Google WiFi (Mesh Network) Review – WiFi Coverage for Large Homes

Google WiFi Review with it’s pros & Cons Google WiFi creates a wireless mesh network and it’s ideal if you have a large home or a office or multiple floors that requirers complete wifi coverage and I share my experience using Google Wifi in this video.

Don’t forget to watch the first part of the video where I do the Unboxing & Setup of Google WiFi

Google WiFi is also being sold in India via some re-sellers in India via Amazon India


Sainadh Domala says:

We r feeling great to get such a fantastic tech youtuber

Shubh Agarwal says:

Please review tenor g

Bharat Kumar Gupta says:

Excellent review.

Target Tech says:

I always dream ranjit would my dad

Remo Gothwal says:

hey Ranjit which phone are you using in this video.. that white color one.??

Saurabh Damle says:

Please tell the name of your ISP!

Shrish Ankit says:

Sir, can you tell which wifi provider you are using ,is it a local one?

GAMER 4 says:

Sir I suggest u to make videos of less duration
Like 5 to 7 minutes

Manohar S ᵀᴹ says:

Bluetooth connected? Doesn’t it drain your phone battery faster?

Ameya Bhiwapurkar says:

Which internet service do you use and what is your plan sir?

Shemford Agra says:

Which phone are you using? Is this MI A1

Vasim Nimbal says:

Nice bhai

Amritava Roy says:

I don’t think this router is practical as it seems to lack many security settings the normal routers offer. It’s true that setting up normal routers to create a mesh network is quite painful for rookies, and it is limited only to the pros, but normal routers do offer a number of tweaks both for security and connection. Almost all people think SSID and password are the only methods of securing a wifi network… but it’s not true as there are other means offered by the routers themselves to secure the network… but that can’t be discussed here. In fact I’ve set up two routers in my home which cover both the ground and 1st floor very very efficiently. One of them is the hotspot while the other router simply acts a range extender. Both are highly secured and in fact even if you know my SSID and password you won’t be able to log onto my wifi network. I don’t think that type of solid and rigid security is offered by these Google toys. Yeah, they are perfect for those novices and non-technicals of course at the cost of security.

Geekyranjit says:

Here is the first part of the video that covers the Google WiFi Unboxing & it’s Setup

Naresh G says:

This is where many people make mistakes. Test the speed of the network before and after with iPhone coz iPhone is powerful to show you the original speed. But you tested the network speed with an android device which has the capacity of receiving internet of up to 40Mbps max even if your actual internet speed is more than that. This is not a fair comparison. If possible research on this and post a dedicated video explaining this scenario.


Hey geekyranjit can you make a video on video editing apps?

Varun Goel says:

Sorry Ranjit * Plz net gear orbi

Yuvraj Singh says:

Which software do u use to edit?

Brendan Figueiredo says:

It is available on Amazon

Deepak Srinivasan says:

What is the use of buying costly routers than cheap routers? Both gives same speed with wired network from moderm.
I am using Airtel V-Fiber With 777VR1 modem which they provided and it is in ground floor and i connected via LAN cable port to basic D-link router which gives same speed as compared to costly router.

Preetham Varamballi says:

hi sir u told that google wifi is not sold in india but its sold via amazon under the price ₹27,770
Please check it out

Apoorv Pradhan says:


If u guys also like video ending then like my comment

Varun Goel says:

Rank it plz have unboxing,setup and review of net gear orbi

Gaurav Vedak says:

Ranjit, can you recommend me a good phone under Rs.35000?
My Priority is gaming, camera and battery life.

satish kota says:

can u suggest a wifi router, has large coverage for multiple floors?

Piyush Ochani says:

Can anyone who is connected via wifi access the router settings with the app?

Rahul Thakur says:

Sir plz give your review on HP sprocket i want to buy it but need your help


which internet plan you are using ?

mhshovan 2495 says:

how much….?

apurv singh says:

Review the mivi thunderbeat eaphone please

Siddhant Mehrotra says:

Why are you using 2 different phones for testing performance. Iphone is 2×2 and the other phone is 1×1 which explains the lower throughput. Also comparing Wifi performance is not that trivial you need to be on a clean channel to test it.

Akash Jaiswal says:

Sir You are Ultimate gadget guru…thaanks for the content you develop…

aboznefr2012 says:

What is the white phone in the beginning of the video?

TheKingOfMojo says:

hey! how are you getting so much internet speed?? Can you please tell me which company is your internet provider? I am only getting 1Mbps speed from bsnl

Imdad Ali Arain says:

Your office is awesome I wish to make like this.

Mohammed Adnan says:

I also use the same broadband i.e., act fibernet

saksham Rajput says:

what’s your isp

technical bhavay says:


Yuvraj Singh says:

Nice one sir!

Amithkumar BG says:

Is it worth to buy so expensive

A.K. Thakur says:

Good review but your accent is just very irritating.

Anupam Singh says:

Please make a video google home

Shreyas Ramesh says:

Can you tell how much tax did you pay for this particular product? I plan on gifting this (pack of 2) from the US.


Dear Mr. RANJIT,
can you please make a video on home automation? Really wish to know what all home automation options are available currently in india.


I have 31 subscribers can I get 100 today???


Can you please do a review video of Amazon TV Box? And will it in India?

Prajith.P Nair says:

which fone you are using in this video ??

Yashwanth N says:

You shouldn’t have changed your mobiles while testing speeds … you have done it at second point …

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