Testing WiFi and Mesh Networks

On The New Screen Savers, Leo Laporte and Florence Ion talk with Jim Salter from The Wirecutter about how he is setting up real-world systems to test WiFi routers and mesh networks.

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KELLI2L2 says:

A link to wirecutter. com, would be appropriate!!!

Soca Nick says:

The Screen Savers still show on tv? Wow I haven’t seen this show in a long time

Sanford Saunders says:

I went with Netgear R8000. Very powerful 5G. Mesh seems too early since issues with drop outs and poor voip.

Massis Isagholian says:

Whatever Samsung is coming up with it’s guaranteed to catch on fire!

Kurukx says:

Whats with the hat ?

Draken X says:

Using netgear orbit for almost a month in 2 days and I’m loving it. Live in a apartment with multiple walls and so many other interference with neighbors WiFi and it was a nightmare before orbi, since I have installed orbi, I’ll never ever go back to standard routers

David Clayton, MD, FACS says:

How do these routers compare to Apple’s Airport Extreme?

TheChadWork2001 says:

The host over-talks. He over-talks his co-host, he over-talks his guests. He shootings learn to listen more.

F. Rose says:

1st! Great interview!

Joseph Mahoney says:

Sooo, your guest has no info on Samsung Connect Home wtf. The next best product I know more about it. Sad. This show is going down hill.

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