Don’t Buy Google Wifi 😡

When we first reviewed Google Wifi, we had a lot of good things to say about it, but also a few warnings. Most notably, this is a first generation product that will likely have a few hiccups on the road to version 2.0. Four months later, Jon has finally had enough of Google Wifi is ditching the mesh network router for something more reliable.
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Michael Nguyen says:

I have the same problem. Just recently upgrade with AT&T Fiber 1000 and don’t know what wifi router solution should I get. Any recommendation?

Darian Carmichel says:

Google Wifi has worked great for me.

The Minecart Pro says:

I wouldn’t advice dising a Google product on a Google owned website.

Engei says:

Is this better recently? It’s been nearly 6 months.

Gonzales8 says:

I have the same problem with Netgear’s Orbi AC3000.

James M says:

You have to remember this is a product made for Grandma and if you’re serious about Wi-Fi performance you wouldn’t even use a mesh network in the first place.

Marty Brown says:

Unclear on one thing: You said you initially liked Google WiFi, but this review says that you immediately saw a speed drop. What did you initially like about it?

Christopher Wong says:

Hey can u review the orbi?

Marvin Jones says:

Yo John, I have the orbi with the att gigapower setup from att. And I’m having a hard time getting my speeds also. I’m getting 200 down and 140 up wifi. I suspect it’s the att router/modem and my orbi connected to it. Not sure tho. Let me know how you set yours up

Reedith Graham says:

So I I have been using Google wifi in my home and my business and in my family’s homes I get 350 over WiFi which is exactly what I’m paying for sounds like a firmware issue not very nice to dox a fantastic product because of it and this review should be corrected Google WiFi is probably the easiest for people who don’t know what they’re doing to set up like everybody’s grandparents I recommend it to everyone I know so what’s up with this horrible review I totally respect your Channel been a fan for years and years but I expect a more thorough review

Cody Franklin says:

UniFi AC AP Pro is where is at!!!!!! Hands Down!

Ros Han says:

This sounds like a you problem.

Brandon Chocklett says:

Well the access points for google wifi are only AC1200 routers. You’re comparing it to a nighthawk which opens up at an AC 1900. Of course your wifi speeds will suffer.

Ulaganath krishnasamy says:

It basic. Mesh network cant give giga speed. These google are 2×2 antenna and if you use 2×2 client the max is somewhere 300-400mbps max

Your nighthawk gives 1gb closer because it is capable of give above 1gb line say 3×3 client can go upto 800+mbps in your statement its 700mps is decent speed.

You need to have 4×4 client or wave 2 router and bridge combo or adaptor that support 4×4 spatial stream to reach 1gb line

If it is placed at right distance away from router with merly any obstacle it can even reach and get throttled by lan speed of 1gbps when connected @ 1733 mbps closer wireless connection rate.

get x4x or x8 or x10 from netgear to get the next gen speed and pair with ex7300 or any adaptor that can pair and give beyond 1gb wireless connection rate to achieve close to 70% wifi rate of transfer

Kawaii Apple says:

what do you think you twat it’s a 2.4 ghz connection with maximum speeds of 300mbps for example the netgear orbi has a 5ghz connection and delivers up to 880mbps so you should’ve maybe read about this issue before adressing it in a video

Cihat Kaya says:

If you want a solution to your problem check out Enterprise grade hardware Switches and also check out Huawei or Unify if you are looking for something good and in a consumer price range


I am looking to replace my isp router. Have made a video on router choices or what would you recommend?

Sanan kanwar says:

1000th comment!

Marcel Franquinet says:

Well.. great.. when your house is NOT a two or three level building and is NOT made from Brick and Mortar.. let me explain here…

I had four of these but returned them to google.. reason being that I have a central tech-room in which I have a Managed HP Switch (19xx series) with POE+ and in my house which is out of Brick and Mortar (and concrete floors), I have UTP connections on four locations where I wanted to plug these in to rely on the GBit Connection, yet create a mesh field..

Well.. Google stated that these Routers are NOT allowed to be connected to the same HP Switch.. only ONE may be connected.. thus the MESH network fully relying on the wifi connection between those four routers.. being brick and mortar.. with 180Mbit incoming, I was getting 5-15mbit.. yes.. that sucked!

I was going to replace the Apple Airport Extremes as Apple stopped making those and I do like to be on the forefront.. but these did not deliver.. unless a red glowing orb is what you fancy..

GalicBreadWithCheese says:

Which nighthawk do you have and recomend? Any reviews?

RyanCreations says:

Witch Nighthawk

Angeelo Gov says:

Let me guess. Google demonetized this video because you criticized them.

Cihat Kaya says:

Dud seriously you expect to get from cheap ass consumer grade wifi extenders 1GB wifi uplink and 1 GB wifi downlink or even close to haf a GB. What planet do you live on ??
I don’t got Google Wifi but dam if they can get uo to 330 Mbp’s Constantly for that performance they are pretty cheap and good performing and you should recommend it to regulair consumers.

Snazzy Labs says:

Sounds like maybe a firmware issue? Tons of people the last week have been reporting issues with Google WiFi. We like our Nighthawk and are gonna stick with it until we get fiber—then we will probably move to Amplifi or commercial AP stuff.

Peter Cobalt says:

wish I’d seen this last week mine wouldn’t mesh at all and I had less range from my old router p.s. just subscribed

Betternet says:

I get 2 down wtf

Chaos gaming says:

My Question is. Say I have a download speed of 4 will this make my speed faster if so by how much and do I have to be in the u.s

ZCT808 says:

I’d be curious to find out what mesh network product you can find that can reliably provide whole house service at one Gb per second up and down. Because I’d be surprised if such a product exists. I’d also be curious to know what percentage of Internet users live somewhere where those kinds of speeds are possible. I live in a major metro area and Concast promise 200Mb/s and can barely manage 150. Their signal box is on my front lawn, and they ran brand new fiber optic to my home when I moved in.

James Hankel says:

Your a smart guy when it comes to tech John, so maybe I’m the one missing something, but the google WiFi router is only capable of 1.2gigabits per second, max. It’s a dual band router and can only reach those speeds with both bands being maxed out. Sounds to me like you were hitting near max speed on one of the bands for whatever device you were using. If that’s the case it would’ve been working exactly the way it was designed.

Iron Pikachu says:

1:34 basically every IP ever

reggie lucas says:

You’re not going to get 1000mbs on wifi period at this time with any wifi devices. You can only get that with a direct connect ethernet cable in the router. If you’re getting 300mbs that’s good!

Solder Joe says:

Stay the hell away from Zmodo. Their items are complete garbage and zero helpful support.

Jerry4050 says:

Here I have AT&T crappy 24mb download up and 5mb upload speed and I am bitching about having 765kb when I am in the bathroom downstairs since my modem is in my bedroom

SchneiderMan says:

They fixed this issue since, mine works pretty well.

Erik Christensen says:

probably the 2×2 antenna, you would also need a device with a 2×2 antenna to receive the fastest speeds this puts out. Samsung’s new connect home pro uses a 4×4 antenna and with a 4×4 device you will get the fastest possible speeds.

randleqgod says:

This is a good router. I don’t agree with this review.

Lisa Adler says:

Our house is 4300 ft. we have serious wifi problems. What can we buy

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