Norton Core Router Review – Home router with network security built in

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – The Norton Core router offers network security features and decent Wifi performance. But security features may reduce your Internet speed. See more routers: and subscribe! – Index below:

00:43 – Hardware overview
03:03 – Norton security score
04:28 – Pricing/subscription fee
06:09 – Simulated malware tests
10:48 – Internet speed impact of network security features
13:58 – Port forwarding, additional router settings
15:26 – Parental controls
16:12 – Managing computers and devices on the network
17:26 – WIFI benchmark test
18:18 – Final thoughts/wrap up

We’ve seen a bunch of consumer routers lately that try to take the complexity out of configuring and managing a home network. This one does that and adds in a layer of network security to prevent malware and other nastiness from infecting your computers and other devices.

I did find that some sites that are not in Norton’s trusted database will see a pretty sizable performance drop vs. those that are in the database. Unfortunately there is no way to know which sites are in or out nor is there a way to manually whitelist trusted sites for better performance.

For those very concerned about home network security this is probably a good choice. It’s the only router out there that really focuses on this and manages that activity for the user. There is a monthly fee after the first year for that continued feature set ($10 a month) but it also includes free Norton software licenses for every computer in the house as well.

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pepsicolazero says:

You getting the iPhone x ?

Matt Stiles says:

Are you kidding me dude that is SUCH A FAIL!
Great review yer the fuckin bomb and this thing SUCKS ASS!!!

Matt Stiles says:

I thought it was gonna be $50 bucks, a high $80 bucks, or $100 bucks at the most! Packed with unnecessary features, all it NEEDED, and all it lacks, is a VPN Virtual Private Network Proxy HTML5 filter. Ok all other IPAddress stuff is done from the hardware.

Spuds says:

Looks like one of the Horta eggs from Star Trek’s “Devil in the Dark”!!! ” Damn it Jim, I’m a doctor not a veterinarian! !” (Which are doctors by the way)

Joe Barrett says:

Thanks Ron I will not be using this product……

Arctic Solace says:

Common sense 2017 Edition has been working fine for me so far across all my devices

Commodorefan64 says:

No not for me I ditched Norton in the late 90’s, and won’t use any product with their name attached too it plus, the high cost, and monthly fee can go fuck itself.

John M says:

How long have you used it, Lon? And will you be doing a long-term usage review?

John M says:

I found this video informative. I will have to keep an eye on the reviews for a while to see how it does in its first 3-6 months of real-time usage in consumer homes before making a buy decision. Overall, it seems to be a step-up in a much needed modern IT environment where security is required in these strange times.

huggi2 says:

Lon I am a big fan of your videos, but this item is not something i would even recommend to novice users.

Jerkamie says:

What an awful idea

Darren Loranger says:

Hey Lon! Your sound level has seemed a bit low lately. Maybe check it? Thanks!

Des Zee says:

Can’t believe Norton is still in business

Romvnly Plays says:


Jared Decker says:

Looks like Meridia’s Beacon from Skyrim.

Stephanie McKeon says:

What an odd choice for product design. Almost resembles Bit from Tron, but with a terrible “Norton” slapped on the front of it. Not sure how it looks in person, but it looks like cheap toy plastic in the video.

vgamesx1 says:

What’s so hard about safely testing it? Just fire up a virtual machine or if you’re really worried, grab an old PC you don’t care about and connect only the PC you’re using for the test up to the router, then find some known malware sites or try loading up a few sites that are likely to display malicious ads such as piracy sites since they tend to take nearly any ads they can get.

What I’d really like to see however is how well it compares to using a standard free intrusion detection systems (IDS) + blocklist, such as Peerblock, Snort, or Suricata because I’m guessing it’s only going to perform about on par.

DigitalYojimbo says:

$280 plus $10/m ? for norton ? No, Thanks.

Neurobio Boy says:

Thanks Lon for your hard work!
I found it way too pricy for me, but it seems extremely easy to use. This is a product for a non techie person, so you pay for what you don’t know/ or can’t do.
Lon maybe a wonderfull video could be how to secure our own network without paying a monthly fee. What software you could use, what architecture we can have… After your cutting cords series, this would be awesome!!

michael hollingshead says:

So we’re are supposed to route 4 cat cables and a couple USB through that little opening? Umm, no. The opposite of form following function. Oh, and the form looks idiotic, too. If you are going to make something that looks like a throwback to the 90’s then call it an iRouter or Norton router2000 so it’s name implies something as out of date as it’s looks.

Matt Stiles says:


Ryan Martinez says:

Symantec software around the time they bought Peter Norton Computing (who made Norton Desktop, System Works, and Anti-Virus at the time) has always been a bit upsell-ish, bloaty, and scammy, making dumbed-down general consumer quality trash and ruining a good name in Norton. It sucks that Symantec is continually making the rounds in the news as the tech advisors for outlets like CNN or Fox to interview whenever a major computer-related security breach happens. It’s why you got all these other companies popping up around the early to mid-2000s to provide an alternative, like AVG, Eset, Avast, Kasperski, etc. Too bad some became just as bad in the end. I wonder what the behind the scenes of the computer security industry looked like back then? What with one of the company’s CEOs (McAfee) becoming a recluse and accused murderer. It must be wild. Like Wolf of Wallstreet wild.

japzone says:

I’m not touching Norton software even with a 10 foot pole. Not to mention paying a monthly fee for “security”.

dbetts3087 says:

Kinda pricey and then the monthly fee it’s a no buy for me

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