Mesh Wi-Fi Showdown: Plume, Google Wifi, Eero, AmpliFi

Leo Laporte and Georgia Dow are joined by Jim Salter to compare the top WiFi mesh network systems. Jim suggests which mesh network may be right for you depending on family size and living situation. We take a look at Plume, Orbi, Google Wifi, Eero, and AmpliFi.
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Iain Alexander Hobbs, Ph. D. says:

Why no conversation on powerline and roaming wifi networks?

unnervingfalcon says:

umm I don’t know…… how about let the expert talk

Anthony408sj says:

AD technology is here 😉 New features that will exist in 802.11ad, over and above those proposed for 802.11ac (another enhancement to 802.11a), include:

Native 802.11a/b/g/n/ac support.
Seamless switching between 2.4-, 5-, and 60-GHz bands.
Channel width up to 2160 MHz (megahertz).
Throughput of up to 7 Gbps (gigabits per second).
Built-in support for wired connections.
Working range of 10 meters or more.
Improved functionality for mobile devices.
Advanced security features.
Support for power management.

John John says:

My god, how annoying. Let the guy speak instead laughing like sheep. Who cares what you have at home. Worst comparison ever, look how funny we are, i can laugh louder that you, gosh

Traveling the USA 50 says:

Yeah, through put doesn’t matter until you need it. When your plume video goes choppy you’ll understand why through put matters. Sounds like plume paid someone. It’s funny how the Ubiquiti mesh, which I don’t have, is the winner in so many test and this yahoo rates it the worst. Plume gets trashed by other reviewers.

Stubrok says:

Let the expert talk, jesus

Spaz says:

Came to comment about the annoying host talking over his knowledgeable guest and the co-host only to find that’s what everyone else thinks. Come on……

Kuth70 says:

Disappointed that Open-mesh wasn’t mentioned.

iliketech2 says:

Thanks for the Great info

jaydeeification says:

Strangely after making it sound like Plume was best, the Wirecutter guide has the Plume as 3rd pick (“also great”) behind the Orbi and Eero…

James M says:

Mesh provides great coverage, but poor performance in speed.

Liviu George says:

let the fuckin’ expert tell his ideas!

Michael Lundt says:

Linksys velop not on the table? Plume so far looks like a powerlines adapter for 6 rooms, which is not really bad.

robbskittles II says:

I go with Orbi works really well. Expensive but worth every penny.

Justin Spicer says:

Why was the google wifi even on the table? That is the one I wanted to know about, but they never said anything about it other than leo doesn’t like it and it exists.

Julian Keippel says:

Keep in mind that the Eero connects to the company’s cloud-based server at all times. Privacy advocates, take note: Eero says is only takes in diagnostic data to better maximize the mesh network, not user activities such as websites they visit, movies they stream and so on.

Gary Li says:

How do these mesh network compare to multiple APs, such as unifi UAPs?

keith Gillard says:

Big ego! Big mouth! Small brain! Thanks for wasting my time! Oh well it’s YouTube I’m used to that!

NSXLA says:

wait why would i be listening to a guy who’s video looks like crap.

Eddie Lusk says:

I am curious about the plume network. I see that you need one per room, but how do you connect it to the modem and then have a connection for your desktop computer? I haven’t seen anyone show the setup to let me see how it all works out.

Craig Bennett II says:

Google WiFi is a mesh. This is coming from someone with a Cisco level background.
They do make a true mesh.

But I think the future of WiFi is mesh. More than less because of device load. Basically you have IOT devices that will connect to it, and in the future you will have each TV, bridges for lights, cams, etc.

Jack Turner says:

Respectfully let the guest talk instead of the gentlemen host stealing all the attention. I mean he interrupted every time the guest spoke. Sounds like the host is either trying to hard or has an ego that can be overshadowed. I learned nothing.

NickF1227 says:

Netgear Orbi is cool too

Steven Wang says:

the plume is the better choice design for coverage, even for bunker walls. You can also have multiple plums per area, so less expensive to upgrade performance later. Still not a fan of Netgear software support life. I rather get separate very high performance APs for certain areas.

TheAlpha0520 says:

Why is Linksys Velop not being compared? I’m looking for a 2400ft ranch with a large yard. What would be a good option?

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