Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router Review

The Linksys WRT32X is marketed as a “gaming router” What does that mean? Should you buy one?
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Feloco says:


Nova Orbitz says:

Mine is not working all the lights are blinking and the power light isn’t on and I have it plugged in pls help

Gold Lick says:

There is alot of problems with the WiFi atm. dont not buy untill firmware fix have been confirmed.

Ebxyz says:

I can’t access the website to change the settings for the router

James Taylor says:

I like how he threw that circle object back into the box! Lmao!

dissident atheist says:

I wonder if you can put dd-wrt on that device.

mohammed1824 says:

This reviewer is Undervalued. He does his homework well, Thorough and straight to the point.

Yavor Kapitanov says:

I have the WRT1900AC. Good enough I guess for about 3-5 more years of use.

Ryen Burns says:

Production value has definitely gone up since the last video of yours that I saw (Evolv ITX review)

Gypsy Owlz says:

What has better hardware, this one or the xr500???

Maga TD- Mix says:

Hi, I have a question please,,
What is the lowest download speed and upload , so that the router can work properly?

Gamesturbator says:

Just ordered a refurbished one as that’s all I can afford. Thanks for the review. 🙂

TaekwondoAntonio says:

@UnicornReviews Yo! I watched the Linksys gaming router rev. I’m a streamer. PING and run time of stream is so bad. I have no knowledge with Internet / Routers and etc. Should upgrade my router for a descent ping or my broadband plan in Australia? Please help.

KataScars says:

youre hot

Casey Taylor says:

Garbage company, garbage router. Don’t support linksys. This company doesn’t honour refunds or exchanges on defective items.

Sarmed Ameen says:

Thank you man, this is an awesome review! I was really confused between this one and the Ac3200 ACm as I like the full black color as well, but you just answered all my questions that even a LinkSys Tech support that I chatted with earlier couldn’t address. Thumbs Up and subscribing as well, many thanks!

GZeny says:

Will it change you download and upload Speed?

Stevan Bardot says:

So why did linksys make a Xbox WRT3200 branded router if it’s the same as this one you are unboxing?.

ViP - says:

Killer is not working I have 12 devices at home and none of them supporting killer even my latest pc which it have ROG MAXIMUS X FORMULA thinking to return it back

CommandrX says:

Do not buy this overrated POS. I spent over a couple hours dealing with this router and chatting with Linksys. Final resolve was sending it back for a refund. They are trying to field repair this router with firmware updates. This thing has a major hardware issue and only a recall will resolve.

Jason Woringen says:

fq_codel & sqm scripts. no need to prioritize bandwidth to devices.

Andron MacBeton says:

Useless moron without any technical knowledge.

Prism Asus says:
ASUS RTN18U ROUTER N600 (Now On Amazon India)
The Ultimate Wireless-N Router for Gaming and Multitasking
Cortex A9 800MHz processor,
4 Gigabit Lan,
3 Adjustable Antenna,
128Mb Flash Ram And 256Mb Ram,
Built In Usb 3.0 And Usb 2.0 (For 3g/4g, Media Server, Printer Sharing, )
Vpn Server And Vpn Client Support For Total Security
Asus Aicloud App Allows You To Get Connected To Your Data Wherever Net Connected.

A B says:

You can hide your SSID but via ssh for example using Putty.

ClayDog says:

I have this router….it is bad a$$….love it

Jim Jimson says:

Use DD-WRT sorts this router out no a beast.

GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) says:

Just got one in the mail with the Xbox subscription 3-month subscription thing. I guess I’ll just go ahead and install DD-WRT and not look back.

ninja bro x says:

Thanks for this video got this for Christmas

worldwidewillem says:

Excellent review my fellow countryman. ibood has this router on offer today for 150 euros. I think that’s an offer I can’t resist.

Shadow Box says:

WTF??? No option hide SSID or filter mac addresses?????

R. R. says:

Among the following which one you suggest me to buy and why?

Linksys AC3200 (WRT3200ACM)
Linksys AC3200 Dual-Band WiFi WRT32X-CA
Linksys Wireless AC3200 (EA9200)

ASUS AC3100 (RT-AC3100/CA)

I want a good router for home which does not buffer all the time when I have an online live class to follow.

UKidz P s 4 says:

so i can put a vpn on this?

NRosanes says:

So i have 400+D/150+U mbps. How much do you think it will improve? Its $300 for the Linksys..

BlackSpider says:

howlong is the ethernet cable that came with this router?

BlackSpider says:

Does this linksys have Geofilter like the netgear ?


Marshall Mayes says:

i had nothing but problems with the wrt 3200acm and wrt32xb, neither would work with external usb hard drives, and the wrtxb cannot be setup to bridge mode.If your going to use it as gaming router i would go with the ASUS GT-AC5300, I had no problems with external drives.

D3N says:

Will it increase the Mbps (Mega bytes per second)

Cyniko says:

This is a bad internet.I brought it and it lags alot.It is really bad.

Nathan says:

I’ve the wrt 32x how do you installed the ipvanish vpn in it?

Nathan says:

Whats a killer card ?

Imz says:

is it a one time payment or monthly like other routers

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