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The Deco M5 Router set covers 4500 sq ft of home with Wi-Fi and with built-in antivirus protects all the devices on your network. Thanks to the people at TP-Link for sending me their latest Deco Mesh Wi-Fi set- to try out.

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Ed YT says:

Lol 20 up xD we get 200 both on optimum

SilentS says:

Router based antivirus? As a power user, that makes me a little uneasy.

Jim Ng says:

Great. Can I connect the other 2 one to the main one with CAT5 instead of Wifi? I have cat5 ports around the house.

Candi Soda says:

I was hoping it was some kind of fancy paint that you can control the color on your smart phone LOL.

Once again, my imagination got the best of me.

Supermonkey 1964 says:

Wow! i wish i could consistently get just half your download speed. I just checked and i’m getting like 70 mbps Download and my computer is the only device active in the entire house at this time 🙁

Lakeypooh TV says:

1st dislike!! Mwahahahah

scott thompson says:

did the deco m5 mesh router whole home wi-fi work good paris

I Wear A Fez Now says:

my family uses a similar product from tp link called “powerline” works exactly the same without a separate power supply. We have 6 for the whole house and there is some speed loss, 10 mbps lost exactly but since the internet speed we pay for is 1gpb download and 500 mbps upload, that really doesnt matter lol

JayzBeerz says:

wish i could be sent a set to test

Candy Rayne says:

thats pretty sweet


I love you’re videos awesome

Ed YT says:

I’m sorry I find it hilarious that you care about virus protection! I disabled virus protection on my PC. Just try to be smart about what you click on, you’ll be pretty ok. I can never install ANYTHING. However I believe I spend so much time on the internet I have Adblock installed, I believe I’m ok with that. But some people who aren’t such “power users” may need antivirus especially young kids in the internet!

Ed YT says:

I manage the network, my parents really don’t know how to do anything with anything other than Apple products!

JayzBeerz says:

Drop down to 200Mbps you’ll save money and get about 240Mbps down.

Phillysub says:

I’m guessing you have weak wifi from your provider – or live in a HUGE house. I get FIOS internet and have no issues at all in a 2400sq ft house

Mark Bragg says:

You should try the Orbi. It doesn’t compromise speed between units.

Anthony says:

Great Vid but you better off getting repeaters at $10 to cover your house.

Ibrahim Bahakim says:

What a neat set.

Great video as always Parris 🙂

Luay AlAsadi says:

Cool! Does it switch you automatically to the strongest signal while you are moving without any disconnection? (Like if you are downloading a file or in a skype call and moving around your house)

RaelenThePedobear666 says:

Why add parental controls onto your WiFi, when you can install VPN app onto your device and bypass the block?

Jewle N says:

Shoot, I have spectrum and our download is only 65, and that’s our “guaranteed high.” We also use Roku for TV, and seldom have any hiccups with streaming, even when watching utubes on devices. So you’ll be great (no problems) with splitting up your speed 3 ways.
I put a 2nd router in our dead zone, one hubby picked up at thrift store that runs gigabyte.

Selene Guida says:

Amazing! It also looks very beautiful 🙂

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