The Best Home WiFi Solution

Who will reign supreme in a head-to-head battle for the home WiFi crown?

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Ankdoeslego says:

Most powerline adaptors have butter smooth transition already.


Tunnel bear does require a credit card for trial.

610Alpha says:

What about Portal WiFi?

Riccardo Bergamini says:

What about gaming? Ping? Stability?

djlaserjoe games says:

Just upload ddwrt or tomato to a router

Finkstar says:

3:07 nice faze rain gfuel cup

Forza Derp Guy says:

I love watching this at a crisp 4k 🙂

Why_it says:

My home has all of this for a year. Without any of these products, im a very average consumer as well

Matt30456 says:

Your voice is much less annoying than the other guy. But y’all should just the cute girl with the purple hair do the show.

Sondelschrottis says:

as if no one in canada has ever heard of avm fritz repeaters.

artem OP says:

the contrast on this video was fucked

Julian says:

I would like to see if there is a comparison between these and say an enterprise set up of AP’s.
How do these stack against say Ubiquities enterprise PoE AP’s

I̶_̶L̶O̶V̶E̶_̶A̶N̶I̶M̶E̶S̶ ____LIKE A BOSS says:

Cant we just have a router whit a big an REALY powerful antenas ?

Shousetsu says:

Can you combine a mesh wifi setup with power-line plugs?
Allowing you to have the meshed network without dropping speed or worrying if each hub is in reach of another?

Michał Sobiechowski says:

I’am subscribing Linus not You. You should have a separate channel that I might not subscribe to.

So What says:

This review is such a sellout. Every other review has shown that the Orbi outperforms the Google WiFi. Sounds more to me like these guys are sponsored or getting paid by Google.

Reed W says:

I strongly urge you to try eero I have it and it is fantastic.

Maor Haimovitz says:

The best solution is to build your own router in my opinion

Bobbyfishstick says:

Yes, Pander to your gods!

Sarenord says:

should have triedfile transfer while walking and chinging between points

Darcer's Tech says:

Sorry guys, but have had this with my set of Apple AirPorts for about 10 years now. Can even make video calls across the entire house without freezing / drops.

Fish 0f Water says:

Please tell us how these compare to ubiquity networks mesh solution!

Dennis Weber says:

“…Importantly, the Google Wifi app and your Wifi points do not track the websites you visit or collect the content of any traffic on your network…”

Totally not a dead meme. says:

Does google wifi connect to the base via wifi or Ethernet

Aakash Dammala says:

hey luke how did u run windows on mac


4:49 buys MacBook runs windows

AeroPR says:

Sorry Google. Not falling for one more of your traps..

Andrey Kolodochkin says:

I have two Zyxel Lite 3, one of it is switched with trigger to duplicate current wireless network. It works perfect))

Trick Shots 4 Real says:

lol running Windows on a Macbook xD

jaydeeification says:

What about the Eero? Or the Ubiquiti Amplify?

Liam Cummings says:

oh my god our school,s entire network infrastructure is horrendous you move 5 feet and it complete drops out and then re-connects to a different AP even on the schools own laptops that are connected to a different network

Tobey Maguire says:

I personally tried both Netgear Orbi and the Google Wifi. The Netgear Orbi on first setup was not smooth. updating the firmware within the router settings did not work at all. I had the three piece version. I had to manually download the firmware from the netgear website then upload it via the web client on the router side. The range was pretty good between two units. What I liked about the orbi was the strong signal strength, range, and 4 Ethernet ports on the back. I did not like how big it was but that is forgiven based on speed test performance. However I noticed some things. When I was downstairs and the Orbi was setup in the upstairs just 1 floor up. My wifi signals were still pretty strong. My speed test were terrible. I also tried bringing the orbi downstairs across the house away from the upstairs one. and the speed test were still bad. Another thing I noticed if im directly behind the Orbi I.E. “the logo and name facing away from me” then the speed test were really bad. Also the mesh network is not very fluid and I noticed drops for a second or two which isn’t bad but sometimes It would hang on to the mesh across the house and would not connect to the other one where I was standing next to for quite sometime. eventually it did. the hand off did not impress me very much. The speedtest when they were fast were excellent, Now for the google wifi. I ordered the 6 pack, Im not a fan of the app only setup, you are super limited on what you can customize, I get it. this is for people who want super simple. I just wish they would give you more options. You cannot change the default dhcp settings so your always stuck with “192.168.86” which is super annoying to me. Now this all is just personal preference but I would love a software update to give me a little more control over my network. The app was okay in setting things up. It seemed a little glitchy at times and I was stuck on some setup pages and the app crashed a few times. Now I might remind you that at the time google wifi just came out. everywhere I looked was sold out from day 1. Except for costco “ONLINE!!!” Once I placed the access points where I wanted them to be I did a speed test. They were pretty good. Not quite as fast as the Netgear but honestly it was good enough for anyone. If you can get a 130mbps download while walking around the house thats pretty amazing to me. The mesh handoff works AMAZINGLY. The only issue I had with google wifi was the damn app either crashed or got stuck on screen with setup. and the mesh network test results varied. Signal strength on the access points kept going from good to fair, no matter where i placed them and I tried using all 6 in the end I am currently using 4 google wifi devices, I have my other two that I will place in some other rooms later on. It sucks they only give you 1 Ethernet port to connect a device. But I can make due. Over all speeds are stable and the mesh hand off always works. Google wants to keep your router online all the time. So it constantly updates itself and reboots if needed. They are open about the data privacy policy but honestly do you have any idea what your ISP is doing with your data and how secretive they are about it? Google is being transparent about what they will use it for. Over all I highly recommend the Google Wifi over the Netgear Orbi,

Jessie James says:

….wifi in your bathroom? WTF are you doing wacking off on the toilet? >.>

Andrew Marsden says:

It’s June 2017 and I just winced at the words “Strong and Stable”… Won’t somebody think of the British?!

S. Smith says:

Kappa Kappa
Kappa Kappa
Kappa iPhone

3:30 Sweet stacking!

Nathan Braun says:

fuck google

don’t give them anything

Pavan Singh says:

Isn’t it better when they tell you they are collecting data rather than just stealing it. Google though creepy still atleast a bit more transparent than others.

Kevin Berry says:

How did each of WiFi systems handle games?

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