Google WiFi Router Review!

Here’s my Google WiFi Router Review! This system is capable of creating a wireless mesh network to give you the optimal WiFi coverage in you place. Like, share and enjoy the video!

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JayzBeerz says:

Netgear Orbi is a much better system and the most fastest wifi

Might Guy says:

do you have to pay monthly for this?

Jason Carmichael says:

Will it be possible to set up a web server type thing? Like a camera on port 81?

Carlito says:

YouTube unsubbed me from you!!

Daleylife says:

I appreciate the review, but I would suggest you slow down your speaking a little.

Daniel Herrera says:

We didn’t need the lion vs hyena metaphor lol. The concept is simple enough.

Justin Payne says:

I was thinking $59.99 or $69.99 but $129 for one? I’ll pass.

Jerraill Murphy says:

Great Video !

LTG network says:

routers? they are more like access points

Scott Malugin says:

They are access points!!!

TheJclu13 says:

this is an overview not a review you didn’t tell us anything about if it actually works well speeds ping signal strength ….

George Japaridze says:

Who understands the technology, networking and etc, would say this is a beautifully designs stuff, but nothing more. You can do all of those things and more in ordinary WIFI routers.

PENDANTturnips says:

This thing logs everything that goes in and out of it, guaranteed.

Reason over Dogma says:

they going to track your info and sell it. obviously lol

Zach H says:

I love mine!

LetsGetJaked says:

I have yet to see a Gateway work better than a Router and Modem combo. Gateways are just more user friendly. if you have a Gateway and wanna get Google Mesh (or any better router) I would recommend puting it in “bridge mode” which will disable the Gateways DHCP, Firewall, and Nat filter.

VaporSwift Media says:

sorry I havent watched in awhile but glad I came back. great review

Seth M says:


MatafiedGaming says:

I’ll forever be showing my support! Great video Soldier!

d0wnshift says:

For the effort you put into these videos, you should be getting more than your average views. Such a shame to see this happening 🙁

Fred McIntyre says:

Really cool, I’ve been interested in mesh networking since I first saw Ubiquiti and after that eero. The use of a mobile app does seem like the biggest advantage of Google wifi. I don’t currently have a need for a mesh network in my small Brooklyn home ( for now I’ll stick with my lion ) but I might implement one in the future when I retire and move further south.

Jun Ross Dizon says:

LION! lol soldier you’re one funny guy! great video.

Patrick Furey says:

Just set mine up and I love it

vma081 says:

thank you for all the info 🙂

Eddie Vedder says:

blacks would have an easier time in life if more were like this guy

David Ford says:

I’m from the uk and one router will cost me £219.99….. that’s $250+ for just one. What the hell?

Benjamin S. Whipple says:

Lion!!!!! Lol

lllSCOOPlll says:

Another tool from google to spy on us.

kekambas79 says:

So, basically, this is an enhancement to the modem? Thanks for sharing!!

Richard Díaz says:

What router are you using?? You said is better??

Scott Malugin says:

They are not routers!!!

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