Orbi Ac3000 vs Google WiFi vs Eero vs Velop vs Amplifi HD 2018 Quick Review

Google WiFi vs Orbi AC3000 vs Eero V2 vs Velop vs Amplifi HD Review 2018! This was a test that was over 20 days long for each product, excluding Amplifi HD which I had for 3 days for testing. Amplifi HD in theory would have the fastest wired mesh Network speeds with multiple router base units set to mesh mode. Don’t forget to subscribe as we have monthly Raffles for gift cards! Thanks for watching:)

Best WiFi mesh routers,
Whole house wifi

Tech support numbers,
Netgear 407-907-8000
Google 844-442-3693
Velop 800-546-5797
Eero 877-659-2347


Abdullah Alammar says:

How do you compare the performance on these devices to a powerline (something like an old Linksys PLWK400), which i found for the equivalent of only 78$?
Considering i use the same master power circuit.

Nick Pavlica says:

I appreciate the hard work that you’re putting into making youtube videos, but you really need to improve the audio quality.

Elvis Bernauer says:

Here’s our situation. House is like 1400 sq feet, one kid using wifi for Fortnite in basement and one in his room, always running off of wi-fi, not trying to set up ethernet to their areas as it would be pricey…which one would you recommend?

hussein sa says:

All of these devices and you don’t have a good audio

Baby Zebra says:

A+ for posting customer service #’s in the notes.

mdoogla says:

Where is the Deco M9?

Elijah T says:

Great video, but im still having a hard time deciding. AT&T 1Gig Fiber is coming to my area soon, so I’ve been trying to decide what router to get, I wanna go with one of the mesh systems, but I don’t know which one. I’m leaning more toward the Orbi RBK50. My home is about 2,000 sqft, & all of my devices are going to be wireless except my DirecTV box, I’m thinking of doing that wired, & also my Philips lights will be wired. I have 1 4K smart TV, & thinking of getting a 4K Apple TV later. Please help!

Tyson Bash says:

does the google option allow you to have one wired device connected to the base station?

Nafizur Sarai says:

i am in the market for a mesh system. I have a 1GB internet line from my ISP. My house is hardwired as well. Upstairs, basement, main floor, and other rooms have ethernet. I am looking for a unit which offers ETHERNET backhaul, and that can push the 1GB speed via wireless on my mobile and entertainment device which has AC. Which unit would you recommend?

trainNGain TT says:

Any best choice for security, hackablity (is that a word), firewall, etc? I know you mentioned one of them had the option for a yearly subscription for anti-virus but other that how are these system?

David Steuer says:

4 minute review, 18 minute video?

Dustin Denner says:

4min tech review…. 18min video

Anthony Llabres says:

Bought the Orbi 3 pack for my 2 story and have had some WI FI issues since purchased. Loaded a few updates and did some restarts. Had to contact Orbi customer service 4 times since purchased. They were very responsive and the last fix has been going well for 10 days now. We shall see….

VVV 777 says:

which one works with FIOS? I have hard time finding equipment for FIOS internet. =( thanks

John Henrik Bergene says:

good review. Buy a boya BY-M1 microphone. its about 20$, super good and got a 6M cable.

Javid Hosseini says:

Bad sound

Dmitry Gorodnitsky says:

Man, use proper terms – megabytes are not megabits. 1200 megabytes as you mention will yield 96 gigabits which is Sci Fi for home usage

Tale of 2 Piggies says:

My house has a main network system that goes to all the CAT5 outlets in the house for wired connections, which means my TV, desktop computers, etc could be hardwired. Should I still opt for the google wifi?

Enrique Medina says:

I need to support 1GB

Mazen Aoudi says:

Also, Orbi is nice but cannot take it hard wire and big and funky. Amblfi backbone limited unless buy 3 main units and I don’t know about VOLOP I feel is not stable experience from Linksys. What do I recommend?

Rudiger Mullins says:

I appreciate thoroughness, and you did a good job of going over minutiae, but why does a”4-Minute Tech Review” take 18 minutes? And there is a “longer” version???

GGInfamous says:

Very quick 18 minutes…

Keith James says:

Very quick at 18 minutes.. Why cant you guys review comparative charts of factual data against each of the systems over 4 to 5 minutes?

Sean Ballington says:

I am still struggling after a few hours of reading reviews – I have 8000 sqft home with Verizon FiOS gigabit line coming in to the basement (lots of metal around the area where they have put their unit) and I have terrible wifi speeds (using their access points) unless I am right by the access points then I get up to 300. With smart tvs everywhere and too many devices with the kids and others at one moment it sounds like Amplifi HD is best and then Orbi or just Google – any thoughts. I want speed (no congestion bottlenecks) and distance. The TVs with netflix etc always seem good as does the VOIP telephone line. websites and surfing seem to be the issue. Any help is appreciated as the speed slowness is driving me mad.

Mohammad Kazim says:

What is the best option for a 8500 sq.ft home with 2 flors and many walls

Joe Glenn says:

Thank you! But please get a wired Mic! they are very inexpensive and makes your video so much better. I can’t understand you at full volume. Thanks!

Jaden Manning-Copeland says:

This is a long “4 Minute Tech Review”. ; )

MRBIGHURT323 says:

I enjoyed your video.
What would you recommend for a converted detach garage With the main home being about 1,400 sqft. I tried the google WiFi 3 pack and the garage WiFi point had a weak signal.

Tribe of Two Handbags says:

what part of this is 4 minutes?

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