Google OnHub Review – A Router to Rule Them All?

The Google OnHub is an interesting piece of networking tech to come in time of need of home automation! It is not meant to be the only router in your home, but a main device for full control of everything smart in your home.

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Yousif Naji says:

I own one and I love it
by the way you haven’t talked about performance !

kazolar says:

The internet of things is entirely wrong. Please explain to me why does a lock in my house need to talk some nebulous server in the cloud to tell my thermostat inside my house to turn on? Does this sound counter-intuitive to anyone? I know I’m a software dev, and not everyone can get a home automation server setup inside their own house, but I think connecting things to the internet in order for them to talk to each other is not just wrong, it’s insecure, and simple inefficient. The sensor on the door to my front door talks to a server inside in my house which talks to the thermostat inside my house. This an intranet of things, not an internet things. The only way these devices should be accessible to the outside world is via a secured app which integrates all of them, not some cobbled together IFTT recipe, but considering if it requires a years of programming and electronics background to do this right, maybe we shouldn’t be force-fed a way to do it wrong? Just a thought. As a router, this thing is subpar. As $200 router should have better range and and more features, that has already been covered to death. It’s pretty, that’s it.

SomePlaceForVideos says:

A comparison of the Asus model would be nice.

Enrique A Vargas says:

Great video, very informative, the video is amazing… I have to say that I love this router, I gave up my Netgear X10 which was a headache, I bought this and have much better reception and I never have to reboot this unit like I had to do all the time with the netgear. I also bought a Google WiFi unit and did a mesh system with both the on hub and Google wifi… amazing

jellydew says:

3:00 gives me anxiety

MooTaters says:

Screw those flat cables, only ethernet cable I’ve ever had randomly fail on me(was causing pretty odd problems, can’t remember specifics) was flat. Friend of mine who works in IT told me they’re terrible for it. I’ve only had it happen once, but as I said, it’s the only one that has ever failed on me.

Devilmonkey says:

I unfortunately bought this router and its garbage. No USB support. Now I’ve replaced it with a Asus that cost less and has more features.
Do not buy this router.

Art Tito says:

why the hell would you need ‘at least 4 ports’??
I have a server? so I utilize 1 port, but most of the people won’t even have one.. and switch is always an option

Hector Lopez says:

Hi. I have the Asus On Hub, can I get the phillips hue led buld alone or I need the bridge?

Lucas Féres says:

I’d be interested in setting up smart devices on OnHub, but not too soon. At first i need smart devices…

Sylak says:

Just get switch, some are really inexpensive and work fine.. In professional network anyway, routers are routers, switches are switches. I use a ubiquity Router X asa router and despite the 5 port, I use only 2. It’s connected to a 16 port gigabyte Hp switch I had laying around ( I found on my lawn one day while mowing it… I’m not kidding, it was in perfect condition). For a Ap I use my old linksys E2500, which do suck but work ok for now. But I’ll get ubiquity long range AP in the future.

This onhub is better as just a high end AP in the end.

Jonathan Francisco says:

3:05 omg do you hate us? why put it there

Kolby Pham says:

Watching on the OnHub balance on the balcony rails at 3:02 made me uneasy.


can you please do a comparison of the sff itx cases cougar qbx ,ncase m1, and dan case ????

Condor says:

What model is your phone please? It looks really good.

Jason Troxclair says:

Just got mine today got it set up, and then when I started digging into it the freaking bluetooth isn’t functional yet, the USB port isn’t either, and I cannot see a 5 GHZ signal to connect to….why would they make a product so unpolished and inoperable with what your advertising??????? I read these features got excited and half of what excited me doesn’t work!! I love Google, but this really pissed me off. They are to big to act like this and who knows if these unfinished features will ever work. My rating is a big ole 2.5 outta 5

Jase Joshua says:

Hell yea I’m down with the future that is home automation. I’ve purchased an Amazon Echo a couple months ago and I love it, but because we are so early in the stages of home automation its really not all that powerful yet, for the average consumer that is not capable of writing code or programming. I really can’t wait for more products and services to get on board with this idea of automation. Who knows maybe this will be a better more refined “Alexa.” I mean they could at least make it so you can name it yourself rather than just have to use whatever name its given…………..^

Luis Alvarado says:

I have this exact same router for one reason and one reason only: the WiFi stability/performance alone is worth the price tag.
I’m one of those users that as soon as the router is plugged, will then proceed to flash merlin, dd-wrt, etc.
As for the OnHub, not the case.

I’m nowhere near the target audience, but I use mine on bridge mode, behind a Ubiquity EdgeRouter™ X SFP (that used to be an ASUS N66U, great WiFi router as well) a Netgear GS108T (I have a Synology DS2415+ that needs LACP for 4 link LAG) as well as an additional Netgear ‘simple’ 24 port switch for any additional devices outside the network closet.

The OnHub is outside the closet as well — it really fits anywhere you want/need it to be.
Anyways, tl;dr: Once I’m home from a long day at work, I don’t want to work on my network as well — the devices I have chosen for my network, including the OnHub, give me just that.

I'mEnergyEclipse says:

Hello, any one who can help! 😀 I have an issue right now with my CPU (Not overlocked or hyper threaded i7-4790) hitting extremely high temps with its nasty stock Intel Cooler which I regret getting with it. I was planning on going with the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 though I really need it to be a overkill CPU in case I ever decide to over lock it in the future with a better motherboard. Would anyone know a completely overkill air cooler for extreme Overlocking and ultra ultra low temps as I don’t want AIO or Liquid cooling any were near my rig un less it offers the best cooling performance. Thank you hugely! 😀

Sharvil Saraiya says:

Ubiquiti Unifi AP is much better than this.

Hudson Hughes says:

That advertisement was out of left field af

spyrmac says:

Where the phone line jack ? For dsl


should i get this or a unifi?

NeutralGenericUser says:

I cross shopped this router when I bought my Asus AC RT3200, and ended up getting the Asus. This thing is practically useless. It has less features, less ports, less bandwidth, and yet costs a similar amount. The fact that my Piper NV can’t link to it, because it doesn’t support Z Wave, and the fact that my Philips Hue lights are better controlled through their own app just make this “router” completely useless to me. Also, I don’t trust Google with my entire home network, to be completely honest. Yes, I use an Android, and I have location services, Google Now, etc. all enabled, but I still prefer to not have Google get involved in my home network. Additionally, My Asus is able to do things like download Torrents to a plugged in USB drive without a computer, act as a DLNA server, and a few other useful things.

gAY says:

3:00 *falls off of railing*… “well, rip 200$”

mady bali says:

it looks nice

Lumitopia says:

Really nice camera work, except for the fact that the contrast was way too low. The blacks were basically grey throughout which just makes the footage look washed out. The dynamic range of the camera is already excellent as is, so I don’t see any real reason to tweak the contrast to this extent. The last video, “Tiny $149 DIY PC”, didn’t artificially boost the shadows, and that was one of the best looking videos on Youtube.

Phoenix says:

A router to rule them all – pfSense + Ubiquiti AP-Lite

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