Google Wifi Setup and Review – The Best Home Wi-Fi I’ve Ever Used

Checking out the Google Wi-Fi mesh network setup which is the best Wifi setup I’ve ever had in my home.

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Allen Yang says:

i am still rocking with Google first onhub and it is being great.

griffielliott279 says:

I just got mine like 15 minutes ago and I’m loving it. but the one thing I noticed that your speeds was higher than mine. could this be the internet provider?? or could it be I have only 1??

T Washington says:

whats the range on one device

da3bas1 says:

i have 1 apple express at home already connected to the modem.
can i mesh the apple express in another room with the google wifi ?
plus i have wifi speakers connected to airplay. will that be affected?

Hannah Holmquist says:

I don’t need google wifi.

SimplePerson says:

I am wondering how much data google collects from this router … damn we are really sold out to google – well our data is!

BefamTheAmazing BTA says:

This is an amazing channel

Antonio Wilson says:

Can I still connect this to my cable modem if though my cable service is off

Bogdan Andrei says:

Nice video man!

Bari Vitolo says:

Question, would I have to change all my present passwords? I have Sonos, Smart TV, Directv, Alexa, Nest….?

mufasa226 says:

Clean your disgusting finger nails.

Sweeper92 says:

Hard-wiring house for ethernet, after that wifi will only be for phones/tablets and each wireless router will have it’s own direct ethernet connection to the base router/modem. One on each level for a total of three, each fed by direct wired connection. Expecting wifi speeds of roughly 300 mb/s.

Gregory Stewart says:

Google wifi works great!!

Le Xuan Ho says:

can You please cite the input and output for the USB-c Adapter please ?! I wonder if this works in my country or not? thank you!

KingSnowCone says:


Gerardo Leyson says:

if you only had 1 would it have to always be connected to modem via ethernet cable?

Jas B says:

Can I use 2 of these for a 3200 Sq ft house?

Tech Valet says:

I still haven’t been able to snag one of these for myself in Canada. Great video though, I could listen to your voice for days!

Ezana Genanaw says:

I like your vids

Redneck Nation says:

AWESOME REVIEW and very knowledgable and informative. Been on the fence about getting this for our business and now after watching this video will pull the trigger. Thanks and God bless

johnny says:

i ordered my a few days ago before this video, ive bin meaning to get the but have bin putting it off

Nathan McCollum says:

How long is the power cable?

Kelon Phillip says:

I have great memories from the first generation Xbox.

Jeanette Lynn says:

I love the wifi name lol

Tech Pro says:

oh my god I suggest turning on Ethernet mode on your netgear modem since Google WiFi is extending the internet connection through Ethernet

Maddog8148 says:

What kind of router are you using to connect to your google wifi?

tigerbalm says:

$300+ is effing $$$ for something that has limited networking capabilities! How do you plug in 5+ USB storage drives, servers via cat5?

D Jaquith says:

Nice video and information. My sole concern regarding Google WiFi is its tracking.

While our Internet system works, whole house CAT6 wired and a couple Access Points the multi-SSID is a real PITA for our mobile devices (phones, tablets and notebooks). Verizon FiOS offered a really horrible ‘mesh’ solution and I’ve been looking for a replacement.

Enrique A Vargas says:

Hi, great informative video. I have a question, would this benefit me more than having a router and extender? I have a Netgear Nighthawk X6 and a Netgear Nighthawk X4 Extender, I have a very large co-op and I’m constantly having to reboot my router and with the extender connected I receive half the speed in the back of the co-op, will this meshing system give me the same amount of speed through out the house?

Ignacio Hawthorne says:

This was a great video, man. Thank you….I’m purchasing the Google setup next week, so it’s nice to see a clean review.

Rixter says:

Nice review. If I put one of the devices inside a wooden (closed) bookshelf, will that greatly affect the range? As nice as it looks, I still prefer it out of sight

Xuan says:

Does this extend your signal a bit? I just bought one to test it out. Hopefully it works for me. I always have issues with the size of my home and internet signal.

dupuychile says:

Will it still work great if i connect it to my router on bridge mode?

terryseller2001 says:

can i use wan to first google wifi, and then output lan to my time capsule at room from google wifi 2~~!??

Tech Pro says:

Great Video!

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