Review: Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Router – R7000

This is my review of the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Gigabit Router (Model R7000).


Jack Wong says:

Hello. Thanks for uploading this video review. I have the same R7000 router and came across this issue here. Not sure if you or others had the same issue I was trying to copy some files off my pc to my NAS and only received about 30MB per second of speed. I was hoping to get more like a 100MB or so. Both devices are connected to the router directly. Not sure what the problem is. Any advise what to check? Thank you in advance. Jack

xRadicall says:

hey I am using frontier as my service provider, would this still work?

Cindy chsrjk says:

What about the television channels

Christopher Sourav says:

This router can connect all modems right? I have an TP Link ADSL2+modem can I connect this router to my modem? Please reply

Nextgenjah says:

so i could just plug this in and then it will work?

Fazlul Fazal says:

did u try installing a custom firmware on it like Tomato-ARM?

BO 3DAM says:

Thx (:

Alazemi Kuwait says:

Anyone answer please does that router in Middle East or not


Lucian Peffer says:

I always thought the 5ghz band has a longer and stronger range…. Guess i was wrong. Thanks for this video.

Ed boyd says:

easy and fast my a** ………. after 90 minutes still not working………so i will call for support……….. yes right, some of the smartest people in the world supposedly work here or places like this……….. so brilliant dummies dont include a troubleshooting guide or an 800# to call, but very FUNNY an email or website but cant use router to get online…… dummy, dummy, dummy…..what a piece of crap this is and support as well !!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Hopper says:

I mean yes, this AC1900 has the ability to act as a DLNA-supported Media Server via the USB3.0 ReadyShare functionality. What I don’t understand is why you would expect a proprietary network file protocol like ReadyShare to perform better than smb access which is universally supported and developed. You have a high-throughput, gigabit router. Get an NAS for your network files, or just do a simple network share from your PC(s) and map the network drive. Let your router facilitate access to data, don’t make it try and serve it up too.

G. Dennis Long says:

You did this review by in 2014 I see. Have you done any up dates?
Did things improve?
In the 2 years, Netgear “should” have done some updates to the router. Technology moves forward everyday and I am hoping that the unit that is due in house Monday will do what I need it to do.

Tom Beck says:

hey man does this have wan port for fiber ?

Itz- -Monday says:

I have frontier Internet can I use that router on frontier Internet

amateur_wizard says:

How does this compare to the Lynksys AC1900

SubliminalPancakes 78 says:

The router itself is easy to install but the whole netgear genie thing has thrown me off and it’s not connecting properly

SDsurfNFun says:

Mbps and MB/s are not the same. Windows copy’s files using MB/s Megabytes per second. Mbps is Megabits per second and is the measurement your ISP uses.Eight bits are in a byte. Common mistake because marketing people sell people on bigger numbers which does not mean its faster. 30 Mbps is 3.75 MB/s

Roger Bailey says:

Sorry to say this but this router is unreliable, it does not let you use the internet whilst uploading and after about 6 months mine started dropping the internet several times a day, very annoying. I have now scrapped it and I’m using a cheap talk talk router which works just fine.

Darian Xiong says:

worst router to get sigh, 5 hours of trying to get this to work but still showed the same “not connected but your status shows its good” like okay? lmao even with the modem too my “isp” was wrong when i called century link a minute ago. 200 bucks well spent. also the customer service is pretty bad.

Hhemenistan says:

rAnge test ? go outside?

Dan Satalino says:

Thank you. I have three of my ethernet ports in use but didn’t know the difference beween the white (port 1) and the orange lights (ports 2 & 3).

Mike John says:

Anyone planning to buy netgear router or products be aware that you need to pay $139/year for any kind of support on the product. I had to pay $139 to netgear support for my $89 router as I had slow internet speed due to firmware update. After 90 days of purchase you need to buy support options for netgear and believe me with their regular software updates you will be ripped off.

OLDMAN01570157 says:

Do you how I can run my R7000 router and my wireless cameras with out the two interfering with each other they are on the same band 2.4 GHz and it slow my internet way down. Thanks very much

Brett Bloody Hell says:

i think if you keep using netgear genie you will continue to get firmware updates.

r8ersazfan 1 says:

Turn on the QoS and you will be even happier with the performance.

Zane Wv says:

How is this as far as distance between it and the computer?

Revanth Sai Madhav B says:

still working with this one ? or did you upgrade ?


can i use this for vpn hiding to use hulu netflix etc…thanks

KindTorque says:

im researching a better router and am wondering, whats the usb port for? i mean what does it do?

Skywarp says:

Worst customer service in the world if you have any problems. They will want to charge you $270+ just to help you with it over the phone or get upgrades. For upgrades the of the customer service reps from India have to gain remote access to your computer.

OG xDefimate says:

So I connect this router to the modem I already have?

Judy Handley says:

Its now September of 2016 – are you still using this router? How is it working?

Edgar Castillo says:

Friend, my router is a Netgear R7000 and the network indicator LED amber-colored stayed and I can not Reconnecting , you recommend?

lednerg says:

Turn off the Wifi on your old router and just use it as a LAN router. Then get a long ethernet cord and connect your old router to the Nighthawk (with one of the four LAN ports, not the Internet one). Place the Nighthawk up high on a shelf somewhere, away from any other electronic devices or metal objects, preferably in the middle of the house. As long as your old router has Gigabit ports, you’ll be good to go.

iLawfGaming says:

I’ve had this router for about 5 years now and I have never had a problem with it until recently. The wifi has been dropping connections repeatedly, which can be annoying while gaming. It only drops for a few seconds at a time, but it is rough as it can drop at crucial times during a match. Doesn’t bother me so much when it happens to my mobile devices because it will pick back up shortly. Not sure what the problem is, but I have factory reset and manually installed firmware with no success of fixing the problem. I’ve seen a few with the same problem, but still haven’t found any actual fixes. Been like this for months now. :/

Yoshira95 says:

so its not bad that it indicates an orange red color for the ehternet ports?

byteVice with David says:

Thanks for the video.

Steveindajeep says:

have you thought about putting ddwrt on it?

Dopy Yogi says:

So I need help, I recently moved to Brazil and I’m living in a small country town that has terrible wifi I can stand it.. If I order this will I be able to use it here with the company I use and if I can will it make my wifi better, also is this a one time purchase?

dunno yolo says:

Those Tri-Band routers look nice. this one is 139.99 on newegg

Jacob Alicea says:


Troy Elliott says:

do i have to plug this into a modem or can i plug this into the wall of my dorm and it work

Vishaldeep Singh says:

Hello, I was wondering if this router would be good for us, Our house is around 3000 sqr ft, we currently have a D-Link Ac 750, It is placed in the front corner of the house next to the tv, my room is half way for the router to the side, and I get around 1 bar or 2 if in lucky and it barely works, my speed with 3 bars is 25 down 25 up and when I have 1 bar I have 0.55 down 1 up and even on 2 bars it’s super slow around 1 down and 0.88 up. If I buy this router would my speed and range increase(by speed I mean at 2 bar and 1 bar connections) respond asap thank u.

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