Netgear AC1200 Router Setup and Review – Model R6120-100NAS

Netgear AC1200 Dual-Band Wifi Router Setup and Review – R6120
Link to Netgear AC1200(R6120):
Link to Netgear AC1200(R6230) Gigabit:

Today I’m looking at the extremely popular Netgear AC1200 Wifi Router. The Netgear AC1200 is a Dual-Band Wifi Router and this is important if you’re coming from an older router, like I was.


Alan Acuna says:

Is it good for Xbox live?

Pop Podcast says:

I’m upgrading from a netgear n300 router to the ac1200. I cannot get the ac1200 to connect to the internet. I’m using a cisco cable modem that works just fine with the n300 and I’ve insured that all cables are plugged in securely. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Blackie Chan says:

Can you please tell me wheres the wps button?


Ok I’m new to this stuff so I have AT@T I get 2MB Download speed will it increase it ?

Blackie Chan says:

Where’s the wps button????

Davide Loi says:

Thanks for this video. Not too long, not too short. All the important information is there, and also the relaxed and essential style is great.

Mohammad Sayedul Hoq says:

I just bought today and setting is running

Bsheets21 says:

Will “Vortex” make a comeback? Your old WiFi name?

Captornite says:


*Bubble Butt*

Wendy Duarte says:

My Router was working super good and fast no buffering about 6 month. But I been having problems 1 week know that every video I see it buffers or stop several times. Anyone with this problem what should I do ? Thanks

mason kemkemian says:

Do you have to plug into a modem?

Alexandr Bittkin says:

Thanks man!

Joel Harper Thomas says:

could someone help me

Michael R says:

how many megabits do you get from your ISP plan?

Joel Harper Thomas says:

only one light is coming on

Haydenwoah says:

So much to fucking do omg

Fabian Magana says:

the third led light is red? why is that? need help ASAP!

star fan says:

does this bost you wifi signal?

Petros Baltayan says:

ReviewLamp Hi, I’ve been looking for a router with its own built in wifi. I was looking on Amazon and the customer service rep recommended the Netgear AC1000 Router. They said that it has its own built in wifi and that I dont have to connect it to my current home router/wifi in any way. They assured me that its a whole different network itself. Is that true? My home router tends to get busy and occupied thus making everyones connection to the internet in my house slow or unresponsive. This is why I’m looking to buy a router with its own built in wifi for my own room in the house. I also happened to see the Netgear AC1200, the one from this video, and was wondering if that has its own built in wifi as well. I plan on using one of these routers for my gaming console. I plan on putting it right next to my console. I can’t have it wired because the home router is in a room farther away. Also I dont want to have one of these routers connected to the wifi network for my home router because like I said the home router gets busy and occupied causing it to be slow or unresponsive. I dont want it connected to the current wifi I have because I dont want one of these routers to crash/become unresponsive when my home router does. So my main questions are as follows based on my description. Was the Amazon rep right about it having its OWN Wifi? Do they both have built in wifi or just one of them? And lastly, can I setup either of these routers without connecting it to my home router/wifi in any way? Thanks.


Will this router work with an AT&T U-Verse NVG589 Modem??

akaMST says:

Do u have to pay monthly? Can u anwser asap because i wanna get a router soon

Marcos Barrera says:

What do we do if the third light doesn’t come on at all.

John Cutrone says:

Mine should be here tomorrow. I am excited to see my home network improve.

speedy Thunder says:

What modem do you have?

Zeeh says:

Anybody upgrading from the shitty TalkTalk Huawei HG633 router? Currently getting low speeds and looking to get this Netgear router. Thanks alot!

Asmaa Abed says:

Just purchased one and now installing

deezy badasx says:

is it wireless

Arif Rubayet says:

Just bought ! Thanks for the instruction.

Neox Gaming says:

When I tried to connect the netgear82 wifi, it’s saying that there’s no internet connection what do I do now?

Alzify says:

Lol I get 1.78 megabits per second I definitely need to upgrade

Ismael Reyes says:

I did everything you did in the video but somehow it still shows ‘page cant open’ meaning im wifi less.

Leomared Campos says:

is it a gigabit router?
and can I seperate DHCP and static IP?

Raphael M. says:

I usually get 28~52 mbps downs with my old router. This AC1200 got me 200+ mbps downloads, with 230mbps being the highest so far. All this time, I thought my ISP was cheating me. My old router was just outdated and needed replacing.

Master chief says:

Is it good for gaming

Angel Sanabria says:

Can you do the process thru the cel phone?

Cain middle school says:

can some one explain how it works do we have to get a plan for the WiFi to pay monthly or dose it just come with WiFi

Kr4zy says:


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