Orbi or Google Wifi: Which Mesh Network Works for You! C

Are you looking for a Mesh Network? Do you have wifi dead zones. Check out this video to see which system works best for you!

Google Wifi Product link: http://amzn.to/2i6TyJ0
Netgear Orbi Product link: http://amzn.to/2hQDyYO

0:43 Does size matter?
1:22 Coverage
1:50 Connectivity ports or no ports
3:40 Which is easiest to install
3:58 Which is for a beginner vs intermediate to advanced user
4:25 Which has the most robust features like vpn, ip range, etc
6:57 Performance
7:39 Cost

Thanks for watching!

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toshi kaw says:

very good and pointed explanation , thank you!

Jim Martin says:

I just bought the Orbi 2 pack system last week and that is because it offers the higher throughput and is more configurable. Since my ISP package offers up to 150 mbps, and all my phones and devices are 802.11 ac, i wanted to make sure my wifi throughput is all places of my 2,200 sqr foot house is great. I tested all locations and are consistent results at 140-150 mbps all the time. It is simply a great product…. but at a cost.

robbskittles II says:

Has anyone tried connecting a fourth satellite to the router? Could you send me a link where it says how many satellites total can you connect to it? Thanks…

That one dude who posts stuff says:

Google Wifi is for the user who wants all the features to be easily accessible, and is simple
Orbi is for those who know about configuration, at the cost of a simple setup

erzascralet48 says:

You’ve gotta correct the pricing. The Netgear Orbi is $249 for a single unit, and $399 for a dual pack. The Google Wifi is $129 for a single unit, or $299 for a 3-pack; there is no dual pack solution officially out there, so you’d be paying $260 for 2, or another $40 for a third.

Investor9872 says:

What if you don’t have a smart phone? Can you still set these two system up?

Mark Davenport says:

Question: you say Orbi supports vpns and GW does not. Can you still connect your phone to a VPN and use Google Wifi?

The1andonlyBYack says:

I’ve explored a lot of different options and honestly, I’ve had tremendous luck with Luma personally. Not the best, but if you have an Ethernet backbone, the quad core internals keep my streaming flawless!

aleee2010 says:

Great review thanks

Evan Knight says:

Great Video, Found your channel when you made your videos on the gear s3 and I think you deserve a lot more subscribers

airpilikia says:

Get the Orbi. Full bars everywhere in my house now. Used to have 2 routers and many dead spots. Tried range extenders also. What a joke those are. Plus you had to go to settings and change routers as you moved around.

Kurt Swiger says:

Subscribed. Awesome review – you basically made a checklist of everything I cared about in a review as someone in the market for a solution. Thanks!

Eric Townsend says:

Very informative, Thanks.

Joel Caraballo says:

does every orbi nodes have the same amount of ports?

jason maynard says:

Do you need to change your ISP to get better internet or can I buy a Netgear Orbi to help me out with that?

mady bali says:

orby has orgy price xd

SkyKingKona says:

another great review, thanks. Love my Orbi 13

Armand E says:

Do I still need modem if I purchase any of these 2

JayzBeerz says:

Orbi is not a mesh system. Only pros would know that.

Pete Ward says:

You mentioned orbi can be an access point. Can it be an extender? I can’t connect directly to my main router.

KLOVE2u4now says:

Thanks for the great info. Imho orbi is the best hands down and those antiquated ethernet ports are more important than one would think. My ADT Security system, wifi garage door opener and OBI free home phone service all have to be connected via ethernet. I’ve tried many systems. symbiosis systems and mix and match systems, and none have done as well to my Orbi system. The app is beautiful and seamless, the parental controls are the best out and the coverage is unbelievable. It was well worth the high price tag.

JayzBeerz says:

The. Netgear Orbi is a totally different system and way better.

Christopher F says:

Ordered an Orbi on Prime day and got it for £200 instead of £300. It’s arriving tomorrow and looking forward to setting it up. Found this video really useful and glad I purchased Orbi.

Cesar Perez says:

This is a great review! thanks a lot for this, since I’ve been kinda in between both of these. I think I’m going with the orbi because of the extra ethernet ports

Jay Tee says:

I heard Netgear disabled the USB on the unit and Mesh feature is for “future” expansion. Is this correct? If so, I think that’s pretty bad advertisement.

Jimmy Dean says:

USB 2.0 is not USB connectivity. It’s a $500.00 slap in the face.

Tracy Clark says:

Just installed Orbi and am very happy with coverage. Remember to disable your main wifi network for Orbi network to go live (even though it’s being fed from main router). We are in 4,100 square foot home and it’s working great. Satellite is working farther from Orbi base than I thought would work and working fine. I went with Orbi due to being able to handle more devices and better antennas. Very glad I did.

D Jaquith says:

To my understanding Orbi isn’t a mesh solution. However, thanks, if true then Google WiFi won’t work for me either. I already have an excellent Router with fixed IP’s, VPN, Port forwarding, etc all of which I must keep. What I want is to add multiple AP’s with the same SSID and have a true Mesh WiFi. Further, I must maintain the same Subnet IP throughout.

I’ve heard about Plume .. what’s your take on them?

My current network works flawlessly with one exception *Multi-SSID* which is annoying for my mobile devices! BTW I have CAT6 everywhere and a 24 port switch. Oh I’m perfectly aware Cisco has an excellent but crazy ($$$ thousands) solution. I’m okay spending up to ~$500 for a 3,500 SqFt 2 story home.

Mr Bottle says:

Netgear Orbi is a very different beast and does offer excellent coverage. This is a mesh based approach that uses its third band as the dedicated back haul to connect the router to its satellite units. Currently the USB has been disables in these and hopefully this will be resolved in the future.

Also you will find that the Orbi is pretty easy to setup and now does have a setup app that you can use to get the basic setup completed. The more advanced config will require you to connect to the web interface which is well layed out and functional.

Caligula says:

In my opinion, the Orbi system looks pretty good, even though it substantially larger.

Hello World says:

Do I have to pay for faster internet for the Orbi

John- 117 says:

EXTREMELY helpful review…breaks it down sooooo well!! BTW, what kind of watch is that?

Fabricio Evangelista says:

I installed them both. Google is a shit. Netgear is the best. Excelent throughput in semi mesh mode. Becouse depend Router main for expand signal.

Al Anzola says:

2:15 Why would you use the Orbi as a modem? Wouldn’t it make sense to use it primarily as a router?

Elvys Gonzalez says:

great review, great Job.

Alphahydro says:

Pretty informative video. Orbi FTW.

Baba Yaga says:

Technically Orbi is not a mesh system, since satellites talk only to the base router and not to each other. That said, I was impressed by Orbi: just 2 devices (router and satellite ) completely covered my 3,000 sq ft home with reliable wifi. I even do have now wifi in a storage shed outside!


Another super great video…..the best extensive articulation of any reviewer in all of the Internet.

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