Google WiFi System Mesh Router Review

Google WiFi is a Mesh 3-Pack Router replacement for whole home coverage. Google WiFi has a new type of connected system for seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, helping eliminate dead zones and buffering. We review the setup, system and unboxing.

Google WiFi

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Google WiFi replaces your current router, and works your modem and internet service.

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Willie lacy says:

I have had the Google Wifi for about 6 months and I live it. I was having issues with my router which didn’t do well with all my wifi devices. I recommend it if you have tons of wifi products and a medium or big home. Excellent product I have had no issues since getting it.

Renzogmg says:


Jimmy Cees says:

Cindy honey, i love what you did with your hair.. Looks great. : )
Anika is great also.. You gotta love a woman that is sooo patient and looks sooo good. thanks girls.

HomeAutomationX says:

Smart Home Tech in this video
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John Crook says:

Do you have a link for UK Amazon Shop X???

Andy Zavoina says:

Big question, does it lose speed with the points? In the “olden” days adding an extender sounded great, but not if you thought the speed would be similar to the originating point. It wasn’t.

Robert Freund says:

Mmm nice, love to have that great stuf in home

Rodney Sharp says:

Check out Ubiquiti UniFi Access Point AC Lite or the Long range version better antenna. I added 2 for my house $90 each I get all bars in my neighbors house.

Justin Tuffy says:

Hi Cindy/Anika,

Great video! I like the accessories that hold the units and adapter to keep a clean look! I am strongly considering this one!

Keep the videos coming.

Dark hair all the way Cindy!

GML says:

Every video is mad distracting



Ron M says:

Thanks ladies. I have the Google WiFi mesh system and love it. Fantastic coverage and have never had an issue with signal dropping.

Baba Mustapha says:

How does it compare with other mesh routers. I.e. Samsung connect, orbi, linksys, etc. would definitely benefit knowing comparison of the major options. Price, functions, setup and ease, etc.

Zuhair Hlayel says:

Google wifi mesh router system can’t be compared to eero system. If I give eero five stars I’ll give google only tow stars. I have 2 eero systems to cover my house due to the thick concrete, brick and stone walls and partitions.

Rika Kan says:

Great video..very informative

Gaby Rich says:


Armando Aranda says:

Do you like country music? Do you want kids? Do you only speak and understand English?

SaajanB says:

The guest access feature to certain devices is pretty useful, would be a pain to get it set up if you had a traditional VLAN based setup!

Nishit Er says:

Anika you always ring my bells…

Tampatec says:

Probably buy that this year. I heard great things.

tabaghdissar says:

#1 Always fantastic and useful video’s. You both look beautiful

Maurice May says:

Google WiFi is amazing. The app is really easy to use. I love all the control it gives you over your network.

BrownGeezer01 says:

Sorry I wasn’t paying attention

Gregory Howard says:

Yes I have a mesh system and I love them. Great video!!

Jacob Hernandez says:

Where can I find Ankia

Omar F. Rodriguez Morales says:

A freebie/giveaway would be nice, both ladies look pretty beautiful

juan evangelista says:

i do, i have the samsung smart things

The Eye in the Sky Photography says:

I have these, worth every penny

Chris M says:

Most beautiful girl on you .
Love your hair.
I went out and bought one. immediately.

jacob60617 says:

Another great video ladies. I so need this in my house. I get weak WiFi around my house. Looks easy to setup. I’m getting this bra and threw your site. Thanks for the amazing videos.

Mario Rivera says:

Great video ladies!

mrrobotobrains says:

I have Google Fiber internet in the house. It’s amazing how short of a distance it takes to lose reception. My house size doesn’t require this, but this sounds like the perfect fit for many.

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