few days ago too. I was amazed lol

Anubhav Tyagi says:

Yes It Was Informative and Well Explained!

Alexander Berner says:

Hmmm, you install another cloud connected device to watch cloud connected devices? That’s not secure.

Tifa Ong says:

Hi Armando, where did you get the black SENSE router?

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