CES 2017: Mesh Networking and the first ever ROG Router!

Whats new for ASUS networking at CES 2017? the ASUS HIVE spot mesh networking wi-fi system and the first Gaming router from ASUS ROG!

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Anthony Mohr says:

people need to start adding about prices lol

dela vago says:

Kill it before it lays eggs

Vik P says:

that ac 5300 is buggy as heck, there are so many people with filmware problems it’s not funny , I for example get 300 Meg internet from my provider, if I connect that stupid ac 5300 wifi router and run my internet speed I only get 75-120 Meg, I’ve called Asus , and it fills like I called India , Halllooo this Mike , yes yes yes … wtfuck

babyfacefister says:

can you guys stop with these awful designs? I wouldn’t want that thing anywhere in sight which since it’s a router is kinda lame since it should be somewhere as central as possible

Chris Wong says:

When is the ROG AC5300 router available…?

4uidrum says:

Taking a long time to release.  Any news on a release date?   Shooting for 2018 CES now?  (Side note:  Would LOVE to see cooling improved on these routers)

Sean Palmer says:

Sorry, but when you use the term “tri-band” I think 2.4, 5, and 60 GHz (802.11ad is a thing, you know). You really need a different marketing term for having a second 802.11ac-exclusive 5GHz radio.

Ordinary Alex says:

this tech has been around for years but i really hope they fixed all the security and connection issues with it, google zigbee mesh

Marvin Jones says:

Nice specs. But asus needs to fix there software!

Duke Nl says:

did u improve the antennas? is the wifi going to fail within 4 months like the last one?

ApexPredator_ says:

So basically Mesh networking are APs with a fancy name?

Jamison Buttz says:

did the rog raptor drop the vpn server functionality? I don’t see it on the asus product page

Zentrody says:

The First router with a Quad Core Architecture? I’m already ballin’ with the NetGear NightHawk X10. It has a QuadCore and it’s much easier on the eyes than that thing…

FinestInstinct says:

This looks very enticing. Good job Asus.

Clueless White Kid Studios says:

huh so i can check how much pornhub is being viewed

Louis Raymond says:

quadcore architecture?

Bob Esposito says:

When is the HiveSpot releasing? In need of a mesh solution.


J.J. read me a story. Through the radio.

jawbreaker says:

I think it is time to bring 10GbiT to the table as well. You have 10G motherboard, ASROCK also has and we have the switches. It is time!

Warlock Plays says:

1:35 What about the Nighthawk x10 that was released in September?

EIDnext Week says:

Please do a video on ASUS Q304UA

Armyoft says:

okay is this going to be good for PS4 and Xbox gaming I know everyone’s doing everything for PC will that gaming future work with PlayStation Network I do have THE ASUS RT-AC5300 should I upgrade what router is best for me I have about 20 to 30 devices in my home

Roof RT says:

when will the Rapture be coming out?

M Alkhamis says:

Hi does anyone know what’s the release date of the Asus Router GT-AC5300 ?

mattfm101 says:


Dan L says:

It looks like I need very fast internet connection and 10Gb ethernet NIC to take advantage of Quad-Core CPU router.

Liangshi Xu says:

in australia, spider routers you.

vthreee says:

when does the rapture come out?

Philip Bagwell says:

Waiting for ISP (CableOne) to accept DOCSIS 3.1CableModem to go along w/ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 router

XxDevilsOutcastxX says:

what I’m hoping this new ac5300 router will have is improve antennas. these things become so loose by the slightest touch and that is my biggest complaint. not sure if they are broken or what but it sucked. everything else is fine

Resyncs says:

Gotta say, you guys are a great company, solid products. Trying to make my setup asus all around so i can sync everything up.

Deathgazer8669 says:

So what’s the release date for the Rapture?

Roof RT says:

when will the Rapture be coming out?

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