Google Wifi Mesh Router Review: 6 Months Later

An in-depth review of the Google Wifi Home Mesh Wifi Router after six months of use. We’ll go over the main features of the router, the stellar app that accompanies it, how it fixes many common wifi issues that have been plaguing people for years and how the routers have held up after 6 months of use.

Google Wifi features in this review:
• Channel Optimization
• Home Family Wifi
• Prioritizing Devices
• Passwords
• Creating a guest network
• Admin controls and users
• Managing multiple Google Wifi Networks within the app
• Speed Test (to home and to wifi devices)
• Network Device list
• Mesh Network strength test

To learn more about the Google Wifi, go here:


Chris Burns says:

I take issue with one statement you made in this video. I have a Galaxy S7. I have the three pack Google wifi and have one in my bedroom, another in the living room and kitchen. I could be in my bedroom and the phone will still be connected to the kitchen or living room mesh point at 2.4 ghz vs 5ghz. This happens even when nothing else is running on the network. The only way to get the phone to recognize the closest node is to shut off wifi on the phone and then turn it back on. Customer service has told me that the phone decides which wifi point to stick with and it may not be the one closest to you. It will switch over automatically but it sometimes takes a long time and even then it will connect at 2.4 vs 5 ghz when the wifi point is right near you.

Greg Ziebowski says:

Great review dude.

rick fimple says:

Best review I have seen on Google wi fi. I was going between Velops and Google, after this I am buying Google. Thanks for the great review!

M. Lewis says:

I replaced a six year old Netgear router with the Google WiFi system last weekend. The ease in setup was great and my speed has doubled. I”m actually getting the speed I pay for now. I love the app and how easy it is to manage the network and see what’s going on. I’m very happy with this system. I have a 2,000 SF house but went ahead with the three pack.

Bill Harned says:

Will this connect to DSL modems?

Chris Lenderman says:

Purchased these a few weeks ago. You nailed all the highlights. They are simply great!!

Brandon Watkins says:

Great review man! I’ve had my Google OnHub Router for about two years now, replaced my apple airport extreme as well, so much better! I have found one issue…There is no way to change your Router to 2.4 or 5. Trying to set up some home automation switches can be a pain because they require you to be close to the device as well as be on the 2.4 channel. I had to get a very old android phone to even set them up due to the fact that it only has 2.4 wifi. I talked to google about it, but I haven’t seen a change yet, is that an issue with yours as well, or is that just a limitation of the old OnHub Hardware?

aramistech says:

The only real problem I have had with the google WiFi router is configuring an FTP server and port forwarding port 21 for FTP it just does not work correctly. Using any router like linksys or netgear it works perfectly.

Soviet Allies says:

Any experience with gigabit internet? I had google wifi before and ended up returning it due to its inability to get close to even half the speed of the gigabit, which is somewhat understandable. So I got the Orbi and it has been somewhat great, speeds arent consistent, but I can get from around 300 to 500 down and up now. One thing that might have contributed to poor perfirmance is the lack of dedicated band to send the bandwidth. See if you can test and compare each, even though it would not be much of an improvement if you are already reaching your advertised speeds.

Lisa Hoogvliet says:

Great review. I have had the 3 pack since end of November/beginning of December and absolutely love it. No resetting router, perfect wifi all the time.

Daniel Ortego says:

One of my set died in less than 6-months.

Rune Venes says:

coax cable? whaaat? We live in 2018 now.

Steve Consley says:

I went with the OnHub. It is Google WiFi compatible if I want to expand my system. So far my whole house is covered well but I may add a Google WiFi or another OnHub this summer to expand the range in my back yard. So far I’m very happy with my setup. $112 from Amazon

Phillip Gonzalez says:

I’ve had it for around 6 months too . I live out in the country and never got the full speed i paid for with this i am and then some.

