Home WiFi has come a long way. Mesh wireless AP networks are the latest and best option. They are fast, easy to setup, and cover large homes. I test, demo, setup & review 3 of the top brands for 2018 – GOOGLE, NETGEAR, TP-LINK.

Disney Circle Review:


TooBarFoo says:

I think you should have given more info on the other strengths, Netgear can not be used to expand Ethernet through the building, tp-link adds network based anti virus etc…

Muhammad Rahimi says:

My 4 year old ($75) router provides way better coverage than this TP-Link crap for $229! — 4:48  (45 square feet! 😉 )

Jibreel Siddiqui says:

Hello, How would I be able to get in contact with you to send you products for a review?

Louis Y says:

Binge watching this channel while waiting for the drawing. This is nothing new. Apple Routers been meshable forever now. And I still believe they are far superior if you already subscribe to Apple ecosystems. Just saying.

Mitchell McGillicuddy says:

Dude… too much. Yap yap yap! Never got to the point I had to shut you off. You lost me within the first 60 seconds… Next

jerry Robinson says:

Please help, I have no problem with coverage, my problem is speed, I pay for gig speed service. But wifi only showing 4 to 500mbps on 5ghtz … eithernet connect is 8 to 900.. using comcasts xb6 router modem

comment says:

what about eero?

Charlie G. says:

Great video Kite. I’m currently using xfinity gateway xb3. If i go with one of these, do i have to switch off the wifi in my gateway or will it automatically do that when it detects this unit?

Shane Zeppelin says:

How much coverage do these have into a back yard or into a detached garage? I have a garage that is about 50-60 feet from my house (and another 15 feet from my router). I can get a signal to the garage, but it is weak. I have an extender, but it does not work well and I find it to be slower than just using the weak signal right off the router. If I have my garage door open I can stream to a TV in the garage, but not very far into the garage. If I close the door, forget it. Would any of these mesh systems work with one unit in the house on the wall nearest to the garage, and a unit plugged into the garage (approx. 60ft away)? This would essentially cover my back yard, but I’m not sure how close the units need to be to each other to keep a strong signal.

Thant Zin says:


eric bixby says:

Just wondering why you went with the Deco M5 instead of the Deco M9, which is tri-band, and was released in advance of this video. I would think the M9 would be a better comp to the Orbi.

Agnes Wang says:

Hi I like your videos, Can you tell me your email address ? We have a nice product, will you consider to review home security camera ?

Craig Dennington says:

Good review! But I don’t like the built in power plug on the Netgear… as the double wall power sockets become useless as a double socket.

Quatele says:

Mesh wifi within a building is ridiculous. You are opening a can of problems. Do yourself a huge favor and spend the extra time and money to hard wire APs to a central switch. You will thank yourself for many years into the future.


Mesh is awesome!!!
Ubiquity has mesh now and it rocks.
Really cool netscout ap/wifi tester.

Nathan Cunningham says:

I didn’t realize the Netgear Orbi came with Circle by Disney built-in. Between that and the performance you’ve sold me on it over Google WiFi. I just really wish 802.11ax would hurry up and make it here already.

Pinewood Derby says:

Mesh is the best! Great review

Just4commentchannel says:

as of today…the Orbi sells at Best Buy for $199

Félix Hernández says:

I have a wired network currently and would use it as the backbone to connect the APs. Looks like the Orbi satellite has no inputs, so I can not used a wired backbone. From I can gather the Orbi must be one 2.4Ghz and two 5 Ghz, which it will use one of those 5Ghz for the backbone connection between the main and satellites. You only showed SNR (SIgnal to Noise) ratios. What where the Mbps you got between the 3?

Hamid says:

Great video I don’t have problems inside my house but outdoor where all my Ring cameras and doorbell signal is very poor and Im looking for a good mesh WiFi system which system is the best for outdoor cameras and doorbell thank you

Razor Ramona says:

*STEER CLEAR OF NETGEAR ORBI*, at least until they get the crazy firmware issues fixed (if they ever do). 2 sets have bricked on me because of auto firmware updates that netgear pushes whether you want it or not. Attempting to factory reset, back flashing the older firmware that actually worked, and all other stuff Netgear tech support suggests results in bricking one or both router/satellite. It’s something with the backhaul and not sure how true this is, but seems ISP in US is having more issues than say in the UK. I really want that Razer Sila but it’s been out of stock since release date.

Magnificent-Jazz Michael says:

Awesome video. I know the google has to be the router and you can’t use another style of router and disabling the dhcb which is why I took it back. I am look at the orbi right now. Both the netgear and google and be wired in to lower the wifi traffic which enhances the wifi responsiveness. Also a great feature.

Vic says:

Hi, Andrew. I’m a first-time viewer and subscriber. Thanks for a great video. Can you review the new Samsung SmartThings WiFi?

james elliott says:

Found your nest video. Like your content. Earned a sub, I usually don’t sub to people under 100k but you clearly will be there soon. Keep up the good work making good content .

George Eberhardt says:

I have been trying to decide what to buy for 6 months. Now I know exactly what to do. THANKS!

Mike Butrym says:

Great video Kite! This certainly makes the world of Mesh networking much more clear to me. Can you look at the ASUS AIMesh (ASUS AC1900) at some point? I think it’s also in the same class as the Netgear/Google/TP-Link.

Again, great video, great work thanks!

Allapon Hutasingh says:

SNR stand for Signal to Noise Ratio (Unit in dB). It is the performance indicator for any communication system.

Jonathan L says:

Add the Asus Blue Cave please

Barbara Eberhardt says:

Great vid !

Philip Basile says:

Nice slide dude!

snakemonkey555 says:

Great video! Thanks for the KISS tutorial. So I have FIOS, does either devices replace my FIOS router or does it work in conjunction? Thanks.

Jason Boston says:

Did you say the TP-Link will cover a home up to 45 sqft? Talk about a tiny home…lol.

ChinskiChat says:

Did you say a higher SNR was better? I just watched another video saying lower was better. Which is it I wonder …

ImaITman says:

I feel like if you’re interested enough to watch this video then you’re knowledgable enough to just use a few cheaper routers to create your own APs. I can’t see any reason that a home would need the small bit of reliability that mesh gives you over traditional APs. Anybody else feel this way or am I crazy? BTW, great video you really are thorough and I appreciate you not having switch bait on your channel like so many of the big names on YouTube.

Magnificent-Jazz Michael says:

Also the orbi claims tri band but it only allows you to use two and the third is its own network communication range.

Mike Donaldson says:

The performance on the Orbi would have been much better had you used the other satellites and not the ones that plug right into the outlet. Those satellites have a bit more power plus two ethernet ports on each.

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