Google Wifi Review & Setup! Worth the $$$?

Google Wifi review & setup. Best wireless router?
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Google Wifi is not your typical wireless router. It’s a sleek, easy-to-use device that’s designed to be the simplest and most future proof way of filling your home with wifi. It comes in a 1-pack for $129 or a 3-pack for $299. So you can get just one if you want to replace your current wifi router in an area up to 1500 sq ft. But one of the main features of Google Wifi is the expandable mesh network which lets you have multiple Google Wifi points that work seamlessly together to fill up an area up to 4500 sq ft with no dead spots. It has a quad-core ARM CPU, blazing fast AC1200 Wi-Fi standard, simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4/5 GHz) with Network Assist Technology, and it’s backwards-compatible with your current devices (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)

In the box is the Google Wifi point with two gigabit ethernet ports, a quick start guide, a 6.5 ft ethernet cable, and the power cable. To set up Google Wifi you’ll need: a free Google account, an Android or iOS device, high speed internet, and a modem. First connect your power cable to the Google Wifi point then connect the ethernet cable from your modem into the globe icon port on the Wifi point, then connect the power adapter to an outlet. Next, install the free Google Wifi app on your smartphone or tablet and make sure Bluetooth is turned on as well. When the app finds your Wifi point it will ask you to scan the QR code that’s on the base of the device or you can type the code manually. Select the location of your Wifi point so you can identify it later. The next steps will ask you to name your Wifi network and create a Wifi password. Google Wifi uses WPA2-PSK security if you were wondering. The app will proceed to create and finalize your network. Tell it how many Wifi points you have then click next and it most likely will start to install available updates. That’s another good thing about Google Wifi, it has automatic security updates.

When you see that your Wifi is ready you can go to your wifi settings and connect to the new Wifi network that you just created.

One of the best features of Google Wifi is the app which not only walks you through the entire setup like we just did, but it’s also the one-stop shop to easily manage your wifi network. Some of the things you can do include network checks which tests your internet download and upload speeds and keeps a history of the speeds for you to compare. You can also test the speed of the Wifi to your device to make sure you have a good base connection. You can set up Guest Wifi that creates a totally separate wifi network for guests with its own separate name and password. You can enable a feature called Family WiFi Pause which is good for parents who want to turn off Wifi access to their kids devices at certain times. You can also see all the devices that are currently connected to your network along with a list of devices that have connected in the past. You can give priority to a device for a certain period of time. You can see your network data usage. In the settings area you can change various settings of your wifi point, reset it, do some advanced tasks like setting IP reservations, UPnP, port forwarding, or changing DNS servers.

Now one of the biggest concerns of owning a router made by Google is wondering if Google is spying on your data. Well here’s the clause from the Wifi app. It states in bold: “Google Wifi app and your Wifi points do not track the websites you visit or collect the content of any traffic on your network.”

So I’m not too worried about Google spying on my data traffic. However some of the things I don’t particularly like about Google Wifi is the lack of ethernet ports. Most routers have at least 4 ethernet ports while Google Wifi only has 2. And for $129, it seems like it should definitely have 4 ports. I also wish they offered a 2-pack, instead of just a 1 and 3 pack.

Having said that, I still think Google Wifi is one of the best wireless routers you can get right now because of the automatic updates, the simplicity of setup and management using the free app, the sleek white design, and especially the super fast expandable mesh network for future proofing. I bought it to replace my old wireless router and i’m definitely keeping it.

If you want to get one for yourself the link is in the description below. My question for you is: what router do you have right now and will you be replacing it with Google Wifi? Leave a comment and let me know. My name is Andy, thank you for watching. I will see you in the next video.


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Brandon Salt says:

Sleek review Andy, keep it up.

Jon Martinez says:

Do you need a modem to setup google wifi? I only have a dsl router which is very slow

FreshHeat says:

Would this be good for gaming idk what to do cause I play 2k and get lagged out all the time, I have no idea if I need new internet… HELP PLEASE

Cookie with sunglasses says:

We need a new Wi-Fi router but they’re all sold out online! D:

Zach says:

Just bought mine I’m replacing a 8 year old net gear. Just wasn’t stable enough for a smart home

Arthur Neves says:

any clues when google is releasing the router in Canada?

Erik Magni says:
Modem – why should I need a modem? I don’t have a modem and I really don’t like to get one. Have I misunderstood something?

Carved Parachute says:

Do you still have a to pay monthly for wifi ?

Wavester64 says:

Excellent video Andy! My IP supplies my wireless router and its a *D-Link DIR-868L*. Would the Google Wi-Fi be considered an upgrade to what
I have currently?

argylecat says:

Nice overview! My question would be how well would this behave behind a residential gateway (like the Sophos UTM home license)? I use access points in Infrastructure Mode that connect to my gateway via a switch. It has worked well for years, but the hand-off between coverage areas has been a little clunky (sometimes requiring device resets). Can I simply replace my access points with these? What about using one as a bridge between switches?

