Tested: Eero Wi-Fi Router and Extender

We test a new router system that attempts to eliminate the worry of Wi-Fi dead spots by building a mesh network of hotspots that work together as one seamless wireless network. The Eero does what it promises, but may be too simple for power users who need to heavily configure their network settings.

Shot and edited by Adam Isaak

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Jack Lansley says:

Colour temperature is a little off in the wide shot.

Movie Junkie says:

This seems like the apple product of the router world. I had issues in my old house with range. Router was in the corner of my living room and I couldn’t get signal in my kitchen. I researched repeaters and extenders but didn’t really want to spend the money. I solved it by covering a binder folder in kitchen foil, extended the range all the way into the back garden. Cost me £2.50.

Liam B says:

This wifi is so shit do not buy

Chris Chambers says:

you loss me at $500. it was good that younrecommend a differant soliution that this as i can go out and purchase two wireless access points for $200 and mesh them together and have then lunked to my router. no second range. and what this is inrecommend this for my parant as i don’t want to do IT for them. what an ass hole.

Jeeto says:

The spectrum around my house is already so noisy, I’d be pissed if my neighbors all got these too if they’re all running on different channels

Phil Verhey says:

all the antenna are internal and you’d think that hurt the range and it does, so the idea is that instead you sepnd several hundred more dollars to get the range and coverage of a regular $150 hi-power external (stick-out) antenna router ….

so for $500-$1000+ you can hide the sticky-outty antennas that are easily put behind a cabinet door … and instead now have a pile of FUGLY POWER BRICKS HANGING OFF THREE OR MORE WALL OUTLETS WITH LOOONG STRETCHES OF WHITE CORDS ALL OVER YOUR HOUSE INSTEAD…

… if this just fitted over an outlet like a carbon monoxide detector or AA/AAA battery charger .. ok … but the power bricks? that’s even fuglier than the antenna that they got rid of..


JayzBeerz says:

Netgear Orbi is much better.

Jerry Jones says:

Looking at the comments I’ve seen every other option I could have put. Not paying $500 when for way less I can achieve the same thing with better performance than those expensive plastic toys he is showing.

ry an says:

kys on this price.

Blake McDonald says:

I use two $28 powerline ethernet adapters and an old Wi-Fi router as an access point to get internet in a detached garage that is far out of range of the house Wi-Fi.
These are a cool idea but too expensive, even half the price would be too much for me to be interested. I think $50-60 each is more realistic with these features.

Andrew Gerard says:

This felt like an infomercial

Andreas Hochuli says:

Hmm, no word about throughput being halfed with each repeater in line.

Sähkö Asiantuntia says:

Torilla tavataan!

Jonah Brame says:

I’m sure there’s a reason, but the description for this video excludes Will Smith from the part that has all the people from tested and their Twitter handles.

Kerbal Rocketry says:

$500 for something worse in everyway except for setup? At that price you might as well just pay somebody to fit a proper setup to your house.

Koriko Alistar says:

You mean I have to buy an iOS to play StarCraft: Broodwar? In addition to $500? Yeah, no. The Google Cloud Router is a much better value.

Luis Hernandez says:

this ptoduct is not for broke boys lol !!!

Lieutenant Websir says:

500 bucks for a crappy limited router with 2 repeaters? I heard about this thing not that long ago and thought well that’s looks cute for 100 bucks but 500….

Yeah, good luck selling this.

dsmithers944 says:

So they’re just repeaters?..

Toby Allisongreig says:

Does this wifi also make you online gaming faster with no lags

orgsniper says:

To much money for stuff you can do with 10 $ routers from eBay

apinakapinastorba says:

Lolled at the product name. Greetings from Finland.

orrin2002 says:

I see a lot of haters bitching about this review Did they watch it it the end? Norm said all the same things but explained it’s place in the market. Yes it a over priced limited pos but it has a place, a set and forget network for those who want idiot proof stuff installed. And for those installers out here just think of the markups on 500 a pop lol jk.

RogueGamer23 says:

finally after 100 videos of comparing eero amplifi Google WiFi and orbi I finally know what to get thanks to this video

Zippered Zippy says:

I have an Internet phone can I use this??

Picco bow says:

The price on that is hideously OUTRAGEOUS!!’ …. 500 dollars!!

Dashall Vazquez says:

I bought a 30 dollar net gear WiFi extender that plus right Into an outlet. It connects to my iPad and took my abysmal connection to 100% throughout my apartment.

unlokia says:

Eerrrrro, no thankio

Angel Daniel says:

i didnt know I could make an extender using an old router, I’m doing that research latter today

St0ner1995 says:

the airport express is cheaper and has more features (Like storage, printers and audio streaming) and does everything that thing does. not worth the time or money

Chealy Te says:

open mesh and ubiquity did same and cheaper and they been out for age!!!

iL Lupo says:

this thing sucks dick at fucking pussy

Holy Handgrenader says:

2×2? Junk. Thats OLD tech man.

Javier Lopez says:

is there any other products that work the same way

Gamer Fury says:

There are so many easier ways to do this.

Bogdan Zurac says:

The Android version is missing features compared to iOS? How lovely. GTFO then.

Cologne Uprising says:

For 500 bucks i just simply open my walls and get some fcking CAT7 cable in there ….

Spagman says:

How you’re meant to maintain LOS with home devices I can not understand. Glad it’s not a hard requirement, but even mentioning it as ‘preferred’ tells me that this device wouldn’t be any better than what you have already.

Daniel Castillo says:

Have you hear of Luma? I think it does the same thing but 300 bucks.

cacarey01 says:

mentioned apple at 41 seconds.

Consciousness knows itself, through itself. says:

Having seperate netowrks is a hassle. Printers won’t work, you can’t connect to network shares. You want to extend the existing network where possible.

Miguel Marques says:

$500 Macaroons and NO POE Support?! For the F**** Sake I would get me an Ubiquiti UniFi AP-Long Range 3 Pack The ( UAP-LR-3 ) for under $220 and wouldn’t mind to have to config it via an browser…
This is to expensive for what is meant to!
In the now days technological World this kind of pricing is just too stupid and frankly a serious extortion. Because see here, if they were selling the devices initially for $300, the costs would be, and i’m speculating!, $150ish maybe less. I don’t know i just think this is too expensive for what it does and for the target market where this product resides…

Devolutheist says:

500$ for… a Wi-Fi router?

Devolutheist says:

Complicated menus? What? Most of routers have “Wizards” that allows you to setup them in seconds.

swiperboy sb says:

sorry but that price is rape

Kwa Nguyen says:

The amount of times my parents bug me about their wifi and chrome cast and you tube issues ! >.< this might solve the problem !

Ultimo D says:

Price is ridiculous. I would’ve considered it at $300. But $500….I’ll stick to my current router. Pro tip: set up your current router somewhere in the center of your home.

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