King of Mesh WiFi?! Eero Setup & REVIEW

Eero Mesh Wifi System ➜

Key Features:
-Clean, minimal design
-Small convenient size, seamlessly fits into the design of your home (doesn’t stick out like traditional router)
-Extremely easy to setup
-Setup and configured via simple to use phone app
-Completely blankets a large home in strong wifi signals

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Zane P says:

I like this Nick guy. He’s like the Wal-Mart bran Ben, but he’s one of those Wal-Mart brands that’s like just as good as the actual brand you know? Great review overall!!

Zeeshan Ul Haq says:

hi … i need to know the website that sell atv bikes all over the world

Birat sapkota says:

Welcome Nick

Yoka /ω says:

Nick did you just get Instagram??? Cause there is a lot of Nick on Instagram and I am not sure which one is yours, but there is one who has a mesh wifi on it.

Diego Solís says:

Where ben

Q vited says:

Great review!

asian canadian says:


Faraz Javed says:

If I hook my modem up to a switch that will make all my cat6 cables hot can I plug each eero through the wall and get faster speeds.

Jim Holloway says:

Can you specify what IP address range and subnet mask for your wireless devices?

Pat Walk says:

What’s up Ben! I just met you at the art studio! Can’t wait for your review!

Adrian Mendoza says:

What? Who is Nick I missed alot

Vincent Ferrari says:

Not a bad debut at all, but just relax on the hand movements a bit 😉

Marshall Ives says:

Great job Nick! Now do one with Ben!

Every Thing Channel says:

are you gonna make video from now onn

GG Gamer says:

Nick, great first video, really didn’t seem like it- your speech was clear and loud, and generally you knew what you was talking about. Awesome work!

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

Don’t worry, I’m still here!! 🙂

Herdi Fallani says:

fantastic video

J T says:

wait, are you reviewing the gen 1, I thought the gen 2 has no ethernet ports except on the 1 eero router? also Did you use it as a modem or just an ap system? will this affect speeds?

Patryk vd meulen says:

WTF no Windows 10 app???? @ 5:00 Why Chrome??? In the last Creators Update Edge is MUCH MORE Faster and stable then ever before!

shootermaster says:

Welcome Nick. I am very impressed that you are so good xD. I hope you will do more reviews. You can try to make your videos shorter like Ben.

TheCodeTrain says:

Hi, I normally get around 3mb/s I was just wondering if that was a good speed or if I am living in a hole

Also, i live in Australia

and it is colour, not color

Klabby K says:

Were the Eero pros not Ethernet back-hauled? Is that why you are getting 50Mbs when roaming? If they’re are ethernet back-hauled 50Mbs seems very bad.

Kenneth Campbell says:

The Eero is so chic. Reminds me of my Mac mouse. Good review, thanks Nick! So strange to hear someone other than Ben do the outro. Side note: absolutely stunning home decor! Like a model house. Looking forward to the next video from you guys — maybe a scooter competition video 🙂

flamepeace says:



ItsMeGiga says:

If you don’t mind a bit more configuration you can save yourself money and get zero hand off, frequency preference and other cool features go with Ubiquiti. Aps are between 70 and 110, you can run multiple ssids and have just as fast Internet speeds with them. I run my 3500sqft house and entire back yard on 2 and the zho works flawlessly. Took me 20 min to configure it all

Stiffcross Tech h says:

where’s ben?

Liveinsydney says:

Good job nick.
Similar to sonos setup.
Bernie in sydney

stillxling says:

that guy Nick seems pretty cool!

Alexander Øfelt says:

I have an unmanaged Linksys PoE switch connected to my internetrouter. From the switch i today have several cheap ap’s connected via ethernetcable, serving as individual hotspots. Would i be able to connect this Eero system through my switch via ethernet, or do I have to chainlink the Eeros throughout the house?

Mattiger says:


Gary Traina says:

How good does it work with Echo & Smart TV wireless

liby hillman says:

Nick you are very good can’t wait to see another video

footballgk says:

Who is this guy and what has he done to Ben? Jokes aside, great informative video like always 🙂

JayzBeerz says:

gen 1 is trash get the gen 2 but for $500.00 i think that’s way to expensive.

Rollin Films says:

Nice job! A little less obsessive hand-to-speech synchronised karate chops next time and it’s perfect.

Hardest Drops says:

Ben authentic tech videos

Yoann Monteil says:

Very good video! But could you please talk a little more slowly? I’m french and it was some times hard to follow everything…
But I really like your video!

Kacper Prymicz1 says:

So is ben dead how do you get the information

Droneing for life 2343 says:

where the real ben

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