Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 Tri-band router review

The Linksys EA8300 has the features of a high-end router at an affordable price. For the full review, go to

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botsok3skelion says:

Where TF hell is Dong Ngo?!? F you CNet for not letting Dong Ngo doing this router overview!!!

Pierre de la Cruz says:

Dong, where’d you Ngo?

D Carlson says:

I won’t buy it unless Dong Ngo says it looks like a “stealth fyda” and has two of them!

Wei Ming Kuah says:

Really miss Dong Ngo

TechXSoftware says:

What happened to Dong Ngo? I’m disappointed…

Jonathan Gandarilla says:

What’s does it mean on the black screen on WiFi’ when shows a enetrent cable

aut0n3 says:


Daedalus says:

Who is this guy? and where is Dong Ngo?

timtampa says:

No Dong Ngo, no thumbs up. CNET keeps losing their best people, and it shows!

Husam Jameel says:

omg, it would’ve been better if you just gave me the script and had me read it for myself. is it just me or this video felt like a robot was talking to me?

Alex B says:

Looks extraterrestrial

habibko says:

Dong Ngo

Abdullateef ALFozaie says:

BORING! Where’s Dong Ngo??

Patipat Pichpattamon says:

We want Dong back!!!

iTechzPCs says:

Wheres dong ngo

arnoldiusss says:

Dong has left CNET 🙁
Former CNET Staff states his profile on the CNET site.
Dong, if you’re watching, tell us how you’re doing plz and what you’re up to!

Paul Tovar says:

Dong would of had 2 or 3 of them

Justin Hinds says:

Wheres Dong Ngo

Benjamin Davidovich Waals says:

Where is Dong NGO?

JayzBeerz says:

Piece of shit router.

Tlopez2151 says:

Can I take that with me anywhere?

Max Shadow says:

I just bought this and I’m very happy I did.
This is my second Linksys router (first one was the WRT600n that was 9 years old when I retired it, it still works).
The EA8300 has really great range. It’s located on the second story of house and still get really good signal in the basement.
Foot print is a decent size, most of the newest, latest, greatest routers are HUGE. They just would not fit with my set up.
I did have to call Linksys customer service twice for an issue connecting to the internet (I might have reversed the connections, then an issue with logging in to the router with password). They were quick to answer (no long hold time) and was up and running within 10-15 minutes.
While doing my research I saw Dong Ngo review a lot of routers, to bad he’s not at Cnet any longer, I like his reviews.

Marco Donjuan says:

But… Dong Ngo???

abcd xyz says:

So many subs and so little views? Why?

Arnold Dcruz says:

Who else was super disappointed when you realised it wasn’t Dongo

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