Howie Rader says:

Great review, thank you for sharing. This may have already been asked and answered curious what modem are you using with the Google WI-FI. Thanks…

Dieter Zerressen says:

Could have shown how it’s mounted. Can I put it on a wall? Does it come with a wall mount or do I have to buy that as an expensive 3rd party extra like I had to with my 3 Google Home Mini’s? I didn’t understand the “ISP router no-no” part. If I shouldn’t use an ISP router as the main incoming signal what is the alternative? I have cable internet: should I place a mesh point in the room where that router is or do I put the first unit where the internet starts to drop off in my home?

Kaiyan Leong says:

I bought a set of 3. It’s a love-hate relationship. I placed each router on each floor, almost directly above the other (#2 above #1, #3 above #2). #3 keeps trying to connect to #1 resulting in a weak connection. Why do I know it’s connecting to #1? #3 has a clearer line of sight to #2 than #2 has to #1, but #2 has a better connection to #1 than #3 has to #2. Grrs

ron cosby says:

In Canada our Huawei ISP router on fibre optic gives me a solid 299 Mbps constantly on my moto z . Does this setup have the AC band’s?

Bob Bridges says:

Great review! I also had the AirPort Extreme. Two of them in fact. I replaced them with the Google WiFi system when it first came out. I have a 3,000 sq ft house with two floors and a full, unfinished basement. I did find that I needed MORE than the three pack. I had full coverage, but some areas were much weaker. So I have SIX of them in my house on one big mesh network. I tried adding a 7th, but the system can’t quite handle that many and I had major problems. I think six is probably the max you can add on one network. But I have great coverage now with the six and absolutely love the features and ease of use. Thanks for another great vid!

Mike Emerson says:

I’ve had mine (3 units) for a couple of months now. I haven’t had any issues. I would do it all over again in a heart beat.

Schreyer says:

Is there an option of a clock timer?

Lars Rye Jeppesen says:

You only had 1? Not much mesh ;). Great for the parents though

turbofox1980 says:

My isp router gives close to 500 from a gigabit connection. Drops drastically through walls. Would this help?

Riyan Pratama says:

I live in a concrete building. This type of wireless range extender doesn’t work in my home. I was using this type of connection but now changed to powerlink connection. I’m using TP Link powerline adapter. Simply just plug the AP everywhere and I have WiFi without wireless relay from main WiFi. Now I’m only using 3 wireless AP instead of 6 with this mess wireless network.

Xavier Zymantas says:

Another great review. Good work.

Raza says:

i bought the 3 pack about 4 or 5 months ago and I agree with just about everything said in this video…

Joseph Song says:

What modem would you recommend to work with Google WiFi?

Matt says:

Recently bought 2 and all I can say is simply amazing. Especially with the (hard wire) mesh connection. My speed increased drastically.

B. Cherry says:

My only gripe is the lack of a black color option.

Larss9 says:

Do you know if Google Wifi works with sonos?

Rune Venes says:

I guess its unusable with fiber and TV over fiber…

nathan tinnion says:

Had mine for 3 months, no more bottle necking when were all streaming, main benefit is no longer having to switch to a different router depending on what part of the house were in because of bad signal. my old router given free from our provider capped out at 30mbs overwifi, where as the google wifi caps at 100mbs which is what our fibre connection is, it may be capable of more but I dont have the connection to test. Wish id brought it sooner.

SZretired says:

Great review. I have been struggling with my year old Linksys router and I have decided to go with the Google Mesh router. But am disappointed you didn’t touch more on it’s 2.4g and 5g capabilities. My Linksys has lost it’s 5g. The reason I will be replacing it. Linksys isn’t the same since Belkin took it over and ruined it.

Tony Barrett says:

I recently replaced my badly behaved wifi with a two node Google wifi mesh – absolutely brilliant. Now have full coverage, automatic band steering, single SSID (hooray!) for both bands and great performance. Truly a great product. Next thing for me is to try and get the backhaul connection running over ethernet

siesingrocks. says:

How does it work with VPN? Can it act like a VPN client, so that all Internet traffic behind it is protected?

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