NETGEAR Nighthawk XR500 Pro Gaming Router Review with DumaOS

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Netgear’s new XR500 combines their popular hardware with a new gaming router OS called Duma. See more routers: and subscribe!

00:43 – Price and hardware overview
01:15 – Front panel
01:36 – Ports
03:18 – Wifi modes and range estimate
04:57 – Wifi bandwidth speed test
06:50 – DUMA-OS interface
07:43 – Geo filter
09:48 – Quality of Service / Bandwidth Allocation
12:46 – Anti buffer bloat protection
14:27 – High priority traffic detection for bufferbloat
15:53 – Network monitor, VLANs, VPN / OpenVPN
18:00 – final thoughts

Duma simplifies the “quality of service” feature found on many routers to help prioritize traffic for minimal lag or latency. The router can prioritize gaming traffic from many popular games automatically running on specific devices on the network.

In my testing I found the bandwidth allocation feature to be very simple to use and it successfully directed a majority of the pipe to the device I specified. It also features an anti “buffer bloat” feature to prevent games and other activities from slowing down when the connection is saturated. It might be helpful in busy households where a lot of upstream communications are going on at the same time.

My only two knocks against this one are the lack of Ethernet ports (4). Other routers at the price point from Asus have 8. The DumaOS also carries a premium price here at $299 – Netgear has the exact same hardware in another router called the R7800 that costs $100 less.

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Map Guy says:

This seems like a copy of ASUS RT-AC88U look and features

Spuds says:

Looks like Batman/Darth Vader love child that got squashed!!!

Rebecca Muusa says:

Duma OS sounds like something that happened very recently in syria. It reminded me, not going to lie.

Good video!

Nancy Brown says:

I just bought the Nighthawk X6 myself it’s great

Supa D says:

I wonder what advantages the Netgear has over the Netduma? The original Netduma OS was just applied on a Ubiquiti enterprise router. Netduma should have the systems perfected by now..

Juan G. Sanchez says:

the video is ok. this kind of product are for families or people with more than four devices

Stephanie McKeon says:

Boy oh boy what an ugly piece of tech. So what is the security like on these things. Not too long ago Netgear products were on do not buy lists because they were vulnerable to hacks and they had poor security updates. I ended up getting a refurb Apple Airport router instead recently as it was considered the most secure.

walkerboh39 says:

Great review, Thanks Lon!

Michael Murphy says:

You covered this router well. Also, DUMA OS looks really nice. This might be the router I recommend to everyday people as I recommend pfsense to techy people.

Glenn Selby says:

Good stuff Lon. I see that Plex now supports the Nighthawk X10 AD7200 as a Plex Media Server. I’m in the market for a new router so I’m considering it. I’d love to see your review of this router and even a brief tutorial on setting it up as a Plex Media Server. Thanks for all your insights.

Matthew Davidson says:

Wonder what the future of DumaOS is? Possibly that manufacturers will create TV for own apps for it. Would love to see Wireshark downloadable package….just don’t love the price tag!

russell louw says:

Hi Lon, Russ from CT here. Love your informative videos and your knowledge of the various technological technical insite and info. My question is about Mocha, i am trying to help out two of my friends who own houses. Do they need two adapters or just one. And do you have any coupons for the Mochas.
Thanks, Russ

Buddy Love says:

I wouldn’t give you 2 cents for the DumaOS or the company that created it.

Chris Pistocco says:

Great Review!!!!

S B says:

Looks like Night rider.

Baldeep Birak says:

On a Draytek Router, VLAN settings for ethernet or WiFi is useful in comparison

Azzagard says:

Pretty neat router although a bit pricey to be sure. Great review Lon!

mchief190 says:

I bet you at night, while everybody is sleeping, this router sprouts hover jets and laser cannons.

NiceGuy019 says:

As nice as this is, the “alien” look is off-putting. It’d be nice if gaming products would make the alien look optional, possibly as a cosmetic accessory.

RagingDork says:

So is this better than the synology rt2600ac as far as interface and qos?

Frank Mather says:

thanks for the Netgear Nighthawk XR500 review. I was thinking of getting this router I do game on console. Keep up with the great work!

Daniel Tekmyster says:


ThumbsUpMan says:

lol with dumbOS.

Fred Zlotnick says:

If you are hardwired using Ethernet ( I agree, that’s the best scenario) you don’t need a $300 router, a $100 router is just fine.

505 Strat says:

The router is nothing special. All fluff and hype. DUMAOS must be in Beta because it’s a clunker and the displays are a joke. I much prefer the traditional Netgear OS. Netgear GUI went backwards from the Nighthawk R8000. The XR500 is way overpriced – just because it has “Gaming” in the name. Don’t fall for the marketing hype like I did. [insert sad face and regret here].

– Should have speed test button on page rather than have to go through Setup Wizard.
– Router cannot even identify other Netgear devices in map.
– Doesn’t display MAC address of router in GUI.
– Network Monitor shows utilization but only displays as “unknown”. At least show the IP or MAC when mouse-over.
– DUMA OS very sloooooooooow to respond. Takes like 10-15 seconds between commands or changing views.
– QOS doesn’t work! ‘Error: This R-app is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute’.
– Network Map is a total mess. Names overlap and cannot be read. Should be a list or at least prevent overlap of names.
– Network map shows four IP’s but only one MAC. Those IP’s actually are for (4) different devices.

Note: I had to get rid of my Nighthawk R8000 because is crawled like a snail and had to be rebooted 2-3 times a day after a Netgear firmware update. Before the update everything worked great. I highly recommend NOT updating your Netgear firmware EVER. That’s a sad suggestion given all the security risks on the Internet but Netgear did something very bad to my R8000 last month. I think next time I’ll avoid Netgear….

Yes, I’m running the latest firmware. The router is functioning okay (except QOS) but the interface/GUI is slow and poorly written. I’m stuck with this overpriced brick for at least 2 years when I upgrade. Then I’ll chuck it like a Frisbee.

Robert Drake says:

Netgear has a bad reputation in Canada for awful customer support and warranty. Even though they advertise a one year warranty they only give you 90 days to talk to a CS rep without paying, thus if you have a hardware problem after 90 days you’re going to pay for your “warranty” to get it fixed. I’d stay clear.

II_ DontCare_II says:

Does this work with HughesNet or satellite?

TheDallasdeadeye says:

are these routers used instead of the ome router or is it used to boost signal, ive never used one

Khaled AlHammadi says:

Thank you. I like your reviews. Your reviews are honest

madmax2069 says:

Love my Netgear nighthawk c7000, that just showed me how horrible the ISP provided modem and router is.

jagardina says:

I got the Netgear Nighthawk X6S on sale at Costco. I’ve been extremely happy with the performance overall, could do with more than 4 LAN ports out the back. Had to get a switch to go with it. I do like the look of the Duma OS but am not going to upgrade my router just to get it.

S B says:

That OS Gui is lovely.

Kenneth Lawson says:

While I’m not a gamer, I do see possibilities of managing network traffic for streaming devices,such as Rokus to give them porrity over regual computer raffic, that would be something to explore on arouter like this.

riopato2009 says:

Costco is selling this with the netgear gaming switch for $300

saturnotaku says:

Do the USB ports support connecting a printer?

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