Andy Slye says:

Buy Google Wifi on Amazon:

CraftStyleXDVlogs says:

6th i am early lol

Tony Li says:

google wifi can let you have faster wireless speed?

Nick Hardwick says:

The Google WiFi looks awesome, but I’m keeping my Asus AC2400. Faster speeds, quad band, and it gets great coverage already.

Bear Sheperd says:

can you tell me if i can change the security settings to lose the PSK and make it just WPA2?

Ehsan Ansari says:

to have a faster speed, can you connect the hubts via Ethernet to the main hub? Would that increase the connection speed?

Jesse Locke says:

I was about to hit the “buy” button on Amazon until I heard “only two Ethernet ports.” That’s a deal breaker. My desktop, my wife’s desktop and my XBoxOne all work best with wired internet. However, I have lots of wireless tech also.


have a verizon modem and a router pack together and was place in my basement..couldnt get a stable wifi connection…is adding a google wifi router helps me getting a stable wifi connection if i place it on our family room?

645akz says:

My virgin media (superhub 3.0) is fine for now. This is definitely something I’ll consider in the (near) future.
Hoping to switch to Hyperoptic ISP soon for 1gb speed (great for gaming: League of Legends – E-Sports).

Is there an adapter for people who want more slots? So somebody would plug an Ethernet port adapter into the 2nd slot and then they’ll have 4 more slots open (as an example).

Dirk Diggler says:

I have an apple extreme and I hate it I’m replacing with Google wifi

SockNastre says:

Nice 🙂
Might buy this.

Kevim Sulejman says:

wait google wifi is built in wifi yes or no. so why do i need a router, just asking because i dont want to pay monthly internet.

spursdynasty22 says:

please excuse me if I missed this question,
my current setup (basic home network) wireless cable modem/router combo (TP-Link AC 1750)
– Does this work in addition to my current w-fi modem/router?
– Or does this take the place of?

Melanie Groehler says:

I have charter spectrum

B Mars says:

How does the Google WiFi handle multiple devices on at on time? We normally have at least 6 devices on at a time and our current Archer C7 struggles to keep up at times.

Sourabh Biswas says:

does it work in China? because google is restricted there. So how to configure the router without VPN?

Squatato Pod says:

I have an Apple Airport Extreme. I love it

Garmashua says:

After watching about Kim Dotcom this Wife spot looks “very attractive “:)

Terri Moreland says:

once this is set up do you remove the ethernet cable or does it have to stat plugged in?

Superfrax007 says:

So You Just spend 129 dollars for a thing that connects to your modem to navigate on the web, when You could Simply connects to the modem.


How do you solve the lack of ethernet ports?? Nice vid!

Donovan Goodwin says:

Great review! I think I will be replacing my old, old Linksys router, the one that only costed like $49. Definitely worth the upgrade in my eyes.

Diany Noel says:

Does this mean I have to keep my Bluetooth on in order to use it? I kept my Bluetooth on once to use my wireless speaker and my brother hacked me. He read my iMessages. My friend told me that if my Bluetooth is on people can connect to it and look at your pictures and iMessage texts.

MachineGunLouis says:

Andy questing so i have the AT&T wifi router their is absolutely no Ethernet connection or any connection.. other then the power connection so will this work at all for me? Will this boot my wifi internet? I only get 3.15 download and 1.11 upload and no other provider sells internet service in my area so I’m stuck paying $80 for that pathetic internet service..

Jarod Wolters says:

Solid review, concise but packed with info. Love that app!

mattheh says:

does it have router logs? like list of websites you’ve been to?

joe chicano says:

Good video thanks

MegaUkev says:

If I buy the three pack can I just use two?

Rixter says:

Nice review. I have a Moto router from my ISP. Performance is great but periodically I get dropouts in the far reaches of our home. This could solve that problem; but it won’t come cheap

Daniel Silva says:

Great Video Explained everything for me


Thanks Andy. I have a medialink thats about 2 years old i forgot the password so I just want an upgrade. I already have Google Home and I love it so I’ll be buying this router. Thanks for your review.

Bob Bridges says:

I have a large, 3 story house. Currently using 3 Airport Extremes; one on each floor. However, been dropping signal and rebooting often over the past year. Have also “automated” my home recently so have many devices on the network and they just can’t seem to handle the load. So I ordered FOUR new Google Wifi units; hoping this will fix the problem. I received the single last week, but still waiting on the 3-pack. Should be here this week and can’t wait to see if this will help fix my problem!

lashaundra perkins says:

So wai

Eddie Vedder says:

looked like you got 50 speed…wish there were more details on that.

Def Head says:

cheers dude great vid.

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