Netgear Orbi Review: Finally! The Best WiFi Router! 😍

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Netgear Orbi Review – I’ve had WiFi deadspots in my home for years, probably for as long as I’ve been using Wi-Fi. The #Netgear Orbi is the system that finally fixed these horrible wifi issues. In this Netgear Orbi review, I tell you about how the Orbi tri-band WiFi system works. You get the main router, as well as an Orbi satellite – together they work to provide a super-fast WiFi connection in your home that covers 4,000 quare feet. Check out the video to see how the Netgear Orbi works!

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herman dolce says:

What are you thoughts on the google wifi router that just came out?

bahhaziz says:

I hate reviews that smell more commercial than reviews…

Aaron Putnam says:

Hey Shooter, nice review! 😉 Found you on the Video Influencers channel but definitely thinking about picking up the Orbi system. My house is similar in size but not sure if I should go with the 2 pack (main hub and satellite) or 3 pack (sold at Costco with 2 satellites for $500). 3 pack is probably overkill but it may give me some more placement/coverage options.

jk4geek says:

Thanks, Some speed test from different locations of your house will show the performance way better than just saying it.

Axiom Brevity says:

Found you through video influences. trying to do the tech thing. Thanks for being a great example.

aakash1120 says:

hey man a quick question for you. once the router and satellite system is set up, can I use a wired connection with the satellite to get better speeds? for example if I put the satellite in my room and connect my ps4 to it with an Ethernet cable will it give me similar speeds to connecting straight to the modem?

Vet Vetsnipe says:

is it better x8?

Kalpesh Vakharia says:

How to connect DSL internet line with ORBI?

Adam TV says:

Does it matter what ISP you have? I have AT&T Gigabit Fiber and was told not to use any other routers than what they provide.

Jae Bo says:

Can I plug this into my Xbox one? And will it download games faster?

Unruly Housewife says:

Even as an old lady I enjoyed this, lol. Came here from Video Influencers… I ordered the book you recommended from Amazon UK. 😀


You should look into another venue of broadcasting. you have a good tone, diction, and pitch. I don’t know if you using cue cards, but you have a tendency to keep looking to your left which is distracting for the viewer. anyway great presentation.

B-Boy Vova says:

where is speedest ? Only words ?

GoodDay says:

this is a sponsored video like he said so you know orbi is good

scott m says:

Thanks for the review! You mentioned that the Orbi replaces the existing wi-fi router. Will I need to update the Orbi with the various settings I have on the exiting router, port forwarding for example?

Scott LaChance says:

Do routers work better if they’re close to a window, away from a window, positioned closer to the ceiling , or closer to the floor ?

Kimishibai100 says:

I have a Netgear Nighthawk and deal with buffering often when I try to stream video.  Is there a way I can determine if the problem is from my internet provider or my router?  I have considered getting a mesh system (eero, or Orbi) but don’t know if that would help my situation at all.  I don’t experience dead areas, as you mentioned in your review.

17HMRSniper says:

jeez…who lives in homes that large.? oh yea…people with money.
the rest of us live in Apartments, trailers and homes that are falling apart….

Review The Cheapest says:

This sounds like a great solution for big offices.

Bill Rich says:

Nice video Andru, really. Netgear made a smart choice having you do a video for them. But I gotta tell ya…I have a home just a little bit smaller than 2,500 sq.ft. I’m using my cable company supplied Gateway Arris TG-1682G, with 2 of Netgear’s extenders, and ran an Ethernet wire from each extender to the desired device, located at both ends of the home. My provider speed is 80 mbps, and I get that at each device. And you’re right….every once in a while I might have to unplug and plug an extender back in, or restart the Gateway….which should be done anyway about once a week, so I do it all at the same time. My cost..$110.00. So whatever inconvenience there is with extenders is easily made up with their cost vs the cost of Orbi. Who am I to say who Netgear’s market is for Orbi, but if none of this was rocket science for me, it shouldn’t be for many others as well. And in doing so saving mucho dinero. Ya gotta luv dis stuph!

OTechTime says:

Hey Andrew just came across your channel from Video Influencers. Great tips you shared. I am a year and change into this YouTube game as far as tech wise. I would love to talk to you more so on a personal level regarding YouTube tech edition.

JayzBeerz says:

wish i had this but can’t afford it

The1andonlyBYack says:

Have you tried the EERO since they did their big TrueMesh update?

Gregory Richardson says:

Just stumbled across your channel while researching mesh WiFi systems. You’ve gained a new subscriber sir! Looking down your previous videos it feels like you’re in my head dude LOL

dragonof Darkness says:

asus ac5300

Criminaljustice79 says:

Does anyone know how or if it is possible to connect an external hard drive to these routers for storage? Thanks in advance.

Tubong Purok Saranay says:

still too expensive, $300 is the max imo

duane groomes says:

I’m connected with a DSL Netgear modem wifi ,it sucks in ways but by far better than the box full of crap I have tried in the past.Will Netgear service what they sell past the warranty date.

sean persaud says:

Hey i have a netgear night hawk x6 and its giving me some problems with coverage . Do you think the orbi will be a better replacement ?

robbskittles II says:

Has any tried connecting a fourth satellite and does it work?

Zaquanna Williams says:

I have one question can my Netflix run good off of this??

Sonny Boy says:

Hi Andru, is it possible to connect the Orbi to another router and put the wifi off on that router? I cannot do without my current V10 Experiabox because my tv is hooked pn it. I currently use a Apple network but it’s not happy with the V10 and my TC drops out of my network and wifi drops in rooms further away while I do use two extensions.

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