Best Wireless Router (2017) for Streaming on Multiple Devices

If you want the best WiFi router for streaming on multiple devices, you need to know about these key features.

You will want to make sure the router is dual band (for 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidth) and has Quality of Service (QoS), Beamforming technology.

For a wireless router, the bottom line is you want a faster wireless router than the one you use today. You will also want a router that’s optimized for streaming and gaming.

We found the R6400 to have an excellent performance for streaming multiple devices at once, with a price point that was close to routers with far less features.

The user interface is excellent and makes setting custom features like QoS for prioritizing traffic on your network easy. You can manage both downstream and upstream traffic.

Beamforming+ also provides a strong, reliable stream to each device in a large home.

With two separate WiFi networks for older (2.4GHz) and new devices operating on 5GHz bandwidth, there is less competition among your devices for a single Internet stream. The 5GHz band operates up to 1300Mbps, while the 2.4GHz band runs up to 450Mbps.

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Irish Edu says:

Have any one saw a video where are multiple devices concurrent connected to a router to see performance?, lets say 100 ipads at the same time and see if this router can handled?, any one?

Rebel King says:

hey I am gonna buy a router. and I gonna use it mostly for streaming and gaming. not in multiple devices at once…I will use it. so if u could give me a suggestion what should I buy and best budget

Joshua Reveles says:

do you need giga bite wifi to use these routers

Mason Drummond says:

Hey so I have a question – would you recommend for someone who is trying to live stream 1920×1080 or hd for a online game? There wouldn’t be any other devices on the server (such as Xbox or iPad.)
Just let me know, thanks!

Wesley Land says:

Thanks…Great video.

Clarance Baker says:

Is the Netgear R6400 as good or better than Netgear Nighthawk N6700? Both router have good reviews.

Jose Padilla says:

how much do they cost

tom thomas says:

will this work with att uverse?

James Hulse says:

Can this hook up to an Ubee DDM352 modem well, or would that modem just limit what this R6400 can do?

SportsMania ! says:

I have a bad at&t plan and I lag every time I play ps4

No compliance says:

My roku “loses internet connection” while the two phones don’t. The other roku on another tv seems to work. Should i get this to fix or an extender or what? Thank you in advance

YuhNinja says:

Thanks for the review, can’t wait to get this. I’m so sick of my wifi dropping and slowing down because we have 4 family members living with us right now and it’s ridiculous. My ethernet wouldn’t even work.

WolvePlex says:

I have 7 devices and possibly having another in the future. 2 iPhone’s, Ipad, Laptop, Desktop, Apple TV, and a 2DS (which isn’t used much but i’m probably gonna get a 3DS XL in the future..) This doesn’t need to be exact but how many megabits would each get if they were all streaming videos? or if 2 or 3 weren’t in use and one was Gaming?

Guadalupe Cano says:

im looking to buy one but amazon has it for 105 atm and on the option shows to buy a “modem” what exactly is that and do I nees it for this produxt to function?

ziaul haq says:

how is the coverage for this, like if I want to use in 2000 sq feet at my home.

Misganaw Admas says:

how much is it? the price.

everennui says:

Do you think it would be worth it to upgrade to this from a NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router (WNDR3400)?

My current up/down are 66/11. Do you think I would see 100Mbs from this?

drummernoe says:

I love my AC1750! Best router for the money!!!

saroeungsuon562 says:

hi there.. I have a question please respond back. I just wanted to know about all these netgear and asus wifi routers. I don’t have any internet provider so am I able to use the netgear x8 x10 or the newer models of asus to have my own wifi connections? or do u need a internet provider for the routers to work? thank u

Samir Suhail says:

I was looking at the reviews on bestbuy for this router and I found this… “I purchased this router, hooked it up and it worked. Then I received an e-mail to upgrade, as soon as the upgrade finished the unit went off line. I called tech support, that happens to be in India. They wanted to charge me close to what I paid for the unit to correct the problem. I checked the consumer reports on Netgear and I guess I was lucky because the upgrade usually happens after the 90 day free support runs out. Stay away from Netgear!!” Any idea what this guy is talking about?

WX9DX says:

My RT-AC5300 that I bought this last summer 2018 came with bad antenna connectors on the unit. It took till September to get to the point that it could go in on an RMA. I just got it back this past week and they replaced it with another RT-AC5300. It came out of the box brain dead and finally this morning I had to re-flash the unit using their restore tool to flash it. Then to get it to work on my internet service the ASUS tech on the phone had me plug it into my Netgear router as an Access Point cause he could not get it to see my ISPs Ethernet network cable. But I told him hey my Netgear routers see this Ethernet from my ISPs network switch. Not a good showing for ASUS sending me a brain dead unit and not a good thing having to use a Netgear X10 to get it to work at all. Jimmy, WX9DX

Mac Pelao says:

make this router even better by flashing Shibby Tomato firmware in it.. you’ll never go back.

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